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“There’s someone called the ‘Red demon’ controlling those beasts. And another thing, that turtle mentioned something else, it said the pit has opened or something like that and yeah, it spoke a load of crap that made me bored, so I stuck the sword in his brain.“Scott said as a day later he came back to the palace to report his mission note Intel. The king listened keenly to his every word and nodded.

“So... What about him? The red demon, who is he?” The king asked.

“Don’t know don’t care. I killed him before he could say anything more. The district’s free of beasts... Period.“Scott said sitting in front of him and grabbing an apple.

" ‘period’?” The king asked.

“The turtle said something about taking the the worlds under their boss’ control or something like that. And yes, yhe turtle died before I killed him.”

“The hell are you saying? You just said you killed it.” The king asked testing his chin on his hands.

“I did kill him eventually, but seconds before i put the sword in his head, he went crazy and started speaking to himself, probably the red demon was manipulating him. He was on some stupid ass mission I guess , which he couldn’t complete, so the boss killed him.”


“Listen asshole , first of all, I’m giving a hell lot of an Intel than asked, I don’t know and literally don’t care about his mission. If you want to know more, send someone else and let them deal with that crap. It’s my day off... So don’t butt in.”

“Sure. Go on , but before going-”

“Yah I know, the priest wants to speak. Later then, bastard.” Scott said and yawning and stretching he walked towards the Priest’s cabin.

He ignored the highly decorated hall ways and doors and ceilings of the palace. Everything looked colourful and why wouldn’t it? After all, the only Princess of the Phantom Kingdom was getting married. But Scott couldn’t care less, all that matters to him was as soon as he exits the priest’s room, Moon would be waiting for him. Control yourself Scott stone, you’re flying to high.

His inner brain was telling him.

“Welcome.” The priest beamed as he sat on the chair opposite to him.

“You really are a dangerous man , Old priest. You can talk telepathically? I really admire someone for the first time in my life.” Scott said and it was true. The priest had spoken to him while he was walking in the alleyways of district-J on the other day.

“Well, what can I say?” The priest agreed and 3 glasses came flying on the table. Scott recognised then, it was his daily routine after all. Two glasses contained red coloured wine, which were possibly the most bitter drinks Scott has ever tasted. He would drink one, while the priest would gulp the other glass. The third was a diluted drink with some creamish coloured substance in water. Scott peeped into the third glass, it was clearly water.

“Just water?” He asked as he drank the bitter wine.

“Yes, Just water. By the way Scott, are you sure the turtle beast said just that?” Scott guessed the priest would be listening his conversation with the king.

“Not at all. He was mentioning some stupid prophecy saying I would go to the south again. ”

" I see. And?” The priest asked.

“Nothing important.Oh... He was calling me by some other name. What was it again? Yah... Seventh incarnation or something. Why was he calling me that ? It sounded similar though...”

Scott could see the priest’s ancient smile. “Who are you?”

“I was wondering when you’d ask. I’m Scott stone.”

The priest just maintained the smile, ” No you’re not..”

“’course I’m not. I’m someone else....” He sat in deep thinking for some time as Scott observed him. With his eyes closed, the priest asked... “Tell me something.... Do you love her?”


“Who else? Moon?!”

“I don’t know...I just can’t decide yet.” Scott said almost smiling, which he never did, never.

" I see. If I ask you something, will you be able to do it?“Scott just nodded, so the priest continued.” What about her, the medic? Krystal Wood, if I’m not wrong.”

“It’s probably complicated. I don’t know what she thinks, but she is important , not love or anything, more like an elder sibling. Why a sudden interest in my squadmates?”

“Listen closely, the wedding, don’t let them attend it. But you should ... At all costs." His voice turned from friendly to commanding.

“Why? It’s their choice if they want to attend or not.”

“Can you stop them from attending? Try and understand, it’s really very important.”

“I can.”

“Alright then, only you among your squad will attend the marriage. Even Jorge shouldn’t attend, Is it clear?”

“Okay if you’re so hell bent ,Can I go now?” Scott asked him.

“Worried you’ll be late for the date?”

“Nothing remains hidden from you does it?” Scott said and exited the room.

Scott hurried his way to the Kingsguard room and quickly stripped off his grey armour and cream coloured Cape , he tightened his bracelet over his wrist , pulled over a hood and headed out as fast as possible.

He reached the park which was almost a 15 minute walk from the palace’s outer compound .

He looked around and found that the road was empty , as expected , as most people would be out busy with their job . He entered the park , and walked to the corner bench ,and there she was ,feeding the fishes in the small fountain pond .

She turned at once when she heard him and smiled her beautiful smile.

She was wearing a full sleeve white shirt, and a long brown skirt. Her blue eyes shining bright in the mid-afternoon sunlight.

" I never thought you’d actually come.” She said.

“Well, I wasn’t planning, but you know it’s a day off and all. I thought rather of wasting my time, i’d spend some time with you.”

“You’re just making that up...aren’t you?” She asked innocently.

“Maybe.” Scott said looking away. ” So....shall we?” He asked. Moon blushed red and nodded.

“Where are we going?” Scott asked her.

“To a place closest to my heart.” She said.

“Can I ask you something?” Scott asked.

“That’s something new. Usually I’m the one asking questions... Go on.“she said, as they walked in the almost empty alleyways , she was walking so close, her shoulder was touching his arm.

“Tell me something about you. It’s always me answering your questions, now you talk.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Well, I never had a family, so tell me about yours.”

“Okay. I come from the Redleaf family, a long line of medics. My father was one, my grandparents, uncles, aunts , everyone. But my mother, she was a witch.”


" My mother died giving birth to me, so I don’t know much about her. But she left me this. My father died too ,on one of the squad missions. You know about the medic rule, ‘Kill the medic first and the rest will die by themselves’. So that’s what happened.” She said patting the book tied to her waist. ” So I grew up to be a witch against my family’s rules, but my father supported me to the last, so that was more than enough. I was 16 when he was gone. No siblings, no relatives, all the Redleaf family had,was me. I got a letter from the palace for the job of a Kingsguard and here I am.” She was cheerful all the while, without the hint of dread.

“Well, Straight cut story. So, does that means you’re all by yourself?” She nodded. And Scott saw they had reached the gate of a huge mansion.

With bold letters it was written,


“A hospital?” Scott asked.

“It was my dad’s last wish for a hospital to be built. Here it is.” She said.

“So... This is what you wanted to show me?” Scott asked.

“Not exactly.Come on.”

Scott never realised that she had grabbed his hand and was pulling him in the hospital. She showed him the wards ,one by one ,where each and every patient , every nurse and every doctor bowed and wished her and gave a smile at Scott too, which unknowingly he returned. He understood that the hospital was completely free of charge, which according to Scott was a really admirable thing.

They lingered in the hospital for some more time, then they were walking in the back yard of the hospital.

“Where are we going?” Scott asked.

“There.” She said pointing at a small shrine like thing. It was beautiful and made of pure marble with the statue of someone Scott didn’t recognise. He had a sword in one hand and a flower in the other. The statue was delicately carved and it almost looked real.

“Who’s that?” Scott asked and saw the shocked expression on Moon’s face.

“You really don’t know?!”

“Not Really.”

“I had guessed you weren’t a spiritual guy. That’s Lord Silver’s statue. Don’t tell me you don’t know him.”

“I don’t.”

She gave a small apologetic smile and said.

“Almost a century and a half ago, he kept the peace between the the worlds . He was the reason people used to live in peace and unity. But all was just lost when he was killed.” She saw the look on Scott’s face.

“You really don’t believe in God do you?”

“No I don’t. I just don’t get it. If anyone would really want to worship someone, it should really be people like you, or the doctors or someone kind and good hearted like minister Arwin ,I agree he might have done good, but...“Scott said pointing at the statue, “... But if the peace was disturbed, then whatever he did, was a waste.”

Moon smiled and pulled him to sit beside her in the steps out the shrine.

“You can’t say that , He worked, but it failed. It doesn’t mean it’s his fault, the people are to blame or maybe not even them. The enemity was too strong for the peace, so in the end, hatred won over unity. If there is to be peace, it has to be strong. You know why is this place so special to me?” Scott simply so his head. “There was a patient, who was beyond treatment. It was no use at all whatever the doctors did, the disease was totally incurable. So everyone, including the doctors had lost hope... But that person didn’t and kept faith on themselves and on him.” She said pointing at her hand at the statue, ” ... And today, that person is sitting right in front of you.”

Scott just looked at her. She continued,

" You know, till I was 8 , my body was so weak and frail, I was on blood transfusion all the time. My body wasn’t strong enough to generate ample blood. All hope was lost. This place was my home before becoming a hospital, so I was always on bed. My father finally left all his hope to the lord. He used to bring me here everyday, on the bed itself, and I used to lay here looking at the statue, and before I turned 9 , i was recovering and here I am.”

Scott was just shocked to hear that . What can he say? He’d never been in a situation like this ...and especially with Moon.

“It-it’s been a hard life for you.” Was the best that he could manage. He thought she’d just get angry on him for not even giving the proper reaction ,but instead she smiled.

“Well, looks like you’re the only person to know my secret.” She said.

“Why...why me?” He asked.

“Because I want you to talk too. Krys may be close to you,but I know you never talk to her about what actually is troubling you. Scott , the longer you keep something inside you, the difficult it gets ...alright ,let’s go and have some food.” She said and quickly pulled him up.

“So where would you like to go for lunch? How about that?” She said pointing at a restaurant .

Scott remembered this one very clearly.

“Uh...probably not.“he said.

“Why? They really have a good menu!”

“It’s not that..actually , I am not allowed in there , or maybe in most of the restaurants and bars of the kingdom.”

“Why is that?”

“ see, I don’t exactly have a good image. Last time i’d been here , I’d knocked the manager out.”

“What? Why?”

“He wasn’t letting a poor couple enter the hotel.” She gave a weird look and suddenly started laughing .

“What exactly is funny in that?”

“I’m really sorry Scott...I shouldn’t have laughed. But truly , you are unbelievable ...” Unknowingly she muffled his hair and started walking ahead. Scott just stood there watching her.

He quickly ran to follow her.

“Hey, I know a place ...where know , I haven’t broken anybody’s nose or teeth , we could go there.”

“Really? And where is that?”

“Just like the shrine is special for you...that place is something similar to me. Come on.”

They hired a cart and finally reached the place.

“District-M?” Moon asked.

“Just come.” He reached the bakery and rapped on the shutter.

“Who is it?” The Baker asked from inside.

“Scott Stone.”

The shutter pulled open .

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you Scott...where have you been?”


“I heard you’ve joined the Kingsguard ...quite a show you put up in the tourney. Anyways , same again?”


In no time ,2 boxes filled with loaves of bread, butter , honey and milk were ready.

“2 gold and 3 silver.” He said . Scott slid 3 gold coins towards him.

“I don’t have the change , keep it.” And he headed out of the shop.

“You eat so much?” Moon asked.

“Are you coming or not?” She simply followed him with a quizzical look on her face that Scott couldn’t help but stare at.

He finally reached the big mansion , and placed the boxes down and yelled.

“COME ON OUT !!!” No sooner 30 children of all the ages came running out of the orphanage. Only then did Moon realise that this was the orphanage that she has heard of. They lined up in front of Scott just as every other time.

“You’re back.” Said the smallest girl of all. “Where were you anyway? And is she you’re girlfriend? Or have you married and didn’t call us?”

Moon started laughing and so did the older kids. Scott held the ear of the girl and said,

“You little runt, I come here after ..what, 2 months? And that’s what your worried of?”

“Ow... I’m sorry.”

“Better be.”

The kids continued coming and taking the bread, butter, milk and honey. As they did, they smiled at Moon, then at Scott and gave a comment and headed on.

“I told you didn’t I ? You’re kind hearted.” Moon said as she sat beside him eating the bread.

“No I’m not.”

“Yes you are , and no need to argue.” She said placing a finger at his lips. For a moment she was embarrassed about what she did, but then she pulled her hand away and Scott could see her cheeks turn red as she turned to face the other way. He just smiled to himself and sat looking at her.

After some silence, she finally spoke,

“About what that kid said I you’re girlfriend or what?”

“Uh..I don’t really know.”

“Would you want me to be?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Scott said . She just smiled and said nothing.

It was around 5 in the evening and Scott walked in silence beside Moon . People were returning from jobs and heading home , but in district-M most were going to their jobs now.

The sky was turning cloudy , signs of rain.

“Thanks a lot.” Moon said.


“It was one of the best days of my life.” And before Scott knew she had pecked a kiss on his cheek. Scott didn’t get what to say , so he just kept staring at her with his hand resting on his cheek.

The hell should I say? Nice day? Good day? Scott was just thinking when Moon interrupted.

“It’s alright. There no need for you to say anything.”

“Are you a mind reader or something?”

She just laughed and said,

“Not at all... It’s just that you’re face is an open book, whatever you think just reflects on you’re face.”

Tiny drops of rain were falling from the sky now, Moon looked up and her blue eyes were showing the whole sky to Scott. She closed her eyes and spread her arms wide. The rain was showering now and Scott ran to take shelter , but Moon didn’t follow . She just stood there in the rain with her arms wide.

“Hey! Get in here. You’ll soak wet and catch a cold!” Scott yelled amidst the shower.

“It’s the first rain of the season. You should come too! Come on!” She ran to him and pulled him in the rain, and before he knew he was soaking wet from head to foot.

He just stood there watching her laugh and jump and dance around in the rain like a little girl. Everything stood still for him, for a moment he felt she was the only person in the world that mattered , then he remembered , she actually is the only person that matters.

“Come on Scott, you won’t get another chance for a year.” He just smiled looking at her happy and joyful face.

For an hour she remained in the rain , finally Scott dragged her home against her wish.

“Moon, don’t act like a kid !It’s already been an hour since you’re soaking wet, and everybody’s coming out of their houses now. Come on!” She wasn’t listening, so he has no choice. He bent down, placed one hand behind her knee, another at her waist and picked her up.

“Put me down...” Sneeze " I haven’t...” Sneeze ”.. Even enjoyed half the fun...” Sneeze.

“Yah... Fun. I can see you’re fun turning to fever. You’re all red in the nose. My room isn’t far, we’re going there.”

Reluctantly she gave up and Finally kicked open his house door, looking carefully to avoid Krystal who stayed just opposite to him.

" It’s small and cramp though. Hope you’re fine with it. Grab a set of clothes from the cupboard, I’ll wait outside.”

He closed the door just to find Krystal staring with small eyes from her balcony.

“What’s with the look?” He asked, shaking his head to dry away the water.

“From when are you bathing in the rain?”

“The water tank was empty, so I thought why waste the natural water. Later then. And stop that, creep.” He said as she gave another look.

He slowly pushed open the door and saw Moon was standing near the curtain.

“Uh...what are you doing?” Scott asked.

She was wearing one of his shirt . She turned red in the face and said,
“The pant is too large.”

“It’s alright. The shirt’s long enough to cover up to your knees.” He said as he pulled his shirt away and dumped it at one of the corner. He pulled his pant off and threw it another corner and saw Moon gasp.

“What?” He asked.

“You’re...almost naked!”

“Grow up.” He said as he put on a dry pant and stood bare chested as he had no spare shirt. He walked to the corner where there was a small cupboard for ingredients. He kept the water to boil, then Soaked the tomatoes . Put some pepper and salt and boiled it till it was the colour of blood.

“Drink!” He said and pushed the bowl of soup towards her.

Avoiding his gaze, she slowly gulped up the soup. Her face was all red when she finished.

“The rain won’t stop till dawn, so probably you have to stay here for the night. Are you alright with it? Or will you go to Krys’ place?” He asked washing the bowl.

“Not a problem unless there’s place to sleep.” She said sniffing.

“There’s plenty. You sleep on the bed , I’ll fall on the floor.”

“But it’s cold.”

“There’s something called hospitality. Don’t argue, you’re already cold enough. Just sleep, I’m hot anyway.” He said touching his forehead.

“Hot huh. Can’t argue with that atleast.” She agreed.

Later in the night, Scott was lying wide awake staring at the damp ceiling. Somehow he knew she was awake too, and was shivering a bit , though she was covered up with all the blankets that Scott had.

“Moon, are you alright?” He asked in a low voice.

“Y-y-eah...” She says clattering her teeth. Worried as hell , Scott got up and kept his hand on her forehead.

“No fever, yet. Move aside.”

“What are you doing?” She asked peeping out of the blanket. He easily lifted her up with the blankets still on her ,and slowly stretched himself on the bed , and placed her beside him.

Her face was a mixed face of emotions.

“You’re so....warm.” She said resting her head on his chest.

“You said yourself I’m hot.” She looked up to his face and smiled. She was slowly moving her hand over the scar on his chest.

“Moon...if I ask you something , will you agree?”

“Yes I will.”

“Okay shouldn’t come to the wedding.”

“Not a problem...but are you going?”

“The priest said I have to go at all costs. But he said no other squad member should attend. I don’t know why though.“Scott said pressing his hand on her cheek.

“You should probably do as he says, he’s a God’s man after all.” She said looking up at his face and smiling.

“It’s funny how close we’ve grown in such a short time.”

“It’s just like a dream you know, I sometimes think it’ll end any moment.”

“Well, guess I have to prove to you that it isn’t a dream...” She had a question marked face.

“What do you-” she couldn’t complete the sentence. Scott placed his hand on her waist and lifted her up to his face and kissed her.

It was a really passionate one, and her lips as every other time, tasted sweet. She held her face and kissed him back.

He slowly pulled away.

“Do you still believe it’s a dream?”

“No solid proof yet.” She shifted herself to sit on his waist and bent to kiss him deep.

“I don’t know what you feel Scott, but I sure love you. I really do...” For a moment his face was a mix of emotions, then he smiled.

“I love you too. You’re the sunlight I was searching for so long. You pulled me out of that darkness and loneliness , and made me understand what it actually means to live. I love you too.”

So, looks like the monster has finally turned into a human again. I know this wasn’t that fun of a chapter and it was unexpectedly long. But you know, sometimes feelings and emotions can tell you a lot more than action . ☺️

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