Opening Old Wounds

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Chapter 1

Words spoken in Italian will be translated at the bottom.

Alessandra’s POV

When Raff called me last Friday, I never expected it to be for help with an FBI investigation. Raffaele, Lorenzo, and I are all FBI agents, as were our parents. But they died on a mission while Enzo and I were in our last months of training.

Raff was in America 10 years ago when he met a nice American woman who stole his heart and decided to stay there once he learned that women who is now his wife was pregnant with his now 9-year-old son. When he discovered Maria was pregnant he transferred to a college in LA and trained to be an FBI agent.

My twin Enzo and I stayed in Italy and studied together in a college here and have now been FBI agents for almost 2 years now along with Maxon who has been my best friend since childhood.

"Madre?” my daughter’s sweet voice breaks me out of my thoughts.

“Yes, amore?”

"Ci siamo quasi?" I don’t blame her for asking, we’ve been flying for about 13 hours and she’s never been on a plane.

"Si bambina, we’re going to be landing in an hour. Why don’t you sleep and I’ll wake you when we land.” I scoop her up into my lap letting her get comfortable for a nap, stroking her dark hair.

the landing could not have come sooner. I carry Vivi in my arms as Enzo, Maxon, and I walk through the LA airport in search for my other brother after getting all of our luggage. All of our other stuff should be getting here tomorrow as we could not bring all of our stuff on the plane.

“Where the hell is he?” Enzo questions as he bulldozes through people, excited to see his older brother. I’m about to tell him to chill the fuck out when a tug on my hair diverts my attention, I look over into the eyes of my daughter as she gestures for me to put her down. Her big glacial blue eyes widen as she looks around as we step outside into the hot LA heat. Vivi has never been outside of Italy so I can imagine how exciting this all is for her.

Suddenly her eyes dart to the side and widen even more and she gets the most beautiful smile on her little face when she connects eyes with my older brother who is looking at his little niece lovingly.

"ZIO RAFF" Vivi screeches as her little legs take off towards her uncle. Raffaele lets out a loud bellowing laugh as he scoops up my daughter into his arms tickling her sides.

“Look at you Viviana, all grown up! What’s mommy been feeding you? you must be at LEAST 10 now” he teases her winking at me when he catches me mid eyeroll.

"ZIO R I’m 6!” she exclaims holding up 7 fingers whilst wiggling in his arms, wanting to be put down.

Enzo’s head snaps towards Raff’s voice so fast I’m surprised his neck doesn’t snap and he starts taking long meaning full strides towards out dear brother with Maxon and I following.

“I swear your brother gets even hotter every time I see him” Max whispers to me whilst he shamefully checks out Raff.

“Ew Max” I laugh. When we get to Raff, Enzo and him are in a hug that has been going on for about a whole minute. “Move it Enzo, it’s my turn,” I tell my twin shoving him out of the way and throwing my arms around Raff, very much in need of a big brother hug. Us three have always been close but ever since our parents passed we’re closer than ever.

“Alessa, look at you all grown up and beautiful,” Raff tells me as he holds my shoulders after out hug, getting a good look at me. “I can’t say the same for your Raffaele, age isn’t treating you well” I tease him knowing my older brother is very much handsome.

After Maxon goes in for a hug and takes his sweet time feeling all Raff’s muscles up whilst Raff himself looks creeped out, we head out to the parking out and pile into Raffaele’s big SUV and start heading towards where we’ll all be staying for our time here in LA so we can settle in.


After about an hour of driving and catching up in the car, we arrive at the beach house that Enzo and I bought for our time staying here in LA that was half furnished which was perfect for what I had planned. It’s a simple beach house with 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, a nice sized kitchen, a big living room, a laundry room, a dining room, and a huge entertainment area in the basement. it’s a perfect fit for all of us and once we head back to Italy Enzo and I plan to rent it out.

Vivi has never been to LA, so I decided to get a beach house so she could get the full LA experience, plus it’ll be nice to just go outside and into the water to cool off when the heat gets too much.

I already had some stuff from home sent here and I also bought stuff that I know everyone likes so the house has a more homey feel to it and we can get comfortable for however long we are staying here, also once the FBI investigation and all that is all over with Enzo and I plan to stay here in LA a little longer.

"Mamma perché abbiamo preso una nuova casa?” Vi aks, confused but curious about our new house.

"Vivremo qui mentre resteremo qui a Los Angeles baby, abbiamo ancora la nostra casa a Roma ma abbiamo anche questa casa qui." I smile at her, checking out the house myself. It doesn’t have much look to it on the outside, It’s a simple white house with a few palm trees, some bushes and flowers. Once we get inside and see the back porch that leads out to the ocean I know she will be ecstatic.

"Quindi, ho due case, e zio Enzo e zio Max vivranno anche con noi?" she replies excitedly, holding up two of her little fingers.

"Si baby, isn’t that cool?” I laugh.

Raffaele pulls up to the digital lock at the gate and as I finish punching in four-digit code the lock beeps and the gate opens up and we drive up the long driveway leading up to our new house.

As everyone gets out of the SUV and grabs their luggage, I grab Vivi’s hand and intertwine her little fingers with mine, leading her up to the door.

As I’m pulling the key out of my pocket Vi asks ”Mamma, posso farlo?"

"Si miele, you can do it” I smile, setting the key into her little hand. She clutches the end of it as she concentrates on getting the key lined up so she can insert it. For some reason, she takes joy in these little actions that we as adults overlook.

Vivi finally gets the key in she turns it, taking it out, and opening the doorknob and the door to our new temporary home.

The house is absolutely beautiful with high white walls and light wood floors that make it feel bright and open. It’s a totally different feel from our house back in Rome that has a more dark aesthetic to it. I pick Vi up into my arms when she makes grabby hands at me, and go through all the rooms with everyone following me. When we finish going through all the rooms downstairs and upstairs, I am pleasantly surprised to see that the workers set everything up the way I wanted.

Eventually, Raff tells us he has to leave and will see us tomorrow and Enzo and Maxon go to find their bedrooms and search the house more, I start making my way towards the back door goes to the back porch and patio that leads to our own little beach.

"Copriti gli occhi, ho qualcosa da mostrarti." I tell Vi right as I get to the door. She does as she’s told and I open the door, counting to three so Vivi knows when to uncover her eyes.

“Surprise!” I exclaim when she uncovers her eyes gasping with delight as she takes in the ocean that is crashing a few feet away from us. Vivi takes a few minutes taking everything in before she starts wiggling around in my arms wanting to be put down.

"Puoi andare a dare un’occhiata e giocare per qualche minuto e poi è ora di andare a letto, la mamma ha molto da fare domani, stai attento" I tell her, slowly walking behind her as she takes off running towards the ocean smiling so damn big, filling my heart with happiness.

“This house is beautiful sister, you did a wonderful job picking this,” Enzo tells me as I watch Vivi playing in the sand, probably looking for sells, she loves those things and has a whole collection of them back at home.

“I know, I’m awesome aren’t I?” I tease, giving him a smile but he sees right through my fake smile and facade that I’ve been putting on ever since I learned I would be coming back here.

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay here?” He asks, concern filtering his face.

“Of course I’m okay here, why wouldn’t I be?” I question keeping a light, carefree tone.

“I know it’s hard being back in LA after everything happened with Val” he replies giving me a look that says he sees right through my bullshit. I hesitate, Lorenzo and I share everything but I don’t want him worrying even more about me more than I know he’ll be.

Viviana saves me from having to reply and probably lie to my twin when she comes running over, covered in sand, and holding so many shells in her tiny hands that they’re falling everywhere.

"Mamma, zio En, guarda tutte le conchiglie che ho trovato!" she chirps, collapsing into her uncle’s lap, showing us all the shells she found.

As I watch her show us all them, happiness glowing on her face I think, I’ll have to be okay, for her. I love my daughter with all my life, she saved me and I would do anything for her.

Later that night after Vivi has showered and I’m putting her to bed she tells me that the house is beautiful and that she loves that we live right by the ocean.

“So you like it, baby?” I ask her.

“Yes momma, I love it here,” she tells me after I finish tucking her in and place a kiss on her little forehead. I’m glad she likes it here, I know it was hard for her to leave Rome and it’s important to me that she feels comfortable here.

As I head of her bedroom I can’t help but hope that he is still in prison and doesn’t somehow find out I’m back here in LA and discover that Viviana is his daughter because if he does, it won’t be good at all.

Hi guys! who do you think Val is and why is Alessandra so worried about him finding out shes back in the US?

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