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Arwin finally had some free time , so he had the afternoon lunch and decided to rest for a while in his chambers . So he knocked on the door ,
“Margaret?” He called .

His lady wife opened the door and smiled at him as he entered .
“Busy day?” She asked as she sat on a rocking chair reading a book.

“Well , atleast half the day was busy . God knows what the other half will bring...” He told her as he pulled his shoes out . “The king has finally taken responsibility , that would mean no rest for me atleast.”

There was a knock at the door , and the guard said,
“Minister Arwin ?”

“Come in “Arwin told him .

The young lad who took care of the aviary came in with a letter in his hand.
“My lord , there’s a messenger pigeon from the Vardhana guests . If you can...”

“Sure , give it.”Arwin said and took the letter from his hand . It was sealed with the sigil of the Vardhanas , an eye with three concentric circles in it . The young lad bowed once more and left .

Arwin read the neat handwriting...

Respected King ,
Due to an immediate summons from the Great Lady Mother of our King , we had to turn the bridegroom host towards the Vardhana capital . So we request your apology as we will be reaching the Phantom Capital two days late than the expected. Hope you will co-operate .

Thanking you .

Your obedient ,
Queen of the Vardhanas .

Arwin re-read it .
The king won’t be too happy to hear this ,He thought

“Looks like i have to go again .”Arwin said as he tied his shoelaces . “I’ll see you later then , Marge.” He bent and gave a peck on his wife’s cheek and headed out towards the king’s chambers.

He knocked .
“My king?”

“Come in Arwin.”

He went in and bowed and placed the letter in front of him .
“My lord , it looks like the bridegroom’s host will be two days late to come . The King’s lady mother summoned them back for some reason.”

The king read the letter and placed it aside .
“No worries , the wedding is not any sooner.”

“As you say my lord .”Arwin said and breathed easy .”I’ll take your leave then .”He bowed.

“Sorry to say Arwin , but there are other concerns we need to see . I know you’re working yourself out , but i need you to call the small council for a meeting . We have important issues , or to say pending issues . Once we’ll finish it , you can rest for a day or two.”The king said.

He’s truly grown up , Arwin thought.

“Not at all my lord , its my duty after all. I’ll call the small council at once.” Arwin said and called upon the members.

They were in the council room , five people . Two of them were the king and Arwin , one was the Master of medicine , Lord Beric Gother ,while the other two were someone Arwin didn’t recognize .

Once they all were seated , the king announced the meeting to begin . He said,
“My masters and ministers, i know i’ve been a bit ...irresponsible lately , due to...reasons .But now i’m fine . So , Minister Arwin and Lord Beric , meet Lord Bailey and Lord Green. From this day , Lord Bailey will be the new coin master , and Lord Green will be the new Lord Commander of Phantom.”

The man sitting opposite to Arwin stood , he was tall and slim , and had a long beardless face . He bowed and said,
“I will be pleased to be working as a coin master for the kingdom, my lords.”

The second man , Lord Green , was a huge man with a dusk coloured skin and curios eyes . He stood .
“And me as the lord commander...” He said and sat.

Arwin felt weird , The king didn’t even give me a hint..., he thought. Then his inner voice said,
Its a great thing you’re still the minister for being a low born . So don't think more than you have to.

“So let’s begin...” The king said .”Lord Beric , you’re the oldest of us all , so please take the lead...”

“Yes my lord ,”Said Beric the old man . He was wearing his long robe and had white misty eyes .
“My king , the kingdom is running low on doctors and medics . We are getting more and more cases of plague and mosquito diseases every day, especially from the District-M....”

A true man concerned more about the poor than the wealthy,, Arwin thought.

“If I may My king...” Lord Bailey said .

“Go on.”The king told him.

“Master Beric , the kingdom is in high debt from the land lords , we can’t recruit medics and doctors for scums and beggars . Its their mistake they are poor .” Bailey said.

You bastard, Arwin wanted to yell at Bailey and slap him in the face .
“But my lord...”Arwin said,”...we can’t really ignore the peasants of districts that are poor . Not everyone there gets 3 meals a day.”

“I understand your concern Arwin...”The king said ,”i know that you’ve been in their position once , but that doesn’t mean we end up spending our coin at begg...i mean at lower peasants.”

There’s no low or high in peasants , peasants are peasants. Arwin thought.

“We can use the same coin in recruiting soldiers and buying weapons, my king.”Lord Green suggested.

“That’s a really good idea , Good Lord Green . We could my king...”Added Lord Bailey .

“What do you think about it Arwin and Lord Beric?” The king asked .

“Sure ...your grace...”Beric said and Arwin could hear the disagreement in his voice.

“Yes , your grace , if it pleases you...” Arwin said.

“Arwin now its you , speak up.”The king said.

Arwin had many problem letters coming from the districts , murders , abduction , rapes , loans , diseases. But when he told them about it , all he got from the king and Lord Bailey was ,
“We can’t waste grain and coin , we have a wedding to arrange.”

Arwin had got some letters from the land lords too , but he told the king that they were not important. But the king said ,
“The Landlords will have something important, unless they wouldn’t write to us . Arwin please read them...”

“Yes your grace...” Arwin said and started reading the letters again . He knew they were a waste of time , but still .
“Landlord of district-J writes to send grains to them , your grace...” He read and was angry to read it further.

“The landlords are scarce on grains?” Lord Beric asked.

“No , Lord Beric , the Landlord says that they are ...bored , to eat the normal food .He says his daughter is fed up.” Arwin said .
People are dying hungry and these bastards are grown tired of eating .Arwin thought.

“That’s a really pressing concern...”Lord Bailey .

What? ,Arwin thought maybe he mis heard something. But no , he heard it correct. The coin master was really concerned .

“Even i get bored eating the same food twice a month . I suggest we should send men to the mortal world and bring some nice dishes and invite all landlords .”He smiled at his stupid idea , so did the Lord Commander and also the king . Lord Beric had given up , so he smiled a very odd smile and cursed under his breath.

Bloody hell , what is this idiot saying?, Arwin thought . Is the coin master mad?

“That sure is a very good idea , i like it Lord Bailey. So , what dishes should we...”The king had started , but the door to the council room was knocked hard.
“Who is it? Don’t you know the council are not to be interrupted at any cause?” Lord Bailey said. But Arwin was glad that they were interrupted . He was fed up of this landlord’s mess .

If this coin master stays long , we will end up sending guards to the landlords to wipe their rich asses. Arwin thought. But all his thought went to dust when he heard what the guard said.

“I’m sorry my lord , but there’s a man who wants to meet the king...”The guard said on trembling voice.”We asked him to stop till the meeting’s over . But he didn’t listen , so we used force when he tried to enter the room , but he almost killed 3 guards , and ended up bloodying the noses of 5 more .He says he can’t wait for the idiotic council to end and says he will kill all the bloody guards if the king won’t meet him.”

“Mind your language , its the coin master you’re speaking to...”Bailey warned.

“Sorry my lord , but the words are his not mine...”The guard said.

Oh no , oh god please no , not him , he’ll get himself killed by his arrogance. Arwin thought.

“What? Who is he to have such guts ?”Lord Green asked.

“He calls himself as the white devil...” The guard said .

OH god... Arwin thought . His fear had come true.

The king looked curious , he asked,

“Your grace...”Arwin lowered his voice and said,” Lord Crimson...”

The king understood , he said ,”My lords , please , I thankyou for your patience . You may leave now, Minister Arwin stay...”

Lord Beric felt relieved to go , so he went off with his robe sweeping the floor . Lord Commander looked suspicious , but eventually went away . Lord Bailey said,
“My lord , but the food matter is important!”

“Yes , i know i know , but now go...” The king said . Bailey looked unsatisfied , but still bowed and went away.

After he was gone , “Send him in.”Arwin said and the guard brought in a young man of 19 or 20 , with a file in one hand and a dark-coloured-pearl bracelet in other .

Finally the king meets The White Devil...
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