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The front door suddenly flies open, and the minute Luka and Luke barged inside, Killian quickly seized both boys neck.

“It’s us.” Luke choked. Feeling as if his throat was being held between a vice grip.

“Where have you two been?” Killian released the twin.

“There was a very powerful witch here yesterday,” Luke answered a bit jittery. “She just barged in, blasting everyone. The others didn’t stand a chance against her.

“We got cold feet and mange to escape from her, but we were unable to leave town no matter how much we tried. So, we decide to stay in hiding. Away from this place.

“But then we felt that Riddian was in grave danger, and it was like we couldn’t stop ourselves from coming here to aid him.”

“Your sire has been kidnapped, and I’m leaving town to go find him.” Killian seemed composed, but his raging glowing red eyes and tightly clenched fist says otherwise. He was on the verge of blowing up. The boys shuddered sensing the silent yet deadly aura, emitting from him, slowly engulfing the room like poisonous gas. “Therefore, I need you two to stay out of sight while I’m away.

“There is a town called Saltiago. Go look for a witch name LeAnn. Tell her Riddian sent you. If she knew I am the one who sent you, she’ll probably kill you two in a heartbeat. So, it would be wise not to let her know.”

“We don’t know where this Saltiago is,” Luka stated tensely, feeling as if he was drowning at the bottom of the ocean in the stifling aura. “And beside we can’t leave town.”

“I’ve already broken my brother’s charmed that forces you to remain in Orphic Garden. I’ve also placed the direction for Saltiago Town into your mind. You two will head to Saltiago Town no detour. Do I make myself clear?” Killian’s tone was grim, and his eyes were now darker than a moonless night.

“Yes,” both boys jumped alarmed.

“Good.” Killian lightning bolt out the living room.

The twin exhaled a sigh of relief.

“He’s super scary.” Luka trembled, still a bit frightened by the wicked sensation of Killian’s aura that lingers. It was like hundreds of snakes slithering on his skull, licking his bones. “Let’s go to this Saltiago Town.”

Luke felt queasy in the stomach. Killian was gone and still he can’t shake this disgusting uneasy sensation. That’s how frightening Killian is, he reminded himself. “I’m not going to Saltiago Town.”

“You heard what Killian said,” Luka voice snapped Luke out of the daze. “We should head straight to Saltiago Town.”

“Forget Killian. We are not kids any more. We are able to make our own choices,” Luke sounded confident, but his expression was the opposite. He was extremely troubled about what might happen if he disobeyed Killian. Nothing good he thought.

“You should have said that before he left.”

“Don’t you want to see dad?” Luke’s became stern when he made eye contact with Luka. Thoughts of his dad made his fear for Killian subsided. “To see if he’s OK?”

“Yeah I do, but if Killian found out we didn’t go to Saltiago Town. He will kill us for sure.”

“Don’t be such a wimp Luka.” Luke masked a brave face. In less than a second, he took a trip to the kitchen, fetched two bottles of beer from the double door refrigerator and returned to the living room; confronting his brother. He handed one of the open beer bottles to his twin.

Riddian and Killian are not our parents, they can’t just tell us what to do,” Luke said after a moment of thought. “We will go to Cerebral City then Saltiago Town afterwards, without Killian even knowing.”

“Father despises vampires Luke,” Luka said, taking a sip from his beer bottle. “Do you think he will accept us now that we are the very monsters he hates?”

Luke thinks deeply about the question asked. For a moment, he was hesitant to go to see his father, but the happy memories of the past strengthened his resolve. “We are his sons. He has no other choice, but to accept us as we are.” At least he hoped so.

“OK I will go with you.”

“That’s the spirit.” Luke halved his beer in one drink. “Hah.

“I can never get tired of drinking these.” He addressed Luka with a smile, “Let’s go after we finish drinking.”

Luka nodded his approval.

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