Opening Old Wounds

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Chapter 9

Alessandra’s POV

One week later

It is now Monday and the investigation is going awful. We haven’t managed to find a lot of information or evidence which makes me think that this guy is a professional, has done this before, and is experienced.

So far, no more kids have gone missing, but we only have around two weeks before the next kid is supposed to be taken according to the timeline we put together for when the kidnapper takes kids.

All throughout the week, I’ve been getting close to my kids and teachers. The kids are warming up nicely to me, some have even come to me about personal issues, but none have shown any signs of knowing anything nor have told me anything, and neither have the teachers I’ve befriended.

It’s starting to piss me off.

The teachers I’ve befriended here are suspiciously closed-lipped and don’t really share much personal information which leads me to believe that either a few teachers are involved in the kidnappings or they definitely know something and are being extra cautious they don’t spill the beans. I already have a plan to get them to spill all of their beans.

As I’m sitting in my second Italian 2 class towards the end of the day, I watch one of my senior students, Emlyn. She is quite shy and doesn’t really associate with anyone but her boyfriend. I watch her wince as she presses her stomach against her desk and recoils, her face twisting in pain she desperately tries to hide. I’ve noticed her do this a few times in my week of being here and also have noticed some bruises on her body and It’s starting to concern me.

When the class ends, I watch her pack up her stuff with one hand, the other clutching her ribs tightly making me sigh.

“Emlyn, could you stay after class for a few minutes?” I question making her head snap towards me, her green eyes flashing with nervousness.

“Oo-f course Miss Bianchi, am I in trouble?” her nervous voice quivers the question.

“No honey, I just wanted to ask you a few questions” I assure her, hoping to calm her nerves. I’ve had my assumptions that she’s being abused and if I find out it’s true, I’m going to beat whoever is beating her three times as hard.

Once all of the students exit the room and the door finally closes, do I begin my interrogation.

“Are you okay sweetie?” I question, coming around my desk and sitting on the front of it.

“Umm, yea, why do you ask?” she questions, anxiously twiddling her fingers.

“Well, I saw you earlier when you hit yourself on the desk and I’ve also noticed other things this past week too” I give her my best spill it look while also trying to not look too authoritative.

“Ww-what have you noticed?” she stammers.

“Well I’ve noticed you wincing many times, the bruises you’ve been trying to cover, you limping the other day, and the way you clutch your arm close to your body,” I say making her breath hitch.

“Nothing is happening,” she says too quickly and I know for a fact she is lying.

“Are you sure Emlyn? I promise I won’t tell anyone if someone is hurting you, I’m just worried about you sweetie, being abused is not okay and I just want to make sure you are safe” I say gently as she starts to tear up.

She stares at me speechless for a minute before bursting into tears, and I internally curse, rushing over to her and envelop her trembling body into my arms, rubbing my hands up and down her back and whispering soothing words into her dark hair as she buries her head into the crook of my neck.

After a few minutes, her sobs turn into sniffles and I give her a few minutes to compose herself before asking the dreaded question.

“Emlyn, are you being abused? I promise you can trust and tell me.”

“Um, yea” she shamefully admits after a few minutes of silence making my whole body flare up with barley controlled anger.

“By who?” I ask with a barley controlled edge to my voice.

“I can’t tell or bad things will happen.”

I suspected she wouldn’t give up her abuser. Whoever it is, is most likely threatening to do a bunch of things if she tells anyone.

“Okay, well here is my number, you can call or message me anytime you need help or if something happens. If whoever is doing this to you is suspicious about the number, tell them that it is for class, that you were having trouble and I offered to give you some extra help” I slip her the sticky note with my number on it.

“I can also help with the injuries, I grew up with an older brother and a twin brother so I know all how to take care of injuries, so if you ever need help with that, just let me know, we could even do it right after school.”

Once Emlyn leaves with the promise of contacting me if she ever needs help, do I finally allow all the rage to fill my body. My body is tense and my hands are clenched as I head out of the school. Whilst I’m waiting in my car outside of the Elementary for Vivianna, I think of all the ways I could seriously fuck up whoever is hurting Emlyn.

A knock on the door breaks me from my murderous thoughts.

“Are you okay mom, you look mad?” my daughter asks as she gets into the car. She has only been going to an American school for a week and her English has improved tremendously. I’m so proud of her.

“Just work stuff,” I say stiffly.

Vivianna, sensing that I’m in no mood to talk, stays quiet the whole ride home. When we get home I tell her that I am going to the gym to work out some of my aggression and that after we can go and get ice cream which seems to cheer her up.

I get dressed in a black sports bra with black loose sweatpant material shorts, put on my gym shoes, grab my wraps for my hands, and head into the extra room in the basement we turned into a gym so we can keep up with training. Back at home, I have a whole room decked out in gym machines, punching bags, target dummies, and even a little area to practice your shooting and everything else you’d need to work out because we all hate going to the gym.

I put in my AirPods and wrap my hands so I can murder the punching bag. I start off with some light punches, warming up my muscles and gradually putting more strength into my punches and soon enough I’m hitting the bag with brutal force, pretending it’s whoever is hurting my student.

Left jab, right jab, kick, kick, right jab, left jab, kick, kick.

I’m so lost in my punches and anger that I don’t notice someone come into the room until they’re grabbing my arm, which startles me and I whip around aiming my fist right for their face. I get them the cheek and then tackle them to the ground, pinning their arms down.

“WHAT THE FUCK ALESSA” my twin's loud voice breaks me from my rampage.

“You shouldn’t have fucking snuck up on me Enz, you know how I get” I scold, releasing him from my hold and taking out my earbuds.

“I didn’t think you’d punch the shit out of me” he groans, rubbing his cheek that will no doubt be sporting a nasty bruise later. I wince “what has got you so worked up?” he gives me a quizzical look.

“I fucking found out that one of my students is being abused today,” I say, the anger returning to my body.

I turn back around, continuing my punches and kicks as Enzo asks questions me after a few minutes of silence.

“WHAT, how did you find out?”

“All last week I’d been noticing bruises on her, her limping and wincing every so often or when she bumped into something so I confronted her after class and she told me.”

“Did she tell you who’s doing it?”

“No, but you better bet your ass I’m gonna find out and hurt them.”

“Alessandra, you know you can’t do that” Enzo chides, pissing me off even more.

I abruptly whip around, zooming over to him and getting in his face “watch me” I sneer before walking out of the room

I’m going do this no matter what he or Raff says and he knows it. No one deserves to feel like that, wondering why this person they love and care for is hurting them, I would know. I made a promise to myself that if I ever came across someone that was being hurt like I once was, I would make them feel three more times as pain and they were inflicting. And I will thoroughly enjoy it.

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