Opening Old Wounds

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Chapter 12

Alessandra’s POV

Turns out that the ground team was able to find evidence that should help us tremendously in the investigation. In one of the abandoned warehouses, there was evidence of people living in it and once investigated further we found some small amounts of blood and strands of hair that belonged to the kids that were taken. We have DNA for all of the kids taken which means more than likely they are still alive. We haven’t been able to find anything in the past week so it is a little concerning that we finally find something out of nowhere. Its almost as if the kidnapper wanted us to find it so Enzo, Maxon, Braydon and I are going to further investigate the building to see if forensics missed anything.

At the moment we are all at the house, getting ready to go investigate. I throw on some dark blue skinny jeans, a white fitted T-shirt, the same botties from earlier, and grab my black windbreaker with FBI in big bold letters on the back.

I head downstairs into the basement and the weapons room, finding everyone already there, decked out in their gear.

“Enz why the fuck are you wearing your bulletproof vest?” I chuckle, grabbing my SMG and favorite pistol and ammo for them.

“Why the fuck aren’t wearing yours?” he retorts as he checks his own guns.

I roll my eyes “Um because I hate those fuckers, you know I do.”

“You need to wear it, Alessandra” he thrusts my vest towards me, glaring.

“Eat my ass, Enz I’m not wearing it” I return his glair with one of my own.

We continue to glair at each other, having a silent conversation with our eyes.

Wear the fucking mask he glairs.

No, I scowl.

Why are you always such a stubborn bitch? he rolls his eyes, huffing.

“What are they doing?” I hear Bray whisper to Maxon.

“Their weird twin telepathy bullshit, it’s creepy as fuck isn’t it?” Max whispers back, snickering when I flip him off, knowing it annoys us when he says that.

Enzo finally looks away with a huff “fine don’t wear the stupid vest and get stabbed or shot, see if I care” he mutters sassily.

“Love you too Enz” I kiss his cheek.

Once we are all ready, we head outside and into my range rover and start driving to the warehouse.

After about forty minutes we pull onto a gravel road that goes on for about ten minutes until we find the abandoned building.

“Doesn’t look like anyone’s here” Bray observes as we exit the car.

“Just because it looks that way, doesn’t mean it is, they could’ve come back, so be on guard. We’ll go in together and then split off into two’s to cover more ground. Try not to make too much sound, if there are people here we don’t want to alert them yet” I say turning on my flashlight and walking towards the door.

As I open the door I’m hit with thick and musty air that smells of garbage and dirt.


At the front there is not much evidence that people were living here, it just looks like every abandoned warehouse but once we head in further it is a little more cleaned up with tables, some dirty mattresses, and chains on the walls.

Enzo and I decide to investigate the living area whilst Braydon and Max go an search the rest of the warehouse.

“It looks like they were kept here for a little while and were torturing them,” I say, inspecting the chains in the walls, they’re all rusty and some have blood on them.

Sick fucks.

“I agree, but why would they move them if we weren’t anywhere on their tracks?” Enz questions.

“To draw you here,” a voice that doesn’t belong to Max or Bray says from the depths of the dark.

Enzo and I whip around, drawing our guns.

“ah, ah, ah, I wouldn’t do that, we have you surrounded” the voice tsks, and soon about ten men come out of the dark with guns pointed at us.

HA, like that’s gonna stop me from murdering their asses.

“CANZONE MAX!” I yell, smirking at the men waiting for my cue to start beating ass.

Bad boys
Whatcha want, watcha want
Whatcha gonna do
When sheriff John Brown come for you

Tell me
Whatcha wanna do, whatcha gonna dooo

As soon as the song starts, I throw a knife into the legs of two of the guys and charge at them. I throw a powerful punch into the first guys' stomach, winding him, and whilst he recovers I clip guy two right in the temple with my fist, making him stumble and then slam the butt of my gun into his head, knocking him out cold.

One down, four to go.

Bad boys, bad boys
Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
When they come for you
Bad boys, bad boys
Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
When they come for you

Right as I finish off guy one Max and Braydon come around the corner, going to help Enzo with the rest of the people that have shown up.

Guy number three is putting up a pretty good fight; he’s obviously had good training. He swings at me and I flip back, throwing my leg out to dropkick him but he’s fast for such a muscular guy and catches my leg, slamming me down onto the hard ass concrete floor.

“Fuck” I groan, turning over when his foot comes down right where my head would’ve been, my body protesting with my fast movements.

I jump back up sneering and charge at him, making him slam into the ground. I straddle his hips and start ramming my fists into his decent looking face which won't be as decent looking once I'm done with him. I get a few good hits in before he manages to flip us around and starts throwing his fists right for my face. I throw my arms up in an X, protecting my face. He manages to clip me right on the cheek when I lower my one arm, tired of his shit, and grab my gun shooting him right in the shoulder and then wack him around the head to knock him out as well.

As soon as I get up hot pain ripples through my left shoulder making me hiss, I look down and see a nice bullet hole in my shoulder, gushing with blood. I spin around, pissed, and raise my gun with my left hand, shooting the guy who shot me right in the head, making blood splatter all over me.

“Everyone okay?” I ask once I finish off the last guy and walk over to Max, Enzo, and Braydon.

“I’m good.”

“I got stabbed in the leg but I’m fine.”

“I’m fine, how about you?” Enzo questions, concern flashing on his face as he approaches me and sees the blood staining through my white shirt.

“I got shot, but I’m good, I’ve had worse” I reply grimacing as I prod my shoulder.

He sighs “I told you to wear bulletproof gear but you never listen.”

“Shut up” I grumble, grabbing one of the guys and dragging him over to the chains, handcuffing him to it so if he wakes he doesn’t run.

Once all fourteen guys are either chained or handcuffed we serve the place for more people.

“What happened to the other guy?” I ask Enz, referring to the guy who told us they let themselves get found.

“Shit, he must’ve slipped out while we were fighting these guys” he points to the men we just fought.

About five minutes later Raff and other agents pull up with a squad bus for the guys we caught. After loading them all up, Max, Enzo, Bray and I head to my Range Rover and start heading to headquarters for medical attention.

As I watch the buildings speed by us I ponder why they wanted to draw us there.

Hii guys! I hope you liked this chap, I've never written a fight scene so make sure to comment letting me know if you liked it!


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