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The next day , Scott spent most of the time on bed , where Krys was using her medic skills and trying to remove the poison with conventional methods which really hurt a lot. It was almost impossible to stay asleep and let her do her work . He would doze off for a moment , and no sooner a pin or a knife would cut through his skin , and he would yell in pain . He never knew when or how he was brought back to the landlord’s house , but last he remembered he still had the taste of Moon’s lips on his tongue.

“Damn you Krys, that really hurts.” He said , as she cut open his arm wound and started pulling out the bad blood muttering curses under her breath and sitting silently which she never did.

“What the hell is wrong with you ? Talk!” He said.

“You wouldn’t care less what happens to me...asshole.”She said.

“Alright , you’re wish , you look human when you’re trash mouth is shut.” He said as she finally started packing her instruments.

“You were shirtless when we found you. Explain!” She said.

“What is there to explain? “

“Nothing...jerk !” She spat and headed out.

For an hour he rested , and finally headed downstairs , where he found his squad waiting. Krys ‘hmphed’ when she saw him , Jorge stood up and hit a salute , while Moon’s dull face lit up on seeing him , and Scott almost felt her urge to run and leap at him , which he was glad she didn’t do.

“Alright , today , the monster must be killed at all costs. Its already a day late for us. We have 4 hours left for sunset , get you’re asses ready . First of all , Moon , put up a shield on our armours , and a stronger one near Krys , and ready some fire and blade spells. Jorge , you will be in charge of Krys’ safety , anything happens to her , even a single whip , i’ll have all you’re balls taken out.”

Krys was back to her normal , laughing and giggling after hearing to what Scott said .
“I know you love me Scott , don’t give me so much of you’re concern.”

“Dream on woman , i’m doing this cz you’re the only medic. Jorge , don’t act on you’re own , the team will be same as last night , but blondie will be with you two . And shut it, those are my orders further arguments , if anyone interrupts , i’ll be pissed.” He warned and headed out to check on his armour.

It was almost evening when Moon came up to talk to him in the small armoury,
“What is it?” He asked.

“Why can’t I come with you?” she asked .

“You’ll distract me.”

“You really think I can’t protect myself?” She asked.

“I never said that.” He said and pulled her close by her waist . “It’ll be difficult for me if I keep looking at you again and again.” He kissed her on the forehead . “Moon , you do remember what I said about this being a secret don’t you?”

“I do.” She murmured as she pressed her head to his chest.

“And that means from the squad too . Jorge is the king’s dog , so he wouldn’t waste a moment before he reports this to the bastard king . And Krys...well , she wouldn’t mean harm , but she’s a loud mouth , so nothing remains hidden in her belly . “

“Got it . I’m zipped , but in return I need to ask you something.”

“Already demanding...go on then.”

“After the mission, can we go out somewhere?”





“Fine.” He said , giving up to her innocent look , and gave a long and steamy kiss and headed out.

It was a bit too dark tonight , and Scott walked alone in the alleyway with his grey armour on . The squad had headed north , while he headed east. He had already encountered 2 or 3 weird dogs and cats that had whips all over their body and he felt good to finally make a kill. For a minute he had felt that he could hear them talking , but now he only silently smiled on the thought.
Mad in love that’s all. He thought.

Then he heard a humming sound , an old folklore that the old ladies of district-M used to sing. He looked around for the source , but then realized it was in his head.
You’ve softened Scott Stone. He told himself.

Then he heard it again , and realized it wasn’t his soft side’s doing , something or someone was doing it.
“Show yourself.”

The humming continued and this time he heard words...
“ॐ असतो मा सद्गमय ।तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय ।मृत्योर्मा अमृतं गमय ।ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥It means ,
From ignorance , lead me to truth ...
From darkness, lead me to light....
From death , lead me to immortality...
Om peace...peace...peace...
” said a divine voice in his head.

“...the hell? “ He said out loud.

“Don’t you remember me?” The voice in his head asked again.

“Priest? This isn’t funny...old man .”

“I know it isn’t , but listen to me...”

“Go on , start chatting. Oh did you forget to ask my name? You do that everytime.” The Priest laughed .

“Young man , go to the beast that’s all i have to say , you’ll get a hint of you’re fate. And fast , before you’re 2 squadmates and the beautiful young woman whom you love finds it...”

“How do you-”

“You forget , I know you more than go and make it quick.”

Scott resumed his walk , of course he knew the Priest was no ordinary man , but to talk telepathically straight from the capital ?
The man has no limit to his power. He thought . And wondered what exactly ‘fate’ meant.

He turned around the corner , and walked into some more weird shaped half-horse-half dog beasts , which tried attacking him , but he simply kicked them in the face and continued.

Finally , the number of beasts elevated , and he knew he was close to their source. He pulled out his sword , and almost all of them ran just looking at it.
He heard whispers , which initially he felt were click-clocks .
“…He’s come…”
“…Lord Argent is here…”
“…Silver is here…”
“…demon gracious save us…”

What the hell is going on? He thought. And saw a huge lair , a lair of bones . It was huge , and blood dripped from the bones . He saw small beasts were still tying the bones and making it larger . It was guarded , so he lifted his sword , but to his sight they started running into the lair. He couldn’t care less.

He stepped in the through the ‘bone-entrance’ , and a strong scent of rotting flesh hit him . But he was familiar to the scent , since District-M , where he was from, always smelled the same . He walked deeper in the bloodied ground , his boots stamping on the rot . Deeper he went , more smaller beasts he spotted . But none tried to stop him , though the whispers or whatever the click-clock is called , didn’t stop .

Then a loud and deep voice boomed…
Click-clock.. click-clock . He saw where the noise was coming from . A large …thing, sitting on a throne of bones in the dome shaped room covered with bones.
Scott stood there , and saw the thing . It was a large monster , almost double the size of a human , he saw the creature closely . A turtle? No…a bull! No…an elephant.

Scott tried hard to make out what the creature was , it had a turtle’s shell , buffalo’s horn and an elephant’s trunk , all were green and black . His mouth clicked and clocked , for a moment Scott didn’t understand what it was doing , then he could understand clearly what it was saying.
…true then. The stories were not false afterall , he really is the Seventh and the last one. But alas , Lord Red has told us not to kill him , but sure we can play a game . Roofus…GO!”

Scott was clearly clueless what the creature was saying. But on his word , a huge half rhino , and half human charged at him . Scott moved by an inch , and sliced straight through its neck with his sword and scratched the back of his neck.

The boss clicked again , “ Beautifully done …Sorbeka GO!” and out of nowhere , a snake slithered and took the form of a beautiful woman , with an almost naked body . She came face close to Scott , and looked in his eyes. Her eyes were those of a snake , but her language was normal.
“Come to me ,love.” she said , moving her thin fingers on Scott’s chest . “Am I not beautiful ? You want me don’t you? Come…I’ll love you more than any other woman.”

Scott spoke for the first time , laughed actually . “Are you even a woman ?”

“How is it that you are immune to my eyes?” Her long snake tongue slithered , and her nose rubbed at Scott’s cheek.

“The answer’s simple …” Scott said, “You’re ugly.”And no match for Moon.He thought . And with a swift movement of his hand , the snake woman was cut in two. Scott looked at the boss , and he could see the fear in his eyes.

“He's a monster ! He cut my dearest daughter in two…I wish he could understand what I’m saying.”

“Sure I do .”

“What? Only Lord Argent knew our tongue . It means that story is true too.”

“Who the hell is he?” Scott said yawning . “Never mind , are you done?”

You treat me like a mere low beast…? I AM THE MONSTER…”

“Shut the crap , I’m bored . What fate was the old man priest speaking of again?”

“You little bastard! “ the turtle clicked , “ Kill him!” The room erupted in whispers , which turned to loud talks and finally to shouts that clearly were against the turtle boss.
“Silence! You filthy lowborn dogs! Listen to what you’re master says …KILL HIM! Or I’ll kill each one you and add every bone of you’re body to the lair!”

For that , the smaller crowd ran away , the middle sized were confused as to what should they do , while larger beasts started coming out of the crowd towards Scott .
Such a drag… He thought , as he slashed through the creatures one after the other , spilling black and red blood all around the lair . No sooner , the whole creature crowd was gone , and one small thing came running towards him , it bowed and kissed Scott’s feet , for which Scott kicked it away.

This time the turtle boss really got crazy and roze from his throne of bones.
He really is a turtle ! Scott thought as the creature came crawling, with great difficulty as its trunk was troubling it a lot.

“What the hell are you?” Scott asked as he dodged its attacks with ease.

“You dare mock me?!” He said , and charged . Scott turned sideways , so all the turtle did was dash the bone wall . He turned and grew bigger , its turtle shell glowing damp green . The moment he was a foot distance away , Scott’s hand started glowing blue and he launched a straight punch at the shell , for which it cracked and the turtle fell on his body.

“Stop irritating me, turtle ! Tell me what the old man meant!”

“Mercy ! Lord... Mercy ! I couldn’t bring him to you!”

“Who the hell are you talking to? Hey ! Answer me asshole!” Scott yelled , as he grabbed his left horn and broke it , just for the turtle to yell even more. Scott stepped on its trunk , and chopped it away .
“Answer me!”

“Lord Red, mercy , I beg you! Mercy! You…you bastard , you’ll come south again , and the prophecy will be complete . He will kill you , Lord Red will kill you. And with you’re death , the rule of the demons will begin …behold Seventh, this is you’re fate ! You will return south…The Pit has finally opened! You will die along with every black and white and mortal!”

“I don't know what the hell are you saying , but sure enough You’ve lived long for your head to go crazy.” Scott said as he pushed his sword through the turtle’s skull .

What did the monster mean when he said 'The Pit is finally opened'...?
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