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(Next Day)

I woke up, got ready for another day of school, then headed there.

When I walked in Mattia and Alejandro instantly ran up to me and pulled me to the side

“What the fuck were you thinking?” Mattia said yelling quietly,

“What are you talking about?” I asked and Alejandro pulled out his phone showing me the video of me and Cynthia fighting, making me panic

“Send that video to me” I said looking at the students who looked at me in awe cause they knew I had powers and the lab could come find me in any minute.

I quickly found Cynthia pulling her to the girls bathroom locking the main door.

She quickly took my hand off her shirt

“What the fuck are you do-”

“We have to lie about the video that got leaked” I said cutting her off

“What video?” I showed her and she started pacing around the bathroom

“Fuck” I heard her whisper she then stopped paccing and looked at me

“I don’t like you but we have to agree on this labs are probably coming for us as we speak.” She said

“Calm down we’ll just say it’s special effects and the video looks blurry so it doesn’t look that clear for the powers to be coming from us” I said calming her down as she agreed.

As she was about to leave I stopped her

“Before you go, take these so when the scientist come and does a super ability check you pass,” I said giving her three pills

“How long will my powers rest for?”

“About 2 hours.” She took them and washed them down with water, so did I.

When we went to our first blocks waiting to get checked, and we didn’t have to wait long before I got called to the front office.

When I walked in I saw a scientist luckily who didn’t know me.

Me and Cynthia looked at each other as they took us into a different room and we talked to different people.

They tested us and mine came in negative like always when I take those pills.

I walked out of the office, going back to my class when I got stopped by Cynthia

“Thank you” She then gave me an unexpected hug

“Your welcome, and if you ever need the pills just call me” I said as we gave each other our numbers.

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