When the Darkness Falls

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When I woke up, the sunshine peeked through the shades and went straight for my eyes, forcing me to cover my head with my blanket. I blindly reached for my phone to check the time. 10:30am. Once I got out of bed, I quickly made it neater before heading to the bathroom. It was the beginning of summer and even though I was home schooled, I still thought that school was pretty boring. But despite me not liking school, I actually can't wait until next year because I'll be going into my sophomore year to a public school. And the main reason why I'm so excited is because I'll be attending the same school as my best friend, Jessica. I managed to persuade my mom that I should be going to public school instead because it's less work for her having to school me and knocking back her work hours.

When I got to the bathroom, I saw Lukas standing over the sink brushing his teeth.

"Make room," I said as he finished up.

"You know if you asked politely, I would've moved," he said nudging me in the arm.

"I'll try to remember next time," I said jokingly. "So did any colleges accept you yet."

"Actually I haven't applied to any."

"Why not?" I said.

"Because I need to get my high school transcripts and do an application essay and other shit. That and I have to change up my work schedules so it's going to take me some time. But mom thinks that I already did all of this."

"Oh," I said realizing how much stuff he needs to do. "Sounds like you're gonna be busy."

"Cacey! Lukas! Breakfast is ready!" mom yelled.

After a few more rounds of brushing my teeth, I rinsed and put up my toothbrush before heading to the kitchen.

Once I got a plate with a piece of toast and eggs, I sat down and started to eat. We talked about some stuff before finishing breakfast and going separate ways.

"Hey mom can I go out to Jess's today?" I asked her before she went to her room.

"Sure honey, but be careful," she said. I went to my room and changed into different clothes before heading out.


While on my way to my Jess's house, there was a loud shriek in the distance on my left. I stood still wondering whether I should run home or continue to Jess's. I think I should be fine. As I continued walking, each time the monster in the distance would shriek, it got louder. On a second thought, I rather be safe than sorry. I spun on my heels and started to walk in the direction of my house. All of a sudden, something flew right in front of me and collided with the brick wall on the left side of me. I coughed and tried fanning the wall dust away from my face so I could see what that was. When the dust finally cleared, I saw a man slouching up against it. What the hell!?

"Hey are you okay?" I said running over to him. When I got a closer look, I saw that he was light skinned with slightly curly, dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes.

"Sir, are you okay?" I said again assuming that he didn't hear me the first time. I was confused whether I should help him up.

"You need... to go," he strained to say as he got up on one knee. I was astonished to see that he was able to get up on his feet despite what just happened. I watched him as he stood up with one hand over the side with the most blood. With the other hand, he held up and pointed a gun at the monster that was now coming towards us.

"I suggest you back up," he said. I started to back up a couple of feet and probably would've ran home if I wasn't so curious to see what he was going to do.

The man let the demon monster come a little bit closer until firing his gun. He shot it a couple of times in what I assume is the head of the monster. Once the last shot was fired, the monster pratically exploded and splattered itself all over the place, including on me.

I looked down at myself and stared at the black blood-like substance that use to be the monster. Even if I wanted to scream, I couldn't because I was so stunned to the point I couldn't move. I watched the black remnants of the demon monster run off of everything in proximity and accumulate in a puddle and disappear, as if it evaporated into thin air.

"What. Just. Happened?" I said still pretty much stunned at what I just saw.

"You act like you never seen a demon monster before," the man said as he put his gun back into his belt full of gadgets. "Shit..." He said under his breath as he took a look at the damage the monster did to the left side of his torso.

"Jeez you probably should go to the hospital or something for that," I said looking at his beat up side.

"Uh, yeah you're probably right," he said. "but I have more important things to do."

"What's more important for you to go on like that?"

"My personal health can wait. Is your house that way by any chance?" He asked pointing in the direction the demon monster came from.

"Yeah, why?"

"The area your house is in is far from safe. You can't risk being out here any longer because demon monsters like the one you just saw me kill will easily end you. Anywhere between the end of that street and a couple of blocks that way is a danger zone." he said pointing to where I came from and the end of the street we were on. Well I guess I can't risk walking to my friends house either.

"Thanks but I think I'll get there before anything bad happens," I said as I started to walk away.

"You really think the odds are in your favor?" He called out to me. I stopped and spun in my heels to face him.

"Wow we just met and you seem to care about my well being more than I do," I said jokingly.

"That type of thinking is gonna get you killed, girl," he said as if he already told me. I rolled my eyes realizing that he might just have a point after all.

"Okay so if I can't risk going to my friend's house or my own home, then where?" I said throwing my hands up. He then stared at me for a couple of seconds before sighing.

"I don't get paid enough for this," he said under his breath as he reached into his pocket. In his hand was a small blue cube that radiated in blue light. On each side of the cube was a strange symbol that I've felt like I've seen before. He then threw the cube on the ground and a portal opened.

"What the... "

"You coming or not?" He asked halfway through the portal. Alright, so I either risk my life with an Immortal or risk my life with a demon monster.

Suddenly the roar of the demon monster sounded as if it was getting closer.

"I'd say you have all day to decide but you really don't," he said looking at me. I guess I don't have a choice...

I followed right behind the man into the portal. Once I stepped in, the portal closed up and I was in a house.

"Wait, where are we?" I asked.

"This is my place," he said turning to me. The house had a regular sized living room that was connected to a kitchen further back and a set of stairs. "You're gonna stay here until this demon situation blows over," he said.

"And how long will that be?"

"It could be awhile," he said as he unbuckled his arsenal of weapons from around his waist and took off his jacket, revealing tattoos all over his arms. My phone had started to ring and when I took it out of my pocket, I saw that it was my mom who was calling me.

"Hey mom," I said when I answered my phone. "Yeah, yeah I'm fine. Yeah so I heard. I'm staying at a... " I turned towards the man and we stared at each other for a second.

"I'm staying at a friend's house. I'll be fine," I said ending with an "I love you" before hanging up. I then looked up from my phone and at the boy again and we simultaneously sighed. I should've turned around and walked home when I had the chance...

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