Sad Wolf

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Sadness Dead Dreams..

Shadow... Wakes up that morning to here in running in the woods loud crying Screams attacks RUNS!! FAST Sees the that bear again the bear runs off and and sky's parents aren't there the house is Destoryed and Then a thunder Strom comes. In raining and he starts walking over there Sees a dead wolf first thing comes up in shadows mind is omg please don't tell me that's Sky Please he cant really see it shadow in his mind saying please don't be sky dead please so he walks to the dead wolf and.... Shadow breaks down starts to cry and saying whyyyy Sky!! Whyyy and cries saying I never forget you and saying omgg this is all my fault I was sleeping I would of save you but this is all my fault I really wish I was there for you why did you go that night I wish you would of stayed with me shadow cries saying I hate myself!!! Shadow saids I NEVER for get you sky you always be remembered till the end I see you in heaven sky's parents shows up sees Shadow crying They say this is all the fault worthless loser!!! Cries LEAVE!!! NOW loser shadow cries and runs off and says I'm sorry I loved her you didn't understand me her we're together I'm sorry parents say ohh I'm sorry and then shadow goes back and then a white wolf ghost in the sky which is sky and says I love you shadow I always be watching over you to make sure your safe! (: (The End guys I hope you enjoy!! This was a very sad story I almost cried making it so Please like If you enjoy! love you bye (:

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