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(After School) I was walking home “Ayo 8” somebody said as I turned around to see Alvaro running up to me then he hugged me and I smiled.

“I heard what happened, bro you still friends wit that dude” he said as I looked at him with the ‘you know damn well’ face he nodded his head

“Well can I show you some of my friends” Alvaro said and I nodded my head yes

When me and Alvaro got to my house I put my bookbag down and changed clothes then me and him stated walking to someplace since his car was getting repainted and mine was getting repaired.

I was getting tired and Alvaro saw that so he got on one knee and I got on his back and fell asleep.

I woke up on a bed and I noticed I was wearing one of Alvaro’s shirt and Alvaro came through the door

“Well your awake” he said with a smirk

“Yeah now where the hell am I” I said getting a little annoyed as he just laughed

“Your at the squad house so don’t worry” he said helping me from out of bed

“Well then take me to them” I said putting on my socks.

When we got downstairs I saw all these people including Alejandro so I hugged him

“I knew there was something with you” he said

“What?” I said pulling back confused

“Y/n all these people have powers” Alvaro said and I nodded my head

“Oh well then I sure am” I said jumping around with Alejandro

Later Alvaro took me home and I went to sleep.

𝙉𝙚𝙭𝙩 𝙙𝙖𝙮

I went to school making my way to first block with Alvaro.

When I walked in I felt Matta’s eyes on me so I sat away from him but I still felt like his eyes were on me.

When class was over I made my way to my next class until I was stopped by Mattia.

I was confused but not surprised

“What do you want?” I asked rolling my eyes

“I wanted to know why the fuck are you with Alvaro?,” He looked pissed off about him

“Well that’s my friend-”

“and that’s my enemy.” He then walked off

“That nigga really pressed about Aloe” I said under my breath.

The school day ended and it was Friday so I went to Alvaro’s trap and sat on the couch waiting for Alvaro.

He finally came into the house and I was quick to hop up and talk to him.

“Hey um Aloe can we talk in private?” I asked as he looked at me nervously

“Yeah right this way” He said leading me into his office closing the door.

“What do you want to talk about?” He asked

“I wanted to know what’s the problem between you and Mattia?” I said looking at him leaning against the door.

He sighed, moving to his work chair

“Why are you asking?” I stayed silent for a while

“He seemed pretty mad when he saw us together and he called you his enemy. I just wanted to know-”

“There’s nothing going on between us that should concern you” I got an attitude so I zapped him with electricity but it didn’t hurt him like I wanted it to.

He zapped me back making me fall

“Hey! Not fair” I say with a giggle trying to lighten the tension which worked

“You know I don’t like being zapped. That shit hurts.” He said smiling soon helping me off the floor.

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