When the Darkness Falls

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"I honestly can't wait for you to start attending Southmont High with me. You already missed so much," Jessica happily stated.

"Yeah I can already imagine all of the drama that probably went around."

"Well however much you're imagining is probably just the tip of it all," she joked.

"Anyways, you down for going on a walk, you know to catch up some more?" She asked rasing my suspicions.

"I'm confused, what's wrong with just catching up at the safety of my house? Plus, I literally just went out a couple of days ago."

"So? What's that suppose to mean?"

"Means I'm not due to leave my house for another 4 weeks," I said jokingly.

"Oh c'mon," Jess said rolling her eyes. "who knows, maybe something interesting would happen while we're out," she said trying to convince me.

"Aha, I knew you didn't just want to have a walk and to 'catch up'," I said busting her act.

"You got me," she said in a playful defense. "So is that a yes?"

I thought about it for a few seconds before giving my final verdict. "Fine, but we're stopping by Frosty's first so I can get a boba tea drink," I said as I gather my stuff to head out.

"And I suppose you want me to buy since I'm dragging you outside," Jess replied as she got up.

"Well since you're offering..." We both chuckled a little before leaving my house.

After stopping by Frosty's to get me and Jess's usuals, a plain taro boba for me and a strawberry boba for her, we started to walk around the neighborhood in high hopes to find "something interesting".

"Are you sure that nothing exciting or strange happened while we weren't together," Jess said before taking a sip of her boba tea.

"Like I said before, not really. I mean two days ago I..." I paused as I remembered that I shouldn't even tell Jess about my recent encounter.

"I saw a baby bird leave it's nest," I said hoping that she wouldn't catch my lie.

"So you're right, nothing at all."

"I tried telling you," I responded. As we were walking, we heard a low rumbling growl similar to what I heard on my way to Jess's house a couple of days ago.

"Another raid perhaps?" Jess said turning to me.

"Probably not. Didn't we just have one?" I said ignoring the sound.

"Expect the unexpected." I rolled my eyes at Jess's corny yet very true statement. "If it's just one or two, we should go check it out," Jess suggested.

"What kind of idea is that?" I asked turning around, just to see that she was already walking away from me towards the sound.

"We probably shouldn't run towards the sound of danger! I had enough run ins with demon monsters this week," I said the last sentence more to myself.

"C'mon it isn't far from here." I sighed before following Jess to wherever the sound came from. This is definitely a stupid idea.

We arrived at the spot where we heard the roar come from, but there wasn't any demon monsters in sight.

"We probably shouldn't be here," I reluctantly said.

"Don't act like you never wanted to see a demon up close before," Jess insisted.

"It's not acting..." We searched the unrecognizable area for the demon monster, but still no luck.

"C'mon let's go. There aren't any here," I said as I started to leave. Of course right as I said those words, the sound of a distressed demon monster was close by.

"Yeah we're not going just yet," Jess said following the sound. Really monster, you just had to do it didn't you?

Just around the corner, we found the source of the noise. This demon monster was huge but maybe not as big as the one I saw.

"What is it doing?" I asked squinting my eyes. It was pretty far from us and it's back was facing our way so it was really hard to make out what it was doing.

"I think it's fighting somebody," Jess responded.

"An Immortal Bounty Hunter?" I said remembering my encounter with the boy the other day.

"Whatever is happening, it's getting away. We need to get closer." Right before Jess can run off again, I quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"What is with you and trying to get yourself killed? We are not getting closer," I said trying to snap some sense into her.

"Cacey, it's being led out of town and it's focus obviously won't be on us if we were to get a little bit closer," she said. I looked back at the demon monster and even though it walking out of town was a little debatable, we were still at a pretty safe distance.

"Ugh I hate you so much," I said as she smiled at my failed attempt to not get persuaded by her.

"C'mon," Jess said ushering me to follow. When the demon monster stopped moving, we quickly hid behind a broken bench at a safe distance.

"This is so cool to see in person, right?" Jess eagerly said. "In a few seconds we can hurry up and leave, but I just really wanted to see this."

"Still have no idea why this kind of stuff interests you," I stated as we watched the demon monster wreck old buildings and cause havoc while stomping on worned down roads and cracked sidewalks.

"Okay, we can go now unless you want to watch until the end," Jess said as she stood up. I was going to agree to leave until something caught my attention.

We were just close enough to see that the demon monster was fighting someone, and the coincidence of who it was fighting couldn't have hit me any harder.

"Wait I think I know that guy," I responded pointing at the person brawling with the demon monster.

"What are the odds of that being true?" Jess said skeptically kneeling back down with me.

We both end up staying to see how the fight will end, Jess being more interested in the battle while my focus was just on the man. I watched him run on top of the demon monster fearlessly and giving swift blows to the head, causing it to cry out in pain as it flailed around trying to knock him off. It wasn't until the fight was officially ending when me and Jess decided it was best to back up as the demon monster fell lifeless right in front of us.

As the demon monster turned to black smoke and blew away into thin air, the only ones left were me, Jess, and the man just standing still, staring at each other.

"I can't believe I just witness that!" Jess said estatically while me and the mysterious boy stared at each other. He recognizes me for sure...

"Really, you again?" He finally said gesturing towards me. Without even looking I could tell that Jess's smile faded instantly.

"Wait, you actually know him?" Jess said turning to me.

"Umm, sort of..." I said unsure on how to answer that question. I wanted to tell her exactly what happened but the very person who specifically said not to is standing right in front of us.

"What are you guys doing here? Shouldn't you be inside somewhere?" He asked while putting his knife and gun back into his belt.

"We were just passing by and saw you fighting the demon monster. For what it's worth we thought you looked amazing out there," Jess responded. I gave her a stern look to show that she didn't need to say the last part, but she obviously didn't care. The man just looked at us both with such a blank expression.

"Uh, thanks?" He said not knowing how to respond back. "Well show's over so you guys can go now," the man said as he was about to walk away.

"Wait so we're just going to pretend that we didn't just encounter each other the other day!?" I called out really puzzled by the situation.

"Yeah, about the whole 'we already met' part," Jess stopped me as she turned my way.

"I'll inform you later."

"This was nothing more than just pure coincidence. Don't think too much into it," he said waving his hand in a dismissive way as he tried to walk away again.

"Not to bother you anymore but you also said if we were to meet again, you'll actually tell me your name."

"Yeah and I have some questions I would like to know as well since you're here," Jess interrupted. "Like for one, are you an Immortal by any chance? And if you are, do you know exactly how and why demons spawn here? And finally, how the hell do y'all know each other!?"

The boy sighed before giving his answers. "Yes I am Immortal. If you want to know more about demons, just look up DemonicSpawns.com. And at this point, your friend here can just inform you on how we know each other because I got shit to do, laters," he said giving the peace sign while walking away. He started to reach into his pocket and I realize he was about to grab a portal cube.

"Wait a second, don't act like you forgot to tell me your name," I called out. He threw the cube on the ground and on the other side of the portal was a place very unfamiliar to me, possibly another realm. Before stepping in he looked back at me.

"Raiden, alright?" Once he answered he stepped fully into the portal and it closed up behind him.

"Well, can't wait to go home and look that site up as you tell me how you two suddenly met," Jess said as she began to walk the other way.

"Yeah..." My mind was still pretty much focused on the boy, Raiden. Was it really just a coincidence that we crossed paths again and so soon?

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