When the Darkness Falls

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*There is swearing and content that might not be suitable for younger readers.* There was once a time where Immortals, Demons, and Mortals got along with each other peacefully and unprovoked by one another. But as time went on, tensions grew as the leaders of the three realms pushed boundaries and broke basic principles that were established by their ancestors until finally the last straw was drawn. The Realm War broke out and ended with a shady peace treaty and the title of being one of the most gruesome wars in all of history. But when a teenage Mortal unintentionally meets an Immortal, their "untimely" encounter will be more than what they perceived as an accident and instead change both of their lives forever. Secrets will be uncover, pasts will be revealed, and relationships are bound to be tested as Cacey embarks on an adventure to uncover the true darkness that's been lurking around while trying to stop a second war from ever reaching the light of day.

Action / Adventure
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I quickened my pace as I walked down the street and took out my phone. It was already getting pretty late and I knew my mom wouldn't be thrilled with me gone for too long. I had just finished hanging out with my friend where I lost track of time and left her house in a rush, and with all of the demon monsters said to be roaming, I'm not surprised my mom doesn't like me coming home late, even if it's only 8:30.

I've actually never seen a Demon or a demon monster before besides the ones in history books. I'd say the same for Immortals but from what I know, it's hard to tell an Immortal from a Mortal at the surface. I do however know that my school doesn't allow Immortal students so they test you every year to see if you any bit of immortality DNA. I took out my phone again and started dialing my brother's number since I was getting close to my house.

"Hey Lukas, is mom awake?"

"Hello to you too, Cacey," he said ignoring my question.

"Will you quit playing around and just answer the question."

"Yeah she's sleeping, you don't gotta sneak through your bedroom window again," Lukas replied.

"Good I'll see you in few."

"Alright, later," he said hanging up.

I headed straight towards my room when I got home before she could wake up and catch me sneaking in and be forced to hear the speech about demon monsters and how "being alone isn't safe" again. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand the dangers and risks of it all but at the same time, I wish she would have more trust in me. I also have a feeling that she's isn't this overly cautious just because she cares for my safety, but probably also because of my dad's disapperance when I was 7. All I know is that he was a journalist and him and his crew never returned back from one of his trips. This was 10 years ago and my mom is still turned up about it. I think I wouldn't have gotten over it either but I didn't really know him that much since he was always out on one of his trips. My mom refused to tell me any more details like where he went for example most likely because she doesn't want me to go and look for him or something. She still has hope that he's alive but I honestly don't think so, however I don't tell her that.

"Cacey!" My mom called urgently. I quickly stumbled out my bed and rushed down the hall to her.

"Yes mom what's wrong!" I said frantically.

"Don't forget to do the dishes before going to bed," she said calmly.

"Wait, what?" I asked while panting.

"The dishes, Cacey," she said.

"But you called my name like it was an emergency or if it was important."

"But the dishes are important," she said while smiling.

Wow. I started to slowly walk towards the kitchen with a frown on my face.

"Ha! You fell for that trick again?" Lukas said as he came out of his room and walked passed me. Before he was out of reached, I punched him in the arm.

"Ow! Mom, she hit me!," he whined like a child.

"You know that didn't hurt," I said rolling my eyes.

"How would you know, you weren't the one who got punched," he teased.

"Don't make me come over there and actually hurt you," I said smiling while raising a fist.

"You two, stop," mom said.

"Yeah Cacey. Don't you have dishes to be doing now?" Lukas said. I swear this boy can be childish at times.

"Hold on a second Lukas, you're going to help too."

"What?!" Lukas exclaimed.

"Ha," I said as I walked in the kitchen.

"If you eat in this house, then you have no excuse as to why you shouldn't be doing the dishes. And before any one of you adds on, I don't do them as often because I have a job that actually provides the food that you two devour. So you're welcome," she said finally.

"Thank you mom," me and Lukas said simuteanoulsy.

"You're welcome. Good night you two." We both said good night as she walked into her room. After she went into her room, I turned to look at Lukas.

"Okay Mr. Smart Pants, why don't we make a simple bet," I said smirking.

"That's your nickname for me?" He scoffed.

"Yeah since you are way smarter than you think. Hell, it took mom awhile for her to convince you to actually apply to college. It was either that or call you smartass and I don't think mom would allow me to call you that, so..." Lukas then fully turned around with his full attention on me with a smirk on his face

"What's the bet?" I said knowing already what he was thinking.

"I bet we can do the dishes and clean the tables and counters under 10 minutes," I said looking back at him. Lukas took a minute and looked at the kitchen before looking back at me.

"1,2,3 go!" He said before we quickly started to clean the kitchen before bed.

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