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Mason Blackwell didn’t believe in love until he met his match. Ammi was everything to him, just as he was everything to her. It’s been a whole year when the death of Ammi Romi took place, Mason was slowly trying to move on from it. Until he got information for him to believe otherwise.

Action / Romance
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1 | Piano

Mason Blackwell

My fingers skimmed over the piano. The whiskey glass was on top of the ledge, with my ice slowly melting. That’s how long I’ve been sitting here, staring at the god forsaken piano.

Pressing down onto a key, the sound echoed throughout the house. I slowly placed my other hand on top of the keys, pressing down even more softly, making my skin crawl.

I haven’t touched a piano in years, when my father smashed mine into shreds. He didn’t want me obsessing over something so stupid, so pointless that could distract me from my duty’s in the Mafia.

Mathew would always sit in the corner, reading a book and listen to me play when our father was out on a business trip. Mom would bake us homemade cookies before sitting on the couch and watch me play with tears pricking her eyes.

My family was a mess, but when we came together without father, we looked like a happy family.

“Mason, hurry up and go upstairs!” Mathew ran into the living-room. “Dad pulled in and he looks furious!”

Mom walked around the corner holding her now red cheek. She gave us a small smile, ushering me to move away from the piano.

“What the hell is this.” Dad stared at us before glaring down at me. “Was you on that piano?”

I gulped. “N-No sir,”

He glared daggers at me before grabbing onto my upper arm and started dragging me towards the basement. My mother screamed for him to let me go, but he wouldn’t listen, he never did.

“Dad!” Mathew called out. “It was me, I was on the piano.”

Father froze before releasing me from his grip. He pushed me onto the floor before walking towards him. Mathew didn’t dare look away from me as dad dragged him down into the basement.

Mom cried out as she crawled towards me and cradled me into her arms. We sat there for hours as we heard the torching screams from my brother echoing the entire house.

As soon as the screams stopped, mom was quick to stand up and pull me with her. The door slammed open and dad walked out with a broken Mathew.

He shoved him onto the floor before walking towards me. “That piano will be gone tonight. Next time your brother takes up for you, you’ll both be in the basement.”

Dad turned towards mom. “Lock them in their room before coming to ours, I’ve had a long day and need a stress relief.”

She visibly gulped as she walked towards Mathew and carefully helped him up. He winced at every step we took up the stairs, blood was pouring out of his clothes and stained ours as we continued helping him into our room.

As soon as mother left us alone, I quickly grabbed a rag and wiped away the blood.

Mathew gave me a weak grin. “Listen kid, don’t give up on your dreams. . . And don’t turn into a monster like him.”

That was last memory Ive had with my brother before he was dragged out of the room and a gunshot was heard.

“Baby, come back to bed.” Brentney walked into the living room, wearing nothing but a white sheet wrapped around her.

Her arms wrapped around my neck as she placed a small kiss onto my neck. “It’s getting pretty lonely without you...”

My hands dropped from the piano, making the room go silent from the music. I grabbed the whiskey glass and chugged the rest of the liquor before spinning around on my chair and gripped her thighs.

She smirked down at me as she grabbed my hand and began walking us towards my bedroom. Once inside, she dropped the sheet and slowly began crawling backwards onto the bed, with her legs spread out.

I took my boxers off and stared down at her. “Remember the rules, or you’ll be punished.”

She replaced her smirk with a fake smile. I wrapped her legs around my waist and adjusted myself against her entrance.

“I love you Ammi.”

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