Opening Old Wounds

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Follow FBI Agent Alessandra Bianchi as she returns to America to help with a mission and encounters all she left behind all whilst raising her 6-year-old daughter as a single mom.

Action / Erotica
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Alessandra’s POV

“We need your help here Alessandra, these kids are going missing left and right from these two schools. Everyone here knows who I am, but they don’t know you and Lorenzo.” My older brother’s voice filters through my BlueTooth earpiece as I shuffle against the wall of a random building, my gun in my hand.

“Of course I’ll come, It’s time I stop being afraid. How often are they disappearing, Raff?” I whisper, peaking around the corner for the motherfucker that is trying to kill me.

“Two kids have been disappearing monthly, one kid from each school. No one has really noticed yet, we’ve been keeping it quiet but if more disappear people are bound to notice.” Raffaele tells me as I pop around the corner, shooting the assholes in the leg, making him cry out and collapse to the ground. I tell Raff to give me a minute as I take out my waki, telling my partner that I’ve taken down our guy and then go over to cuff him.

“Got you asshole” I give the guy a triumphant smile and he scowls at me.

“We’ll all be there Monday, this is perfect timing because some fucker has been giving Vivi problems at school and she decked him so hard his nose broke. I don’t feel like dealing with it. I mean how am I supposed to when I don’t feel bad at all, if anything I’m proud ” I laugh thinking about my spitfire of a daughter decking Josh.

“Okay, I’ll see you soon and we’ll go over the details here. I already have the perfect undercover job for you at the school” he tells me as I yank the guy up, walking to my car so I can take him in.

As I got onto the airplane that Monday with my 6-year-old daughter, twin brother, and best friend I couldn’t help but think what an adventure this would be. I hadn’t been to America since Viviana was born, not wanting her to get into the drama I knew would be waiting for me back there.

America, here we come.

Hi guys! Thank you so much for clicking on and reading my book! I hoped you liked this first chapter and If you did, don’t be afraid to show me some love by clicking on that heart and leave me a comment! I absolutely love hearing from my readers!


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