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Mini Fight

Y/n P.O.V

When class was over I stepped out the classroom only to be pulled by my hair leading me to the ground.

“I suggest you stay away from Mattia or else” I heard as the person was still holding my hair.

I knew it was a girl and I started daydreaming who it could be until I got snapped out of it.

“Do you understand?!” she said raising her voice I really didn’t want to use my powers but I had to.

I paused time but she was still moving.

'Fuck' I said in my head.

“I knew you had powers” she said as I grabbed her wrist squeezing it and she started whining until I saw Mattia in the corner of my eye.

Mattia grabbed me and pushed me against the lockers “What the hell are you doing hurting my girl?!” he said grabbing my wrist

“Well yo girl grabbed my hair talkin bout some ‘stay away from Mattia so back off' and if it wasn’t for you I would’ve beat her ass” I said as I looked at her to see her smirking

“Fuck you smirking for” I said as Mattia turned around and her smirk went down making Mattia turn to me looking mad

“Leave her alone cause if you don’t you’ll regret it” He said to me as I looked down

“We can still be friends but that’s if you're nice to Cynthia...ok” he said grabbing Cynthia by the waist then he looked at me and I shook my head no

“Nah bru I’m good she don’t like me anyway” I said walking off as I unpaused time people looked confused.

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