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Kitty fight

Soon we were chilling on the couch with the rest of the people I got to know, which made me feel more comfortable.

I started to walk home but I felt someone or something breathing on the back of my neck making me quickly turn around just to come in contact with a fireball making me fly onto my lawn.

I quickly got into combat and threw a little tornado towards them making their head hit the electric pole.

I ran up to them kicking their stomach to make sure the person was down so I could get a good look at him/her. When I turned the body around I wasn’t surprised to see Cynthia.

I quickly took a video of her in front of my house then I made her vanish probably in a forest or something.

When I got into my house I sent the video to Mattia telling him to get his girl then I texted Alejandro asking if he could stay the night at mine and luckily he said yes.

We stayed up for a little then went to sleep after realizing that tomorrow we have school.

(Next Day)

Me and Ale woke up and got ready for school then headed on our way.

Once we got there we went to our lockers then went to class.

I went to my desk and sat down getting my stuff out to start the lesson when I felt someone take their seat harshly which bothered me until I saw who it was.

It was Mattia he looked bothered by something and his energy seemed off so I decided to speak up.

“Hey Tia you good?” I asked putting my hand on his shoulder, which he looked at making him calm down a little

“Not really after I saw that video you sent me,” He said as his face frowned up a little

“It makes me question why she was there if you never bothered her or me after that whole fight, and I’m sorry for that by the way.” He said taking deep breaths in between.

I smiled at the fact he even said sorry which surprised me, but I wanted to play it cool

“I forgive you just don’t do it again or imma leave you for good next time” I said with a chuckle making him giggle as the teacher walked in.

Later in the day me and Mattia made plans to get out and eat which seemed like a date to me but I didn’t want to make it a huge deal.

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