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The school day ended and I went to my car about to drive off but Mattia knocked on the window so I rolled it down.

"Yes Mattia" I said exaggerating

"Can I come with you?" He asked with puppy eyes

"I'm just going home"

"Well I want to come with" I rolled my eyes

"Fine" He got all happy while getting in.

When we got there I threw my keys on the counter and went to my bedroom with Mattia following behind me

"Um make yourself at home while I go change" I said as he went downstairs doing whatever.

I took a shower and wrapped myself in a towel and went to my room to get clothes.

When I walked in I saw Mattia on my bed on his phone

"Why are you in my room?" I asked still getting my clothes

"Downstairs was boring so I came up here" I huffed at his response and headed back to the bathroom with the clothes.

When I came out the bathroom Mattia wasn't there anymore so I went downstairs looking for him.

He was in my refrigerator I guess making cereal because of the bowl on the counter.

"What are you looking for?" I asked sitting on the counter watching rummage through my fridge

"I got the milk but where's the cereal." He said closing my fridge placing the milk next to the bowl so he could stand in between my legs.

He started to stare at me as he slowly creeped his hands on my thighs, making me uncomfortable because we just became friends.
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