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After school we got some McDonalds and sat in the parking spot

eating while talking then we drove to a lake and it felt like the right time to talk about what I’ve been wanting to after the whole Alvaro situation.

I took a good look at Mattia with his feet in the lake

“Tia can you tell me about the whole reason you and Alvaro are fighting” I asked playing with my fingers as I heard him huff

“You really want to know?,” he asked as I nodded my head yes

“Okay our grandads were friends back in the day, but one day his grandad killed my grandad’s wife and the fought ever since then whether it was over something stupid or serious” He said rubbing his eye

“Why don’t you and Aloe break the chain and get along for a change, or do you have a problem with him” I said throwing a rock in the lake making it skip

“I never had a problem with him and I think we would be cool, I just think I got caught up in keeping the war going.” I was about to say something but then we heard someone

“Hey! The lakes closed and you guys are trespassing!”

We looked at eachother grabbing our shoes and running as fast as we could, throwing our shoes over the fence before jumping over it.

As we ran I looked behind me to see the cop coming so I used my powers making his pants fall to his ankles which the cop tripped falling face first in the concrete.

We got to the car safely and Mattia took off in the direction of my house, and once we got there we looked at each other slowly then started bursting in laughter.

We calmed down then I got out of the car, but before I closed the car door I turned around

“Thank you.” I said

“Your welcome.” He said smiling

I felt bold enough to kiss his cheek, closing the door behind me, then walking to my house closing the door as I heard his car take off.

I took my shoes off and walked to my bedroom going to sleep.

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