The light of an Angel

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Angel's life went from amazing to terrifying in a matter of seconds, when he witnessed his father eating his mother's throat. Everything changed for everyone how will Angel cope? Will he even survive?

Action / Drama
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Chapter 1

Angel awoke to a scream from his mother. Grabbing his phone he ran downstairs with a rush stopping in his tracks as he came to his mother.

With a crunch he watched his father bite through her neck. He watched in a bone-chilling silence as the crimson blood dripped down and splashed on the white tile.

He felt as if he was punched I'm the gut. Tears rushed to his eyes and a painful gasp pushed by his lips. "Dad?" Came the croak of a devastated child.

His father halted and slowly turned to his son. The recognition could be seen in his dad's eyes. A shiver went down the terrified boy's spine as a sickening grin stretched at his father's bloodstained lips.

"Dad, what's wrong? Are you sick?" The teen asked in fear as his dad stumbled towards him.

"An-gel?" His father said his voice breaking. "Ple-ase Angel m-ake it stop." The grin was no longer on his face. It was replaced with a desperate look of pleading.

"Make what stop dad? What's wrong? Why did you hurt mom?" The tears were leaking freely down Angel's face as his body trembled.

"I was so hungry, and, and," his dad's face slowly contorted into another wicked grin "and she smelled so delicious." A chuckle escaped the man as he closed the distance to his son.

"You almost smell like her" a growl escaped the man's mouth as he sniffed the air of his son.

Angel panicked as his dad leaned in sniffing at his neck. In a split second, the teen kicked his dad in the knee and ran out of the house.

He climbed into his car and locked the doors. His father ran to the door banging on the window screaming erupted from his throat, not words just sounds. He looked livid.

With slight hesitation, Angel threw the car in reverse and backed out of the driveway quickly shifting again once on the road and speeding off his father chasing him before eventually disappearing in the rearview mirror.

Angel drove for about 30 minutes before stopping at a park. He tried calling the cops but the line was busy. A new dread settled in his gut as he dialed his friend's number.

A surprised relief passed through him when his friend answered.

"H-hey Romeo, you won't believe what just happened! C-can you meet me at the police station." Once finished speaking he noticed odd breathing from the other side.

"Romeo?" He asked his eyebrows wrinkling in worry.

"I'm so hungry." Came the response.

Angel's heart dropped. What was happening?

"Romeo, what are you talking about?" Angel asked only to receive silence in response.

"Romeo!?" He called again before a blood-curdling scream sounded through his speaker. He hung up as tears rushed to his eyes what was going on?

Eventually, he turned the radio on, to hear the end of a news story.

"-ad reports of cannibalistic attacks throughout the city if you or your family members begin acting strangely separate yourselves immediately.

The authorities suggest that whatever you do do not go outside. I repeat Do. Not. Go. Outside."

He shut the radio off once the music started playing, and brought his legs to his chest. A small cry escaped him. His mother was gone and in a different way so was his father. Where was he supposed to go?

Something hitting the side of his car pulled him from his thoughts.

"Help please! Please help!" Someone cried from the other side of the door.

Should I let them in? He thought knowing he had to make a decision and fast. The person continued pleading as he hesitantly hit the unlock button on his door.

"Thank you! thank you so much!" They said slamming the door shut as Angel locked it.

As soon as he locked the car another body hit the side of it making it shake.

"What are you waiting for!? Drive!"

Angel listened running over the foot of the person who was trying to get in. They sped off only slowing down when they knew nobody was following them.

"I'm Angel" he finally said glancing at the other party in the vehicle.

"Luka" came the quiet response. They only continued after a moment of awkward silence. "that was my Brother." Their soft voice broke a little causing Angel to look at them.

"What's going on" Angel muttered but neither of them could answer how could they know? All they knew was everything was about to change drastically.

"Maybe we should stick together until we find out?" Luka said although it was more of a question than a statement.

"Okay let's do that," Angel said liking the idea of not being alone. Somehow they found a way to smile at each other.

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