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Prince Charming

Chapter 1

October 24th 2012

“You fucking bitch, open your fucking mouth again and I’ll kill you “Jason said, while he held Lanah close to his face by her hair. He then reached up with a clinched fist and smashed her in the face. Lanah screams out in pain and her lip begins to swell. She can taste blood dripping into her mouth.

However this only irritates Jason and he smashes her head against the wall .Lanah covers her head with her hand trying to protect herself from another blow. However this makes him infuriated ,he grips her Hair tighter and begins smashing her head against the wall again and again. you fucking whore “ he yells in her face .

“I’m sorry Jason I didn’t mean to upset you “ Lanah said in a fearful and broken voice .

“ I told you before keep quiet do as your told and I won’t have to beat you women “ Jason screamed , while punching her in the face forcing her to fall to her knees as she try’s to protect her face with both hands . blood was now gushing out of the open wound above her eye and was beginning to swell shut .but Jason brings his foot back and kicks her hard in the ribs. She lets out a painful cry . “Get this fucking mess cleaned up now you look a fucking state “he sneered as he went and sat on the sofa whilst lighting his joint . “make sure you do my fucking dinner cunt “Jason shouted as he took a swig of his beer and rested back on the couch .

Lanah felt light headed as if she was going to pass out however she managed with all her Strength to get up and head to the bathroom. As she opens the door she looks around and see her 3 babies standing there with fear in their eyes. Addison Mancini was her first born child and eldest daughter she was 8 and was trying to cradle her younger siblings. Joshua Mancini who was 6, was there only boy the 2nd child his father’s pride and joy. Then there was little princess Melanie Mancini she was only 3 years old and her brother and sister doted on her. It broke Lanah heart to see her children standing there sad and afraid she felt helpless and wanted to pick them up and run far away. Instead all she could say was “Go back to your rooms darlings mummy is fine and I will come and tuck you in and read you a bed time story in a little while ok , she said trying to reassure them. Once she enters the bathroom she broke down and cried. But not for long she stood up and straitened herself. After showering she fixed her wounds best she could. Once dressed she went into the kitchen and put the pot of stew that she had cooked earlier on a low heat. she went to clean the blood from the floor and walls in the sitting room. Once finished she went back to kitchen washed her hands and prepared her husband food. She then brought Jason food to him on a tray, so he could eat his food in front of the tv. She sat opposite him quietly waiting for him to finishes. Once he had finished she walked over to take his tray away, so she could wash them. But Jason had different plans. As she goes to take the tray he grabs hold of her hand. she looks at him with fear in her eyes as to what he will do next . Jason pushes the table out the way and grabs her buy the waist and pulls her to him. turning her around he pushes her face down on the sofa. He then climbs behind her and grips her by the hair with one hand and runs his other hand up her skirt pulling at her underwear until they fall to her knees. Jason starts pulling at his own trousers until he frees himself Exposing his manhood. With one hand he grabs on to her waist and enters himself inside her pounding away hard and rough. Jason was hurting her, but she knew better not to say anything ,so she just lays there quite hoping and praying he won’t beat her again .

She tries to hold back the tears ,She wants to scream get the fuck of me you dirty pig but she don’t, she won’t dare instead she lays quiet waiting for her ordeal to be over .

Once he had finished releasing himself inside her he got up pulled up he pants then leaned down and kissed her on the side of her head “I no that’s what you needed to baby “ he said as he walked of to shower and change .

When he left the room Lanah pulled up her underwear and started to cry with disgust .


She started gagging from the smell of weed and alcohol that lingered from his breath . She was beginning to rage with anger at the thought of the man she once loved turned out to be such a monster. The man who she gave 3 beutifull children to. The man she gave up her life for , gave all her Heart and soul and all he can do in return is abuse her . Man was an understatement A boy more like . She hated him no she detested him he was a animal .She couldn’t bear to hear him breath let alone have sex with him .She hated it every time he touched her he made her feel disgusting she detest him .

She snapped out of her thoughts when she heard footsteps coming down the hall. she dries the tears from her eyes and stands up as Jason enters the room. ”have you got any money I can borrow , I got some readys coming later will sort you out with a bit of dough babes so you can treat yourself and the kids” . he then leaned over clean shaven smelling of afther and kissed her on the check.

Lanah went to the kitchen where she had a £100.00 put away she took £50.00 from it and hid the rest. All I got is £50.00 quid she said as she entered the living room .” that’s all I got Jason” lanah said as he takes the money from her hand .

“Don’t worry babe I got money coming “he said as he took the money and kissed her on the lips as if nothing happened “love you baby girl don’t wait up for me “he said as he left . Lanah knew more then likely he wouldn’t come back depending on what little Trollope he picked up . In fact he cloud be gone a few nights . she had stopped caring where he spent his nights ,the jealously and love died a long time ago .She prayed he would fall in love with someone and leave her and the kids and never come back . but that never happened he always come back and she always felt disappointed when he did. When they first meet He was a Gentlman treated her like a lady made her feel special and loved. Now there was nothing left between them but emptiness and hate towards each other . She didn’t no how to get out of the situation she was in , she had no family ,no friends who could help . Jason was also a dangerous man who she feared . He knew a lot of bad people and she believed he would kill her if she tried to leave , so she just stayed hoping for a mirricle to happen . She knew she could never leave him she tried it once before . she began to think back in her life since she meet Jason Mancini .

Jason and Lanah meet on the 10th of June 2002 . She was 15 years old soon to be 16 In only a few months. Lanah and her 2 best friends from school . Sasha Fredricks who was 5”8with long Blond bobed length hair ,big brown eyes ,Oliver skinn , and bold full lips . Zandra alax was 5”9with dark brown natural tight curls , she had unique big feline eyes . one of which was a light green colour while the other was hazel . She had big pouted buetifull lips and she had coffee coloured complexion .Lanah was the shortest of the friends she was 5”7 and she had long jet black hair with natural soft curls big green eyes set with long dark eyelashes a button nose and full big lips set of with a dark olive complexion .they were all very beautiful in different ways each with there own vibrant personality’s . The 3 girls become friends in the first year in secondary school .

That night Lanah Sasha and zandra were at a house party . Lanah was thirsty and wanted a drink so the 3 girls walked through to the kitchen .When they entered the room , there was a group of boys standing by the drinks. the group of boys had stoped what they were doing and stood there drooling over the girls . Lanah cleared her throat “ may we get a drink please “she said to one of the boys who was standing in front of her .He was the best looking boy she had ever seen . Jason Mancini has just turned 17 he was a handsome young man . He had a dark olive complexion with black cropped hair .he had bold blue eyes which were like looking at the bottom of the ocean, set of with the longest blackest eyelashes she had ever seen . He also dressed in smart expensive clothes and smelt good , she thought to herself with a little smirk . Jason was staring strait at Lanah when she walked in to the room . He thought she was the most buetifull girl he had ever seen , he loved the way she dressed she was wearing a black pair of tight fitted jeans with a red tight fitted body suit , a half cut black jacket set of with matching red velvet stiletto shoes and bag. She dressed it up with large gold drop earrings and large gold bracelet . wow he thought to himself she was flawless .”what are you all standing there gawping for you heard the lady get them a drink will ya , where’s your fucking manners he said with a little smirk as he looked at his friends .


The boys gave Sasha and zandra a drink . Jason went over and passed Lanah a glass of Moët champagne “one drink for the buetifull lady “he said as he gave her the glass .”Thank you very much for the drink sir “ she said as she gave him a little curtsy . He found her funny and extremely buetifull he didn’t want to let her out of His sight . So what’s your name “ he asked with a shy smile . “Lanah , and yours she asked .My name is Jason beautiful Lanah . She looked up with a shy smile and blushed a little .they stood there talking and sipping on champagne for a some time when they decided to go to the living room . Music was playing and some people were dancing in the middle of the room . A song come on that Lanah liked “ tune “Lanah said as she headed towards the crowd .Jason followed behind her . I’m not always there on time but I gave you my all now baby be mine Ashanti was singing through the speakers .Jason and Lanah slipped in beat to the music ,every time she moved Jason moved in sync with her .It was like he could read her mind and know her every move she would make next . They danced the night away only stopping for drinks . The night soon come to an end Jason got a taxi to drop Lanah and her 2 friends off to make sure they got home safe . While they were waiting for the 7 seated taxi to arrive Jasons two friends joey and Ronnie where talking with zandra and Sasha . Jason and Lanah was standing a little way from them “I really had a good evening with you tonight Lanah and I hope I can see you again I think your beautiful and I want to get to know you better “ Jason said . She looked at him peeked him on his lips and said “I would like that to “. The cab had just arrived and the 3 girls and 3 boys got in there car . They dropped Lanah of at her house as the 3 girls was having a sleepover . The girls said thank you for the evening as they got out the car , Lanah turned round to say buy to Jason as she turned round jason was already getting out of the taxi . She stood there waiting for him to get out . “ goodnight beautiful “Jason said to Lanah as he reached into kiss her good night .She welcomed his kiss at first , but then got nervous and pulled away in a sheepish manner .she looked up to him still blushing and smiling shyly . Here I want you to take this “ he said as he handed her a cellphone “my number is already stored in there so we can contact each other “ Jason said . “You haven’t got to give me a phone I could call you from my mum house phone this is to expensive she said “trying to hand back the phone .”I no I don’t have to Lanah “he said laughing “but I really like you and want to stay in Contact with you and there is nothing wrong with a man who wants to spoil his women from time to time is there “he said as he pushed the phone back into her hands .”So does this mean I’m your girl then if I take this “she said jokingly .you already are my girl he said smiling as he leaned in to kiss her good night “ goodnight princess he whispered as they broke the kiss “ good night Jason thank you “ she said as she turned away and walked up her path to her front door where sassha and zandra were waiting for her . Larnah rings the doorbell and She looked back to give Jason a wave good night “good night thank you “she said as she disappears behind the door .

From that day Jason and Lanah were was 8am on Monday 10 of August 2009 Lanah had woken up to a load bang on there door when she managed to reach the hallway her Forster mum Linda was already at the door as Lanah got closer to see who was at the door Lanah could see a big silver glitter dress box with a big black bow . Another box wider and longer but same style , a gaint teddy bear with the words I love you 3 bottles of expensive perfume , a large coat bag , 2 big box chocolates and 1 big bouquet of 2 red roses with a large black bow and then another big bunch of colourful flowers with a lavender bow was there a bottle 1 chocolates where for her foster mum Linda Parker the card read “thank you Mrs Parker for allowing this “.

The other chocolates and red roses were for Lanah and it read “ I hope you like the gifts I sent you please wear what I chose for you and be ready at on the dot happy 2 months anniversary my beautiful Lanah love Jason “ the card had read . She looked at Linda “what do you think he has planed for me mama “ Lanah asked her foster mum Linda .

“I don’t no sweetheart you will have to wait and see for yourself but it looks like his gone to 4/14

lengths to give you a special night “ .

Thank you mama “ Lanah said as she turned and walked in her room bearing her gifts in her hands . great it 8.10 am and Jason weren’t picking her up until she was to excited to go back to sleep. she didn’t want to see the clothes Jason had brought her she left them in the boxes and the coat in the bag and put them on her bed . she didn’t want to look until she got ready , waiting only added to her excitement,she felt like a little kid on chirstmas eve . She knew she had to keep herself busy for the next 8 hrs .So first she texted Jason “ thank you for the lovely gifts I am super excited and can’t wait to see you later happy anniversary xxx”.she then rang sassah they spoke about here normal girly stuff makeup shopping extra and Jason of course the day passed slow by 4.30 pm she couldn’t wait no longer she was excited bored distracted nervous she had all types of emotions going on .

She first waxed any unwanted hair , then jumped in shower washed her hairier body and then rinsed of she then put her hair up and ran a bath and put bath oils in her bath she sat in the bath for at least about twenty minutes she then got out and rinsed herself under the shower then got out and use her expensive body lotion to rub on her skin and a separate one for her face she then went and dried her hair then she put it up in a poinytail then added fake hair and made a large big half bun she added a few rhinestones in her hair on the back of hair pin .she didn’t wear a lot of make she had already had her eyebrows threaded and eyelashes done and her nails so all she had to do was add lip gloss she put her both robe on as it was only 5 o’clock she went on Facebook for half hour looking at people post at 5.30 she thought it was time to see what she was wearing so opened the box carefully unwrapping the tissue paper gently she pulled out a beautiful black long halter neck dress at the front all covered from the neck down to the waist the it hangs lose from the hips down just past her knees the back was backless from the neck down to the bottom of her hips then loses fitted the rest of the way .

She wore black stiletto silk front and strap shoes with big and small rhinestone on a silver heel . A black silk bag with a silver and diamond stripe in the middle she couldn’t believe what he had brought her the dress bag and shoes were amazing she felt like a million dollars , she went to put in her Parada pink Purfume Jason had brought her . It was 5.50 pm Jason would be here in 10 mins she thought so she went over to the coat back and inside was a beautifully expensive black long faux fur coat she grabbed the coat and wrapped it around her it was so soft and warm .she grabbed her bag of the side and headed towards the front room to show Linda her foster mum “ hi mama how do I look “ she said as she opened the coat for Linda to see her dress . “Wow Lanah you look absolutely amazing I’m so proud of you you are truly beautiful and I’m truly blessed to have you in my life she said as she hugged Lanah who hugged her foster mother back just then the doorbell rang Lanah got up in a hurry to answer the door but before she could Linda stepped in front of her”no dear let me “ Linda said as she opened the door “hello Jason “Linda said

“Good evening Linda and thank you for trusting me to take Lanah out tonight I hope you have both had a good day“ Jason replied .

We did thank you Jason and thank you for the gift “ Linda replied as she opened the door to show Lanah standing there .

Jason stood there in shock out how incredible beautiful Lanah was his mouth was open but he could not say a word it was like his breath had been taken away for a few seconds pull yourself together man he said in his head “you look breathtaking he said as he handed her a single rose . “Thank you she said as she took the rose and smelt it . “And these are for you Linda “ Jason said handing over chocolates and a bottle of crestyle champagne for Linda . “Good taste Linda said when she see the name of the champagne. Lanah kisses her foster mum good night “ have a good night both of you “ Linda said .

Lanah and Jason walked hand in hand down the garden path to where a limo and chuffer was waiting for them . The chuffer opened the door Jason held Lanah hand and helped her inside the

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