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Dramas attraction

When I got to the principal office I got my schedule and I went to my first block which was science and when I walked in I saw Mattia and sat by him as the teacher came in.

While we were taking notes I felt a hand on my thigh I looked to the side to see Mattia smirking while writing and I didn’t mind but later on he kept moving his hand up and before he touched my spot I grabbed his hand and threw it on the table.

I whispered “Stop your gonna get us in trouble” he then frowned

“Why can’t I?” when he said that I shook my head

“You sound so stupid right now and plus we just just met” I said as he slapped my thigh hard making everyone look back at us.

“Is something wrong back there?” the teacher said I tried not to make it obvious that it didn’t hurt making me not want to answer so Mattia did.

“No miss” he said acting nice

“Ok then” she said turning back around teaching the lesson.

When class was done I was about to walk out but Mattia whispered “Don’t ever disrespect me” before walking off to next class

I was walking to 2nd block and thankfully Mattia wasn’t in this class.

I sat at a table and saw this guy punching a boy he came over to my table and sat by me “What up newbe” he said pushing me softly

“Nothin much I only made one friend” I said writing down the notes “Make that two and by the way my names Alejandro but you can call me Ale” he said as he put his hand out and I shook it then 3 girls came up to us.

“Oh I see newbe found room with the geeks” One girls said and let me tell you she didn’t look right.

“I know I just came here but you love being a slut” I said making the classmates laugh

“You’ll regret ever saying that” she said

“I won’t regret anything sweaty” I said as I made one of her little minions pull her hair and they went somewhere else fighting.

When class was over Alejandro pulled me to the side

“Bro do you know who she is? ” he said

“I just came here of course I don’t know her” I said

“She can do really big things to ruin your life” he said crossing his arms while leaning against the wall.

“Has she ruined your life? ” I asked confused

“No but I heard last year-” I cut him off

“Ya last year in which past tense” he scoffed and walked me to lunch I sat where Mattia sat and Alejandro sat with us.

Me and Mattia were goofing around with his friends until this girl came and sat on the other side of Mattia, I was keeping calm until the girl and Mattia was kissing.

I was getting disgusted I looked at my phone “oh god,” I said getting up and before I walked away

“I have to go” I said then walked away and went to the bathroom feeling like throwing up.

When I came back it was time for last block so I went to my locker then walked to class but I got pulled to the side just to see Mattia.

He looked worried

“We need to hurry” he said grabbing my wrist and started running to class while dragging me behind him and we got to class early so I sat at my desk.

“Why’d yo fast ass pull me in here? ” I said looking at him confused

“I have my own problems to you know” He said still breathin hard as fuck

“I know and you blockin’ my fuckin question” I said gettin mad

“Fine I think they here to come for me” He said closing all the windows

“Who’s ‘they’” I said flicking my wrist

“Look imma blood and I think the crips are here to get me” He said while finishing then he grabbed my hands

“I don’t want you to get hurt” He said and I took my hands away from him

“Are you serious?!You think I can’t handle myself or that I can’t control my powers!” I said now out of my chair yelling at him but he stopped me by kissing me but I immediately pushed back.

“Get the fuck off me” I said as he stepped back a little but he was still holding my waist

“Why?” he said getting closer trying to kiss my neck but I dodged

“You kissed some chick and she could have a disease and if you want to kiss someone go kiss her whicho horny ass” I said walking sitting back down as the class walked in.

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