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At your mercenary

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Blake is a strong woman who owns her own forge. She is the best at making knives and using them but when an agent and a man with ties to the Russian mob show up all her secrets come to light. +18 violence and language

Action / Romance
Stephanie Sharpe
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Chapter 1


This week has been rough. My boyfriend broke up with me after cheating on me with my friend. Then on my way back to work from lunch today a car drove through a puddle soaking me thoroughly. I am tired of this shit!

At least I have my job. I love my job. I own my own forge, Blake's Blades. I make knives for a living. Some are decorative but all are functional. I have a steel order coming in today that I'm excited about. I also have a customer coming in to check off on some throwing knife designs. Maybe I can work out some aggression in the forge before he gets here.

I enter the comforting warmth of my shopfront. Its warmth is nothing compared to the workshop in the back but it's still warm.

My shopfront is more of an office/showroom love child and I have a test space out back with targets set up.

The steel delivery should be here any minute, so I stay up front until they unload. Sitting at my desk I start drawing up plans for a passion project. I ran into someone getting rid of a wrought iron gate, so I brought it home. It's all twisted and has such interesting shapes already in the metal. I want to see what I can do with it.

I lose myself in my plans for a while until I hear a throat clear in front of me. Shit, I didn't even hear the door. I look up into some stunning blue eyes. The man is a God with a strong jaw and blonde hair. His body should be illegal. He looks good enough to eat. But then he opens his mouth. That's when my fantasy ends.

"Hey, babe. Can you get your boss, Blake, for me? I have an order for him." I stare at him with my eyebrow raised. Who comes to do business and calls someone babe? Like I get that I'm in a male-dominated industry. No one expects a little thing like me to bust my ass in a forge and make weapons all day, I get it. But at least be professional. "What's a little lady doing working in a place like this? Wanna go for dinner later?" He continues putting his foot in his mouth.

"Hello sir, I'm Blake Matthews this is my shop. Are you here with the steel?" I say standing tall. I watch him regret every word and turn red.

"Yes, I am. I have it out back." He says quietly. Good.

"Ok. I'll meet you there," I say and I head back through the workshop.

I see Steve my usual delivery guy already back there waiting for me without the new guy. There must be annoyance written on my face because his grin is getting bigger.

"What did the new guy do?" He asked smiling.

"Called me babe. Asked for my boss and then asked me out for dinner. He couldn't believe a 'little lady' like me would work here." I watch as Steve actually winces.

"If it helps it's his first day. He was bound to screw something up." We laugh as he comes around the corner. I pull back my long brown hair into a ponytail, so I can get shit done.

"So what's this round for?" Steve asks.

"I got an order for some throwing knives last week. I can't wait to start them. I also have a few other projects on the go." I say helping them back up the truck into the bay. I wave them to stop when they are close enough to run me over. "If you guys put them over there with the other steel that would be great I have to start up the fire," I say as I walk away.

"No problem. We got this!" The new guy says cheerfully. But the thing about my workshop is it echoes when nothing is on, so I hear him when he mutters. "Tough girl like you should help." So I turn towards him as Steve smacks him upside the head.

"A tough girl like me runs my own business and has hired you to do a job. Ask Steve, I usually do help. But I am on a deadline right now. I do not need to deal with your bullshit too. Got it?" I say shortly.

"Ya. I got it." He says.

"Steve, I don't want him back if he can't do the work. If you need help unloading next time let me know and I'll set aside some time." I say and I turn back to light the forge. I bring out my tools and plans. Marking up the metal and cutting it to workable sizes. Soon, I am ready to hammer it all out I'm just waiting on the forge.

I walk back over to the truck and help with the last of the steel. I'm already drenched in sweat from the heat of the forge. Tying a bandana around my head to keep my hair and sweat out of my eyes I hear the chime that someone is in the front. I head there instead. "I'll be right back Steve! If you're done before I am come on in and I'll sign off on it" I yell back making my way to the front. I hear a "'Kay!" Shouted back at me.

I'm wiping the sweat off the back of my neck as I walk into my shop and see a mountain of man looking at some balisong blades.

"Hello. Can I help you with something?" I ask walking over. He looks me up and down probably seeing the mess I am after the workshop. But he smiles and his face lights up the room. He's gorgeous. Is it Beautiful Men Drive Blake Crazy Day today?

"Hello. I am Maksim. I order knives." Oh my god, he has a Russian accent. Lord help me keep my panties on!

"Yes! I have the plans right over here." I say heading over to my desk.


When I ordered my knives from 'the best' I didn't expect to see this tiny goddess. She is glowing and beautiful and strong. She must be Blake. I was expecting a man but I'm glad I was wrong.

I watch as she brings over a few pieces of paper and a few knives. Her hips sway in her tight jeans and I can't help but watch her. Her black t-shirt is clinging to her every curve. She is mouth-watering. She leans against the table and is pointing to the papers saying something. Shit, I wasn't listening.

"...so they'll be lightweight. I just got the steel in so, you can come back to take a look after. You can also pick your finishes. I have these examples." And she pulls out three throwing knives. One is black, one is shiny metal and the other one looks like a rainbow.

"I think the black," I say, and she bends low over the desk to jot it down and I almost moan at the sight of her ass.

"As for the shape. I have several tried and true designs. I take it you know how to use them. they're not a collection piece?" She asks.

"Yes, I know how to use them," I say carefully. Why is she asking this?

"Ok, come on back with me. I have targets set up out back so you can choose which shape you like best." She says grabbing up the knives and heading back where she came from. I follow like a puppy dog, I don't want to lose sight of her for a second.

The room we enter is big and sweltering no wonder she was sweaty when she came in. This must be her workshop. I suddenly want to watch her work. Watch what she can do.

There are two guys back here carrying steel. The younger blonde one scowls at my beauty. I'll have to watch him. He doesn't seem to notice me. Which is odd, I'm a big guy I'm kind of hard to miss. But she walks past them giving a wave to the older one.

"Almost done Blake!"

"Ok, come see me at the target range when you're done. You know the rules right?" She asks turning around to look at him.

"Ya, don't get stabbed." He laughs.

"That's the one!" She says with a laugh turning around and leading me out. We walk into a field with wooden targets lined up on the other side at different distances. She knows what she's doing. She turns to me and gives me her whole attention. I like it.

"You heard the rules?" She asks with a smile.

"Da, I did."

"Good. Pick your poison." She says as she fans out the blades. I pick a diamond-shaped one feeling the weight and balance. No wonder they say she's the best these are awesome. I pinch it between my fingers and throw. Releasing it, I see it sail through the air and embed itself into the wood. It was good but I want to try all of them. She lets me test each one without remark. She wants to make sure I like what I'm getting.

"Do you test these out?" I ask.

"Well, I have to know if they're any good." She says with a shrug.

"You test all your blades?" I say shocked. She chuckles.

"Yes, I know how to use all of them." She says with a smile. That sentence alone goes straight to my cock. She knows how to use every blade she makes. God-damn. "Which one do you like the most?"

"Um, I like the one with cord on handle."

"I like that one too and the rope can be taken off and used. It will affect the balance of the knife a bit but it's nice to have rope when you need it. I have the corded handle on my hunting knife at home." She says as she turns and heads to the targets to retrieve the knives. She tosses one in the air and catches it with a grin. But I realize she isn't grinning at me and thank goodness because it is not a good smile. She's mad. I turn around and see the blonde man coming over to us. Oh, I'm not leaving this should be good.

"Hi, I have the delivery forms you need to sign off on." He says. His face is red. What is wrong with him? She slaps the blades onto a magnetic strip along her belt making eye contact with the guy. She's even hot when she's mad. She grabs the clipboard from the man, roughly signs and hands it back. He looks at me so I turn away and give them some space but I don't go far.

"Sorry about the mix-up in there." He says.

"It wasn't the mix-up that pissed me off. Plenty of people think my business is run by a man. What bothered me was you were here on business and decided to be very unprofessional. Calling me babe, asking me to dinner and asking me why I was here before I even spoke. And then had the nerve to tell me to help you do your job. That is what pissed me off." She says not even raising her voice. She is a goddamn queen. She turns her back and walks to me.

I'm glad he fucked up. It gives me a chance with her.


Well, I fucked up royally with Blake. I was supposed to set up a connection with her, so I would have an in with Maksim Petrov, but I wasn't expecting her. She is gorgeous. And apparently a badass from what I saw from her working. She was just so tiny and sexy sitting at her desk that I misjudged... well everything. Which is saying something I'm trained to see through this shit but she disarmed me.

I even mistook her anger at me was because I thought she was a man, not because I was unprofessional. That will show me.

And Maksim is here looking smug because she's been nothing but sweet to him. This woman is throwing me for a loop. I didn't even see him until I came over. He had to have walked right past me! And he is huge! That won't be going in the paperwork.

"Sorry, I understand." I need to fix this. Fast! I know! I'll bring her flowers tomorrow. Chicks love flowers!

I watch her walk away with Maksim. I walk back to Steve. He's been really nice all day for having to train a fake employee. One that apparently fucked up with a big client. I even understood the smack he gave me. I hop back into the truck and hand Steve the paperwork. Steve is smiling at me with a shit-eating grin. Oh, no.

"What?" I ask a bit too quickly.

"See something you like over there?" He asks.

"Shut up. I blew it with my first sentence." I may stand a chance at having an unwitting informant but anything romantic went out the window.

"Nah! I think you just need to apologize properly. My wife says your apology has to match your mistake. Good advice if I've ever heard it." He says with a shrug. He's not wrong. We drive back to the storage yard and call it a day.

I arrive at Blake's shop flowers in hand the next day but she's not in the front or her workshop. Maybe she's at her target range. What I saw of it yesterday was impressive. As I wander around back I'm even more impressed.

She is standing in jeans and a white tank top with her hair up and a black bandana around her head. She has a crate of knives and hatchets next to her.

I watch as she chucks a hatchet at one of the targets, tilts her head and then writes something down on a clipboard. She then walks over and dislodges it and moves to a beat-up wooden pillar. I watch as she attacks it. Just like it's an extension of her. She is deadly with it. As quickly as she starts she stops and records something else on her clipboard.

She puts it in another crate that I didn't notice. She has three labelled 'keep', 'toss', and 'rework'. She really is a professional.

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