This new world (W.I.P)

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This a story about a human boy named micheal until he appread in this world full of human like animals.Its just a new world to adapt too.

Action / Drama
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Chapter 1

I was taking a nice walk in the park.Then all of a sudden i appear in a forest.Confused i look around then notice i had two fox tails. "WHAT THE HECK!?" I screamed.Then i took a deep breath and decided i should look for help and ask what happened.Then i heard talking so I decided to investagate.Moved some leaves out of the way to see a human like fox,he or she seemed very short didn't look scary nethier even the people he or she was hanging out with.I muttered "hi?..."Then they all turned to look at me."oh hi!" said a short fox with a jacket and white shirt.Then i noticed a white fox with multiple tails and holdig some glasses above his or her head."What you doing here?"
Said the white fox."I don't know..." I muttered "well don't be rude Rex! Don't just say WhAt aRe YoU DoInG HeRe" said the short fox "dang ok..." said rex (aka the white fox) "anyway what's your name?" said the short fox "oh im mike." I said. " Oh im micheal!" said the short fox."Um we exsit too you know!?" a super short hedchog with the voice of a six year-old appered that wore a white shirt with light blue suspender's and she had dark brown eyes..'um hey little girl.." I said "it's candy!" said the little girl "um nova" said this purple cat with galaxy eyes and just wearing a simple purple short skirt dress. "oh hi nova and candy" I said (to tell you rex has red eyes micheal has green eyes,sory for the crappy production) anywaay you new to town?' micheal aked "um yea i am" i responded "alright let me show you around!" said micheal then micheal grabbed my hand and ran to this nice little town mean there was a arcade,pizza place,a hotel across the river but there was a little mountian with a bridge leading to the hotel.There was a nice lightower across the river,a grocery store,the place ws nice,i liked it,alot feels like i could live here

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