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Why didn't you tell me

I quickly grabbed Mattia’s hand and teleported us to the squad house.

When we got there everyone came asking questions then Alvaro came splitting through the group

“What’s going on?”

“You know the scientist that took us? Well he knocked on my door and I panicked and teleported here” I said as I started to cry

“I can’t go back there.” Alvaro hugged me before letting go

“Why is he here?” I knew he was talking about Mattia.

“We were hanging out when it happened” I said already knowing he was fed up but not enough to pull me into his office.

“Why were you hanging with him?” He said in a deep dark tone

“I can’t hang with different people now? Plus you know I don’t pick sides especially against our own people” I said slightly raising my voice.

Before Alvaro even said anything he looked at me confused and I noticed “What are you confused about?”

“Are you saying Mattia is one of us?” He answered my question with another question

“Yes, but-”

“Why didn’t he or anyone else tell me?” I shrugged my shoulders.

Me and Alvaro went to the living room and Alvaro went straight to Mattia asking if they could talk.
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