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The lights of the room were off , and it was quite past midnight , but Disha’s eyes didn’t give a hint of sleep. She was staring at the canopy of her bed , thinking about him. It was six months since Aarav had gone , but she couldn’t quite forget him . It was close to two years since she saw him , lest talk to him . After that house party , he never saw her neither texted her.

But eventually she slept , and woke up late in the afternoon with her servant maid banging on her door .

“Princess Disha? Please wake up , its noon already...” She said banging hard.

She tried going back to sleep , but failed . So she opened the door instead.
“Its Sunday , can't you let me sleep for a while?”

“I would have Princess , but your Lady Mother has come to take you...”She said.

“Mother? Here? “ She freshened herself and quickly ran to the hall where her mother was busy talking to her son , that is Disha’s older brother.

“Mother...”Disha said and bent to touch her feet . She blessed her for a bright future and said,

“Won’t you touch my feet?” Asked Dhruv , her brother.

“I touch the feet of elders , not idiots...” She said and sat beside her mother.

“Mother , glad you came , i was getting all bored and cramped in the house...” Disha said .

“I’m not here for fun , Disha . It’s important business...”She said and started reading the newspaper.

Of course , important business , that’s what matters to you more than a 19 year old daughter, mother . She said.

Disha had never liked her step mother so much , all she cared for was the kingdom welfare . When she was 3 year old , and her brother 7 , her real mother had passed away along with her just born son . So , the king of the Vardhanas , which was the second largest clan of the White kingdom , and the king , who was none other than Disha’s father had married a land lord’s daughter to take care of the children that he could never care about.

“What business mother?” She asked sipping her tea .

“A betrothal .” She said deep in the newspaper ,” Oh dear , such politics in the government ...”She muttered looking at an article about elections.

“Betrothal?” Dhruv asked. “You mean , my ugly sister is going to marry ?”

“No, Dhruv , you are...” She said , not even looking at him.

“Who’s ready to marry such a monkey?” Disha said. Dhruv threw a pillow at Disha.

“He’s your older brother you know. Atleast dont do such childish things in front of the guests...”Disha’s mother said adjusting her spectacles. “And you , Dhruv , you’re getting married , so grow up .”

“But i’m just 23 and will be 24 next week...” Dhruv argued.

“And also the next king of the Vardhanas . Not to forget , your father was 22 when he married and at 23 , he was a king and the father of a boy...And its not my decision , your own father has decided this . I have no hand in it...” She said folding the newspaper.

“Who’s to be his bride?” Disha asked .

“Princess of the Phantom . She is one beautiful girl of 22 , Sara is her name .” Disha’s mother said.

“How should i marry someone who i’ve never even seen? And the main question , Why? I already have a girlfriend!” Dhruv said .

Girlfriend, Disha almost laughed on the word , She’s a slut and a gold digger. No wonder you’re a fool, Disha thought .

“ Dhruv , i’ve told you several times that you’re to be king , and marrying the daughter of the strongest man in the White kingdom will make our alliance strong . No more questions .Aasha?” The queen said and maid came running and bowed her head .”Pack Princess Disha’s bag . She’s leaving today at night with me ...”

“Yes , your highness ...”Aasha said and ran upstairs .

“May i ask why am i coming with you?” Disha asked . “And don’t i ever get a chance to decide by myself that whether or not i want to come?”

“That’s a choice my husband , the king of the Vardhanas should make , not you...”The queen said.

“He’s also my father , if you’ve forgotten...”Disha spat.
And first my father , then your husband , old bitch.Disha thought.

“These are the king’s orders , that you should go to the Phantom kingdom and help your to-be-sister-in-law for the marriage . Its an important marriage , so the king’s special order is for you to go there . If you have any problem , speak to him. “

As if he has time to talk to his daughter,Disha thought.

The queen continued ,” Dhruv , we have to go to the big city to order the jewellery and the marriage dress , so ask the driver to ready the car . And Disha , help Aasha pack your things , once i’m back by the evening , we’ll head to the door of split...” She said and didn’t wait for an answer , and headed to the door.

Evil bitch , all she does is show off ..., Disha thought .

“Aasha , why should i be the one going ? Shouldn’t Dhruv go ? He’s the one marrying...”Disha said as she helped Aasha pack the things .

“Princess , its an old ritual . All the arrangements for the marriage are done by the bride’s family , so the bridegroom’s family send’s a representative with jewellery , grains and clothes as Shagun. And afterall , weren’t you the one saying that staying here is too boring and gloomy since your boyfriend’s gone? Not as if he cared for you, all he did was ignore you while he was out on trips...”

“He’s not gone , he’s dead...” Disha said in an almost growl and left the room.

She does this every time ,Disha thought , Aasha always speaks a lot which is nothing at all , just trash and false. I was the one who didn’t care about him for 16 years , and not the other way around. He cared about me , and i just thought of him as a loser , who didn’t have any friends . So i went and spoke to him and befriended him .

They’re relationship hadn’t come to an end , officially . He was just angry on her for acting stupid and she knew it. She still remembered how Aarav used to share his lunch box with her when they were still high schoolers .
I always make the wrong decisions with right people.

She had ignored Aarav for too long , but when she realized her mistake , he was long gone . She hated Pranay for no reason , but just because he was a Black . But eventually , Aarav was one too , and she was a white .
Maybe he knew i was , yet he acted no different with either Pranay or me .

He had always tried to bring Pranay and Disha to be friends , but neither understood . Disha would never have known that Aarav was gone , and would never return if it wasn’t for Pranay , who met her at the graduation ceremony and told her with red eyes. She thought of speaking to Reva and Megha , but then she never saw them .

Disha cried too , for almost 2 weeks . She couldn’t take in food , nothing tasted good . Eventually she ended up with fever and even after that passed , she didn’t get well . Later , when Aarav’s mother , not the real one , the precious one , came to Disha’s place and sympathized her , though being a Black , she never understood how she entered the house in the first place , but she was too emotionally weak to think about that. And after talking to her , she felt good , because she understood , that it should actually be her consoling Aarav’s mother.

She knew quite well she wouldn’t be coming back to the mortal world any soon , so she should pay a visit to Aarav’s ‘mothers’ . She knocked on their door and a similar voice said ,
“Coming , who is it?”

“Its me aunty , Disha...”

“Oh , Disha , come in child...”Aarav mother said . She looked a bit better than the last time , afterall , she had her sister to share her grief . Disha had scarcely saw Aarav’s real mother . Indumati was her name , and her elder sister Bhanumati who took care of Aarav for 17 years .

“Come ...sit...” Bhanu said as Indu smiled sitting on the opposite chair weaving something. Disha saw a photo frame of Aarav smiling, hanging on the opposite wall with a garland of fresh flowers on it .

“How are you Disha? Are you doing well?” Indu asked.

“Yes aunty , i’m doing fine. Actually i came to....” Disha had began , but just then someone came out from the kitchen and said ,
“Miss.Bhanu , the food is ready , have it when you can . I’ll go now ...” Reva said and stopped in her tracks when she saw Disha.

“What are you doing here? Miss.Bhanu , what is she doing here...” Reva said slowly pulling out a dagger from her waistband .

“Reva , calm down dear. Put that down will you? Aarav didn’t give that dagger to you to raise it against friends...” Indu said

“Friend?” Reva mocked.

”Sit down now , my sister has something to tell...”Indu told Reva.

Reva slowly put the dagger back , but without moving her hand from it.

She was looking more like a warrior than a princess to Disha . Her hair tied in a bun , her skin flawless , eyes big and beautiful , yet dangerous .
No wonder Aarav fell for her , Disha thought. Or maybe she fell for him .

“Yes Disha dear , you were saying something...”Bhanu said.

“Yeah , actually , i’m going to the kingdom for some time and i doubt i can return any sooner. So i thought i’ll say goodbye...but i didn’t think i’d find you ...” Disha said looking at Reva.

“I knew you come here often , but never thought i’d see you...”Reva said.”Miss. Indu , she’s a white ...”

“ And So was...” Indu was about to say something , then she stopped talking and again said. “Reva tell me , what is the colour of your blood?” Indu said.

“Red...”Reva mumbled.

“And you Disha , what colour is your blood?” Bhanu asked.

“Red...”Disha said .

“There you have your answer. “ Bhanu said.”Now , listen girls , all Aarav ever wanted was for Pranay and Disha to be friends , together. But Disha , and not to forget that fool Pranay , never got along . But neither of you are to blame . From centuries this quarrel is going on . But just for Aarav’s sake , i want you two to be friends...”

“Miss.Bhanu,” Reva said ,” I have to go...” And without a reply she strolled out of the door .

“That one’s a hot head , no doubt .”Indu said after Reva was gone, ”But Disha , from what i hear , Aarav was your friend longer than he was of Reva. That means he believed in you . “

“Yes , dear . “Bhanu said ,” I’ve heard Aarav telling me about you from the day you befriended him . Its true he believed in you , and that means we should too . “

Disha wasn’t understanding what the ladies were trying to tell ,
“What...exactly do you mean?” She asked them .

“Listen carefully Disha , what we are about to tell you , is very important .”Indu said .” Aarav fell from one of the bridges of the door of split . He fell into nothingness , but...”

“But..?”She asked them.

“But , “ Bhanu said, ”There is a chance that Aarav can be alive...”

“What?”Disha was shocked.

“But the catch , is that we don’t know where. So Disha , can you find him for me?” Indu said.

“But where should i find him?” Disha asked .”He...he can be dead too...”

“Disha dear , a mother’s heart may be soft , but it never lies . I know my son... no , our son is alive...”Indu said holding her sister’s hand and smiling at her with a tear in her eye. Bhanu nodded too .

“I will find him ...But where?”

“ We need you to search in the White kingdom . Not much , but yet , search as much as you can . I know i’m being too selfish, but Disha , can you help us?” Bhanu asked her.

Disha could’ve told them no straight away knowing that this is a lost cause , but looking at the two women , she just didn’t have the courage to deny them.

“Yes , i will search for him and bring him home ...i promise...”if i find him. She thought.

Hey there , so now you know why Disha was hated so much by the clan...hope you liked it😉
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