Sad Wolf

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About a Wolf that had a hard life That become successful (: Enjoy! And then lost his dreams

Action / Fantasy
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The wolfs Journey of death in glory

One day! a Sad little wolf named Shadow he live in a beautiful world with his family in a Little world but beautiful! But one day! His Family and friends has past away from a war and they died by bombs and nukes and he survived by getting away from his home and finding a cave with water, food etc 11 years later everything has cleared up From the nuclear bombs so the poor wolf Lived on his own every night Night in Darkwoods Alone Scary woods and All the nights he had to go through rain and get rain on and thunder stroms and chaos so one day there was a hurricane and it started to come in he didn't know for sure so he waited and there was a tornado so he ran with his 4 feet to his Cave And then he waited about 10 hours so then one day there where some Evil cave miners and he didn't know what to do because they were tryna take over his Cave so he had to leave! So he lost his home again had no one he was basically a lonewolf at that point so he one day was walking though a beautiful land and woods on a beautiful day with the sun and sunlight shineing though the trees and one day he was walking he ran into a another wolf and he kind knock down the other wolf but he help the wolf up and then they met and he told the wolf about his life what he had even know he didn't wanna to because he thought they would just be rude or igorne him so they were a her, she really like him and he really like her, She was very kind and sweet and caring so then he ask her what is your name She said sky is my name what is yours Shadow he said so Shadow and her got along pretty good and she went back off and he went back home and one day Sky sneak off to go to shadows House and it was around 12:00am and then they Went out on date and they kiss for the first time and then hangout that night she even stay with Shadow for the rest of the night they sleep and cuddle together, she sneak back to her house around 4am she was very tired so then she got home quietly didn't get caught luckly and went back to bed and sky parents didn't know Shadow at all and sky parents did want sky dateing any boys at the time so she would got in big trouble!

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