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Spirit hunter

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Sora was an ordinary highschool student until a evil spirit enter in his body and now he must be killed by the spirit hunters otherwise he will turn into an evil spirit ..

Action / Romance
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preapare yoreself,now die"

sora;blood,i am bleeding,am i going to die like this,damn it,i have not finished that game yet..what the hell is the aouther thinking,its only the begening and i am going to die,if i die here what will happen to the rest of the story..ahh..this is so painful..so this is the end...

(what makes you a hero,is it power ? No,power dont make you hero,what makes you hero is resposibility..if you have power and dont have resposibility then you are more likely a villain..i dont want power,more power means more responsibility,and all i want is a normal life)

mom;sora,how long you planed to sleep,now get up or you will be late for school..

Sora:5 more munites

mom:get up already..(she wake him up forcefully,after getting up sora had his breakfast and leave for school)

my name is sora ...... I am an ordinary highschool student,i am bad at study,bad at sports and i am an otaku..sometime i fantacize to be an other person..yesterday was my birthday,no one celebrate my birthday,my mom and dad are too busy so they dont remember about my birthday,i am used to it..

Mizuki:hi sora..here its for you,sorry i could not give it on your birthday..

Sora: (did i said i had no friends,no,theres this girl,we ware in the same class sence last year,we are kindda friends) its the latest one,i really wanted this game,you really know what i need most,tnx mizuki..

Mizuki:i am glad you like it,lets go,we will be late..(they both went to school,it was april,cherry bloossoms were everywhere,students of the class were talking about verious kind of topics,when they came to school mizuki started to talk with her friends and sora took his seat behind the window,in school sora is allways quite,he dont talk much,and he always look outside the window,..the teacher came,homeroom has started..a new transfer student has joined the class today)

teach:be quite everyone,her name is haruna,she will be joining our class from today,be nice to her okey..(boys were too exited,she is so cute,she is like a idol..)

haruna:my name is haruna......,i came here for my dads job,its nice to meet you all..

Teach:haruna,now take a seat(she took an empty seat,her face look serious,she dont like to talk to others,after class some boys and girls tried to talk to her,but she ignored them..

Sora was sitting on his desk,mizuki came there,and started talking)

mizuki:whats with her,she is avoiding others,is not she kind of rude..

Sora:who,that new student..

Mizuki:something about her does not feels right,i think i saw her somewhere..

Sora:what do you mean?some dark energy or something,like in .....anime

mizuki:keep your fantacys into yourselves..

Sora:then what did you mean?

Mizuki:nothing really..(mizuki was wondering if she knew her,then the next class started,as usual,sora was not lissining to the class,he was looking out side the window)

teach:sora,now tell me the answer of this quistion..

Sora:sorry sir,i dont know .0

teach:you always look outside the window and dont listne to the class,your grades are too low,if you keep going like this you would be fail,you should be careful about your studies..

Sora: ok sir,i would be careful..

It always happens,i told you i am not good at study..

(gym class,all students are changed into theire gym cloths,haruna and mizuki also changed into there gym clothes,they took every boys attention,haruna is really good at sports,mizuki also,the boys devided into two groups for two of them,one of them to support haruna,one of them to support mizuki...sora was running in the last position of the team,he fell while jumping,and lots of stuf happend)

sora: (i told you before,i am not good at sports)

after school mizuki and sora was going home togather,haruna was standing up on the school roof watching them..

Mizuki:wanna stop by somewhare ?

Sora:no,i will go home,i will play that game you gave me..

Mizuki: ok then,bye,i will be hedding this way,i have to grab something..

Sora: ok then,see you tommorow..(sora came home)

sora:i am home,looks like mom has not came yet,ok then lets play the game..

(he started to play the game,it was a dating simulation,the heroins ware too cool,he was totally into it,after some time he fell bore and fell asleep)

that was a ordinary day of mine,i did not know what was going to happen to me..(mizuki was returning from market,suddenly haruna shown up)

haruna:why are you here?

Mizuki:what do you mean!

Haruna:why did you ran away,i want an honest answer?

Mizuki:i did not ran away..you are too much better than me..it will be better this way,now you dont have any rivals,and you are already mastered in your spirit power,so theres no need for me now..

Haruna:so thats why you leave without telling anyone,its true that i dont like you,i just hate you,you were always ahead of me but everytime you hold back and make fun of me...

Mizuki:i never had the intention to make fun of you..

Haruna:sut up,sut up,sut up..lets decide who is better right now..(she started attack mizuki,mizuki had no other choice to defend herself....

Haruna and mizuki are from omega Clan,all the member of the clan has the power to sommon a spirit,a beast,specialy dragons..they were protecting peoples from evil spirits,evil spirits attack humans and then they turn them into evil spirits then they start attack other humans,if a evil spirit attack a human theres no way to save him,he must have to be killed, haruna and mizuki were the successer candidate of the clan but when the time came to choose the successour mizuki left the clan without saing anyone...so haruna is mad at her)

(haruna usually use kitana,she can use water dragon spirit..and mizuki can use the power of a fire dragon,

they started fighting without any scound thought,they both are equally powerful..)


haruna:as i expected from you,you are strong..

Mizuki:you are also prity strong too(their fighting was as if two dragons are fighting..but suddenly the atmosphire started to change,the air become thick..

Mizuki:whats going on,somethings wrong,behind you..here it comes..

Haruna:got it,(an evil spirit was coming from harunas behind)..lets do it...

Mizuki: ok,for the last time..

Haruna:after dealing with that we have to continue our fight..

Mizuki:i dont have any intention to fight with you thats why i left..

(they started to fight with the spirit,but the spirit ran away,they chase that spirit..but the sprit disappeare..so they both left for the time being)

next day morning

mom:sora,get up,you are late..

Sora: (another ordinary day of my life,atlist i thought so until an evil spirit entered into my body..)(school has finished,that sprit from yesterday was around the school,haruna and mizuki was on the roof,fighting with the spirit..sora forgot something when he was ling on the roof in the afternoon,so he came to get that..and the spirit got him but he didnot realised anything,and he thought they are cosplaying)

sora:umm,are you two cosplaying,i did not know you two are into this kind of stuff..(scilance)well,i should go now..(he was about to left)

haruna:wait a munite..how did you came here,i remember i put a barrior on this place..

Sora:by the stares ofcource,i did not know that you two are otakus..wel,i am an otaku too..i am a big fan of naruto(scilance,he looked at the time)oh its late,i have to hurry otherwise i will miss tonights episode..(he left in a hurry)

(they both were confused,mizuki got a little worried)

mizuki:what are you planing to do with him?

Haruna:we have to kill him..

Mizuki:i am not letting you do that..

Haruna:he had to die,i know he is your friend but if we let him live he will kill others..

Mizuki:no,i cant let you kill him..

Haruna:try to understand,have you forgoten what happened to your brother back then..(mizukis brother was too weak to be a sprit worrior,when mizuki was just a kid a sprit got her brother and he gotten crazy..so he was killed..)

haruna:you dont wanna let anyone go throuh that,right..i know it hurts,but we have to..(mizuki did not said anything,she just remembered what happend back then..)

1am,sora was sleeping,he forgot to turn off his pc..haruna came in,she attacked him with her kitana..but somehow mizuki came in and blocked that,they started fighting..

Haruna:what are you doing,we have to kill him..

Mizuki:if he turn into a evil spirit,i will kill him..

Haruna:after 24 hours he would become one of them..we need to hurry..

(sora wake up from their noise,it took a while to fuigure out what is going on here)

sora:you two,what are you doing here?

Haruna:an evil spirit has posesed you,so after 24 houer you will become one of them..so we have to kill you..

Sora:dont you think its midnight..is this the time to kill someone..go to your home and sleep.. 4.0

mizuki:dont worry sora,i am not letting her kill you..

(he thought they are just wieared..harunas stomuc making weared noise )

sora:are you hungry?

Haruna:no, i am not hungry,(again that noice)

sora:i get it..(he bring some late night snacks) eat thes..

Haruna:thanks,but anyway you are going to die tommorow..

Sora: ok,i will see that..

Mizuki:sorry to make you truble at this late..

Sora:its ok..now go home,i have to go to washroom..

haruna: ok

(after some time,haruna and mizuki were sleeping in soras bed,sora came back from washroom..)

sora:why are you two still here..?

Mizuki:sorry its too late,we cant go home at this late..

Sora: ok then, i will sleep on sofa..goodnight.

(he left)

haruna:we have to keep close eye on him..

Mizuki:is not there anything we can do to save him,i dont want anyone to suffer..

Haruna:lagends says there was a lagendary dragon spirit called draganow,that sprit could heal anything..but years ago some spirit worriors tried to get that spirit power,there were 10 high leavel worriors but among them one of them betray the others and let that spirit escape..only draganow can heal him..but its only a leagend..no one know if its true or not..they say draganow sealed most of the evil spirits,thats why in this era there are only few left..

Mizuki:do you think we can save him ..

Haruna:i dont know..we have only few hours left..

Mizuki:you know,if i have enough power to protect everyone,i would try to make everyone happy..

Haruna:you are too nice to everyone..but this world is not that simple..

Mizuki:do you remember when we used to sleep toogether just like this..

Haruna:yeah,i do remember,its been 3 years..

Mizuki:yeah,3 years has been passed from then..ok.goodnight


(next day morning)

mom:sora,why are you sleeping here..

(he wake up and went to his room,the room was empty,they already left,then as usual he went to school,mizuki and haruna keep a close look on him and it makes all the boys jalous but sora did not not noticed that..nothing abnormal happend during the time,at last haruna called him on the roof after school..he thoght she wanted to confess or something..so he went to the roof after class..)

haruna: preapare yourself,i am gonna kill you..(she put a barriour,enhanced her kitana,and attack him,sora dodged the first one but the secound one hit his arm,he was bleeding)

sora:whats with you,it hurts,a lot,do you seriously wanna kill me that badly..

Haruna:sut up and die already(she keep attacking him..sora tryed to dodge,but he was not a mach for her..at tha time mizuki shown up and protected him)

sora:mizuki,whats going on here..

(haruna called her sprit dragon,and keep attacking,sora could not beleave what he was seeing..)

mizuki:hurry up and get out of here..i will protect you,now go..

Sora:thanks mizuki,but whats going on here..and what about you?

Mizuki:i will tell you later,go already... 5.0

(he was tring to escape ..and mizuki and haruna started fighting)

haruna:why are you protecting him..we dont have time left,he will turn into an evil spirit in any time,.

Mizuki:sorry,but i cant let my friend get killed..if you wanna kill him you have to defeat me first..

Haruna: okey then,i would not hold back..

(they started fighting,water dragon spirit and fire dragon spirit..they both have incridible power,it took a while but haruna defeated mizuki)

mizuki:sorry sora,plz forgive me..(mizuki was badly injured,and haruna chase sora,and she got him,sora was too much afraid that he was not able to move a single inch,thats the end...)(sora was acting weiard)

sora:damn it,hey..wait a munite,

dont kill him..please dont kill him..

"prepare yourself,now die"

sora:blood,i am bleeding,am i going to die like this,damn it,i have not finished the game yet,what the hell is the auther thinking,its only the begining and i am going to die,what will happen to the rest of the story if i die here..ahh..its so painful..i guess this is the end..

(scilance,the rain started..haruna was crying..she was suffering in her inside..after killing him she could not stop her tears..)

haruna: well this ends here(crying)

(all of a sudden the cloud become thicker,the aria become darker..one by one,all the evil spirits started to appear..soon the city covered with fog..evil spirits started attacking peoples,the whole thing locked like a nightmare to haruna and mizuki..

.omega Clan leader was watching the whole incident from a distent..)

clan leader: this is not good..

(mizuki came to haruna)

mizuki:whats happening ?

Haruna:i dont have any idea..(the spirits started attcking them and the were defending themselves..but the spirits became much powerful then before and there were so many,so they were no mach for them..they both got tired..)

mizuki:so thats how it ends..

Haruna:looks like it..i always wanted to become like you,i saw how serious you were back then..you gave me currage..so thanks..

(a gient sprit attack them,they thought they are dead..but the clan leader saved them..)

haruna:dad,whats going on..

Clan leader:looks like the seal has been broken..

Mizuki:but how,cant we do anything...

(the sprits were wondering everywhere..at this time a flash of light came from the sky and fell near them..they were wondering what happend..

A dragon..blazing with blue flames..flew into the sky...)

clan leader:draganow..

Mizuki:is that the lagendary spirit..

Haruna:what is he holding..

(draganow was healing sora)

sora: (he gain conciceness)whare am i?(he looked down)oh,i am flying..

Draganow:you awake,partner..

Sora: oh,its you..draganow..whats happening here..

Draganow:the seal has been broken..

Sora: oh,that stupid,i told her not to kill him..she broke the seal by killing him..

Draganow:you are the same him so dont act like you two are different person..

Sora:yeah,when i loose my memory..i act like an ordinary person..thats what i always wanted..to be a normal person.. 6.0

draganow:looks like you can never become an ordinary person..

Sora:this damn memory of mine..

Draganow:dont blame it,you did it to yourself..after seeling the spirits you did forgot everything to keep it safe..and you wanted to become an ordinary person after all..your cureent memory would not stay long..so lets seal them before they gone..

Sora:i dont have enough power to seal them..

Draganow:dont forget me,i am your partner afterall..

Sora:thanks draganow..

Draganow:but dont seal me this time..

Sora:sorry about last time,lets do this..

(they both use there power to seal the evil spirits,but it was not perfectly done,but everything became normal again,sora loose his memory again..and become an ordinary person again..and fell from the sky..and draganow cought him and bring him down)


(haruna could not face him after what she done..)

draganow:he will back to his normal self soon..take care of him..

Leader:so the lagends were true..so thats how it is...thanks you two..

(draganow flew into the sky,the clan leader also left,sora gain his concioce)

sora: (he wake up and look around)what happend here..why are you looking so happy..

Haruna: (she felt happy,but she did not express that)you are an idiot..

Mizuki:nothing happend..we are just happy you are back to normal..

(sora looked at his watch..)

sora: oh no..i will miss todays episode..bye you two..(he left in a hurry..mizuki and haruna were standing on the roof,watching the sunset..)

haruna:looks like we will be rivels..

Mizuki:what are you talking about ?

Haruna:you know...

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