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Scott entered the room and looked around . Arwin was standing beside a man in his forties . Scott went and sat right opposite to him on the council table.

“You dare sit without my permission?” The man asked.

“Well , yeah. So what?” Scott asked him and drank the water on the table.

“It could have been poisoned you know...”The man said.

“Its not , it was already a bit less.”Scott said and placed the file on the table.”Who the hell are you anyway?”

Arwin raised his eyebrows to warn Scott . But Scott didn’t get a word what he was saying,
“Why are you doing that, old man?” Scott asked him.

“You’re either too stupid or too strong , or maybe both...I’m the king you know.” King said .

“I’m not here for introductions ...”Scott told them ,”Here’s the file you asked for , and that fat arse landlord is rotting dead.”Scott told them .

“That's good Scott , now go on...”Arwin told him.

“No , i’m actually here for my payment...” Scott told them.

“We already paid you 5 gold Scott , a deal’s a deal and its done now.” Arwin said.

“The so called ‘deal’ of yours , was to kill one person . But i ended up killing 5 spearmen , 3 or 4 horsemen and also i freed two of his slave girls. So adding up the interest and cutting down the taxes , my extra payment, will be 7 gold , 3 silver and 8 copper rounded up to 8 gold. “ Scott said counting his fingers.

“Are you crazy , Scott? “Arwin asked .”Do you know how much gold that is? And what taxes and interest are you speaking of?”

“Arwin wait a minute . Scott is it? So Scott ,you roughly killed ten men , and among them only one was unarmed. Are you lying? You dont have a scratch on your body . How should i believe you?” The king asked.

“Fine , send your men to the road that leads to the court , 500 yards before it you’ll find some bodies in a pool of blood. Or maybe don’t , go to hell . I need the coin , or this file is public.” Scott said waving the file in his hand.

“You won’t understand the language its written in , what exactly are you going to make ‘public’?” King asked.

“Well , believe it or not , i know to read Sanskrit.” Scott said.

The king’s face had lost its colour . He closed his eyes and thought for a while . He said,
“Fine , 8 gold it is . But you know what , Scott , i could pay you 10 gold every week if you do what i ask of you...”King said.

Scott saw that even Arwin was clueless about what the king was saying .

“8 gold right now , or the file will be tomorrow’s news . And i’m not your dog to do all your work . I’m an assassin . “Scott said .

“Guard?” The king said and clapped twice . “Summon the coin master. “

The coin master came out of thin air and stood beside the king.”You called me my lord?”

“Now that’s a good dog ...” Scott said,” Popping out of thin air even before the king calls . You know , Mr. So called king , he was eavesdropping , but , alas , its none of my business...”

“What did you call me , you filth ? And my lord , i wasn’t eavesdropping , i swear on my beard...” Lord Bailey said .

“You don’t have a beard .I called you a dog...or are you a female ? What’s a female dog called again , yeah, Bitch.”Scott mocked.

“Lord Bailey , ignore him...please.”Arwin said .

“I’ll kill him ...” Bailey said.

“Dream on , bitch!”

“That would be enough...”The king said, ”Lord Bailey , pay him 10 gold . Scott , two more as a gift , i'm really impressed...”

Bailey came and muttering under his breath he pulled out 10 gold from a small sack .
“Take it and get lost , filth...”He said.

“Keep the 2 extra in your arse. I take what i earn ...”Scott said and tossed 2 extra gold to the coin master and headed out .

He was crossing a corner , when someone came huffing and puffing to him .
“Do you have a death wish?” Arwin asked.

“Yeah , but how do you know?” Scott asked him.

“Is that the way you talk to a king ? Idiot , you're too arrogant , and that will one day cost you your life. “Arwin warned him.

“He’s no king of mine . When he can ignore district-M and other poor districts , then we have all the right to do the same. And by the way , that bitch seemed cunning . Stay agile , old man.”Scott said as he neared the main door .

“Dont you think you should’ve taken the offer?” Arwin asked.

“Not interested , and never will be . Dont try your luck...”

With his sack full of coins , he ended up doing the same thing again . Scott went to the bakery in the evening , bought bread , milk , honey and also butter as the coin sack was too heavy , asked the baker to keep the change , and fed the orphans and mongrels , took out some coins for himself and gave the remaining to the old woman , and headed to the bar where Krys was waiting.

“I was wondering when you’d show up . I saw you at the palace today...”She said as she wiped the glasses.

“I didn’t see you . I was busy with the king . Anyways , a beer pint .” He told her as he slipped 2 silver towards her.

“No beer!”

“Krys , don’t start the hole-in-the-chest crap , my head’s pounding and it needs alcohol to cool down . Its a miracle i’m settling at beer. So stop being my mother and bring the order...”

“The least i can give you is apple juice or go with water , and it's my decision you shouldn't consume alcohol as your doctor.”She said.

“You call that apple juice? Its so sweet , its like i’m drinking sugar syrup. Bloody hell ,there are other bars where i can go!”Scott told her.

“Costly bars won’t let you in seeing you don’t have a chariot of your own , and the cheaper ones won’t let you in either because you’ve broken atleast 2 chairs and 2 tables in every bar of district-M including this one. I don’t know why i even let you in...”Krys said.

“Go to hell Krys , i’m going home . I dont want that apple flavoured sugar syrup that even infants wont drink . “ He said and got up to leave.

“Dinner at my place tonight , i’ll come as fast as i can.”Krys said behind him.

“Why would i eat at your place?” He asked her.

“Because i know you love me.”Krys said.

“Dream on , woman.”He said as he closed the bar door behind him.

He was walking in a deserted alleyway when he finally saw who was following him. Some 6-8 men were towering him from the roofs of the small houses and buildings . At first he thought those were nothing more than the shadows of the night clouds , but then he heard them whisper . He saw the man standing at the opening of the alleyway , Scott turned and took the other route . The same thing happened there, so he took the closest left , but to his bad it ended up to be a dead end , and the wall was too high to climb and his head was throbbing too much to think of an escape and avoid bloodshed. He turned and saw them towering over him .

“What the hell do you want?”

The men didn’t reply and started an all out attack with everyone coming at him an once . Scott was too lazy to remove his hands from his pockets , so he simply dodged and slipped past them and kept on turning at every other turn . But the men didn’t stop following him , finally he gave up and turned to face them . He cocked his head and took a closer look . They were well built , and also armed with maces, swords , rods and bats . They again attacked and he dodged him , and leaned on the wall to slow down his headache . He was getting frustrated.

“Why are you following me ,assholes, speak the hell up!”

One of them attacked again and Scott dodged him and the man punched the cold wall , making a crack in it.

“Won’t you use your sword? We heard you were the best at that.”One of them said.

That’s it . Scott thought and his head throbbed even more.

“I am , but i use it only for fun . When i’m pissed , i use nothing.”Scott said hitting the side of his forehead .

The man charged to land a punch , Scott ducked and smacked him in the face . He turned and held the man’s throat and started punching him pinning him to the wall . The other men attacked him , one by one he took out his headache frustration . All were down except for one. Scott bent to punch the man in the gut , his fist started glowing blue and the moment the punch landed , Scott heard a crack and the man yelled in pain.

Out of nowhere , a man came out and started clapping, the sound echoing in the empty alleyway. The man came in the clear moon light so Scott could see him . He was wearing a hood over his head , and when he lifted it, Scott recognized him.


“Yes , me .”Said the king.“You’re worthy of your name , you sure are a devil . 8 of my strongest men , beaten to the brink of death by a 19 year old , with an head ache and without a weapon. You are strong , and i mean it.”

“Isn't this a sight to watch?”Scott said as he sat on the concrete ground .

“What do you mean?”The king asked.

“I’ve never seen you in district-M , and from what i’ve heard , you’ve never set foot here . And now you come to meet a pissed off teenager? “ Scott said as he pulled his sword and tossed it in the air , which moments later landed directly at the king.

But the king remained unharmed , as if things could pass through him.
“You’re mistaken . I’m still yet to set foot in the rotting and filthy district-M. I’m here to speak...”

“About what?” Scott asked as he got up and walked towards the sword.

“You see, my brother, Hector, was the best swordsman in all the white world , he was the disciple of the fire god , and his successor too. He was the only man to-”

“Come to the bloody point. I don’t have time to waste.”Scott interrupted .

“He was killed.” The king said.”By just one man, I don’t know who!”

“You drunk old man? You just said he was the strongest and now you say he was killed by one man?” Scott asked him.

“You see , that’s the point . There’s someone who even surpasses my dead brother , and he could come any moment and cut open my throat . So just think , if you kill him , you’ll be the strongest. Strongest of all...Think about the fame...”The king said.

“Shut you're crap! Do you really think i need name and fame?”Scott asked him as he pulled his sword from the concrete. "If i really was fame greedy , i’d already be famous in all the white world , not just district-M. And as for the man you said , you can accept that you’re afraid of him and need protection . No thanks , but i'm not interested a bit.“

“Does that mean you’re directly throwing my offer away? You’re denying the order of a king , and that’s treason! Scott, think again.”

“You’re no king of mine . I rule my own life , and as for treason , shove it up your rich arse . And clean your ears , i already said no.”Scott said and turned to leave.

“Alright Scott , i’ll give you 32 , no, 33 hours , to accept my offer of becoming the head of the king’s guard. And if you still deny it , then its alright , every hour you pass , 31 orphans , one old woman and the medic girl that works at my palace , will die . 33 hours , 33 lives , all on your decision Scott .”The king said and gave a grin. “And one more thing , the clock has started Scott , decide or the girl goes first.”

“YOU BASTARD!” Scott yelled and smashed at the smoke which ended up on the wall of the alleyway. “You’re playing too dirty.”

“No , i’m playing the only game that i can win, against you that is . “

“Go on , kill them all , i don’t care anyway...”

“Is it? As far as i know , you feed the 31 orphans everyday , pay for their education , give whatever you earn everyday to the old woman who runs the orphanage , and as for the girl , she’s the only one whom you talk to freely .” The king said.

“You’re a bloody bastard....”Scott said,”FINE!”

That's what it is...politics
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