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Smoke stained Steel.

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The year is 1926, the German Empire has successfully taken France and has control of all Europe and Asia. The only countries who stand to fight are England, Australia, America, and the Soviet Union. Technology and weapons are enhanced and new vehicles and tactics are used, and the Axis are more ruthless then ever before or will be.

Action / Drama
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Chapter 1

As the cries of anguish fill the air, and the stench of bloodshed stings my nostrils, I stare forth upon the horizon. Watching as men in plated steel march onward onto the blood stained mud, carrying the emblem of my fathers empire. The sounds of distant gunfire and artillery colliding against the crippled earth that God’s creation treads upon. The smell of gunpowder was carried upon the wind. I watched as smoke arose from the landscape, turning and churning like a serpent. Hissing and biting at the air around it.

The cool autumn breeze blew against my hair as I walked away from the balcony. I sat onto a chair in the empty room. Upon sitting down, I looked up to see a picture of him, my father in uniform. Proudly baring the emblem of the Axis army. Despite my fathers teachings, I had never wanted a part in the war he fought or the many troops he controlled. I had always wanted to be an artist, a musician. I wanted to travel the world, see the true beauties of mother Earth, not the war path that my father continues to pave. Watching the death and destruction that my father’s troops cause, the slaughter and brutality that the Axis leave, it sickens me.

From the vast men of steel that march onward across the sterile land, to the beasts of steel and and oil that ravage the countless cities of man, to the metal dragons of the sky that desecrate the land below it. I stand amongst it all, and soon enough.

I will transform from the daughter of Augustine Alexander Herr, to Anna Margarethe Alexander the new leader of the Axis powers.

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