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Brawler, Burnout, Hustler. Britney, Kise, Candice. Three girls. All have serious problems stemming from their daddy issues, amongst other mental trauma. They occasionally cross each other's paths, and know each other's names, they aren't really friends. Yet. Which is a shame really.

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Kinda redundant but:

So the magic in here, don’t take seriously if you wish to practice actual witchcraft then I implore you to take the time to research. The references to witchcraft are a mix of just good old fashioned fantasy and mythology, so yeah


There’s a lot of different languages that I’ll be writing so please native speakers of these aforementioned languages: I am so sorry I have to use google translate, forgive me if the translations are wonky. The only other language I kinda speak is spanish, and that is of Mexican dialect, so the spanish in this story is one that’ll be kind of fluid

also also!

This story gets dark so just a heads up

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