Sad Wolf

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Successful Dreams to dead Dreams

1 month later Shadow at his Home Shadow starts to Here Woof Screams He Run Fast!! to look around and there was a bear at sky's house he Runs fast She about to get bit by the bear so Shadow Hurrys and Jumps in front of the bears mouth and gets bit and he saids run Sky go to my home go! the bear tries to go for sky so he Bites the bear and A Strom comes in He bites the bear again, the bear takes his claw and hits him and he passes out the bear bites Shadow and Carry's him out in the woods then the bear walks off somewhere else 7 hours later the bears gone then shadow wakes up and then Goes back tells what happen to sky sky saids are you okay!!! Yes shadows said I'm just glad your okay! Shadows said so that why I basically kinda took a bullet for you but a bear mouth sky saids AWWW thanks sky hugs Shadow sky saids I love you my love and Shadows saids love you to in till sky mom and dad comes over and grabs sky and pulls her away!! Saying STAY!!! AWAY from my daughter!! I don't want you by her ever Again then later that night Shadow Cried and Was alone again because he really loved her he wanna be with her for infinity life but Then later on that night around 11:00pm sky goes to shadows House and wakes him up and Shadow like Hello my love are we still in love sky saids yes omg are you okay!!! Shadow saids Yes I'm fine! No worries sky saids omg are you sure!! Shadow Saids I'm sorry but no I was worried because me and you was such a great couple and now it's ruined Sky saids AWWW don't be sad it's okay I make this work shadow saids sky! Listen I love you I don't know if I want this to go any farther but I love you because I don't want you hurt or getting in trouble because I love you!!! For an infinity sky cries saids but.. but.. I love you ): shadows said alright then I you can stay but.. sky! Please be safe and take good care try to not get caught please I don't want you hurt or in trouble! Sky saids okay! Babe i try love you! I see you tommorow!! Shadows said stay safe I love you for an infinity bye!

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