Hell's Mafia Rescue

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Kenzi Fairchild, a 21 year old living with her abusive brother runs from one danger to another. The Hell's Mafia! Will she be saved or End up dead? Will she fit in or become an outcast once again?

Action / Romance
Holly Thompson
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Chapter 1

Kenzi Fairchild's P.O.V
My Name is Kenzi Fairchild I'm 21 years old. My parents were killed when I was 15, my brother Jason took me in! Jason has become mentally and physically abusive to me over the last few years.
It's Monday morning and it's my first day of college I tried to get a dorm but my brother was not going to let that happen. So i'll be commuting back and fourth.
Suddenly there's banging on my bedroom door. I open the door I'm up damn.
Dont't you talk to me like that you ungrateful bitch (Smack) he hits me right in the face.
(I hold my face crying) Sorry! I've got to get going or i'll be late on my first day of college.
Jason just stands in my door way blocking me. You better bring your fat ass home right after school understand?
Yeah Jason I understand. He finally moves and I leave my house and head out the door. My car is ugly but it's all i could afford, my brother makes me pay rent plus takes any money i make at work! I have just enough every month to pay for gas and car insurance.
Im finally at college walking in and im so excited, that is until I see the popular rich mean girls staring at me!
O my god she's a cow haha ( Makes Moo Sound towards me)
O my god you just moo'ed at her haha ( The other mean girl)
I just keep walking ignoring them! This is the one place I don't won't any freaking trouble! It's like the one place i can go to escape being abused and bullied.
NEW GIRL ( shouting at me)
Damn everyone is looking now FUCK! I turn to the girls. DID you say something?
Yea I said new girl you need to skip lunch or you'll be mistaken for a cow.
I look the girl right in the eye and say " You know you need some new jokes because that one is pretty weak! BYE ( I wave at her)
Holy shit I never stand up for myself but i've always been sarcastic. My best friend Axl was the only one who understood me, but when my parents were killed I had to move away! Finding a chair i get settled and wait for class to start. Guess wo walks in to my class? Those damn rich girls! Great!
The professor walks in. Hello Class welcome to Bio 101, this class is hard only the strong will make it past the first two weeks! Be prepared you will be spending your time studying or trust me you will Fail!
As the professor talks this guy walks in the class and hour late i might add, but he looks so familiar to me.
Excuse me young man, What's your name? The professor asks.
It's Axl!
Your late I wouldn't let it happen again, if you wan't to pass.
This guy walks right up to me. Hey is this seat taken? I look up and holy shit. O my god Axl? My long lost best friend. I be damed is that you Kenzi? Yeah! The Professor speaks loudly, excuse me you two are disturbing my class!
Sorry Professor, I say. Yeah me to .. I guess Axl replies. Axl takes a seat right beside me
Pssh ( whispering) How you been kenzi? The truth? Always Fairchild. Like Shit, I say.
Alright class I need to step out for a few minutes continue working on your assignments. As the Professor leaves I turn to Axl when, she walks up.
Well Hello handsome, the name is Ashley ( reaches hand out)
Sup( Axl doesn't take her hand)
Why don't you come sit with us cool people, you shouldn't be seen talking to the new girl, who looks like a cow! Nah I'm good, stuck up's mot my type sorry! Actually no i'm not Axl replies. Seriously? We just ignore her and she finally walks off then one of her basketball dudes come over and throws the ball right at my head.
They don't know Axl like I do, he catches the ball right before it hits me. Hey Fucker you lost something! ( Axl throws it back and hits the jocks face)
HAHA hahaha Holy shit! I couldn't help but laugh. Damn Kenzi I've missed your ass!! Suddenly his phone starts ringing, sorry kenzi Gotta take this catch up with you later Fairchild? Of course Bye and without another word Axl walks out of class! the rest of the day goes bye pretty fast and now it's time to go back to my personal hell.
Axl's P.O.V
Classes are over for the day and I see Kenzi walking to her car. Hey Fairchild wait up! I jog up to her. Hey Axl! i look at her Where are you headed? O umm home she says. Something is off, and now she's looking around the parking lot and suddenly she seems to have spotted someone. Hey Axl I'll see you tomorrow, I gotta go Im already late! She runs off.
She seems like a scared little kitten! Which is definitely not her, or it didn't use to be. I decide to go get in my car and follow her while i call the boss to let him know i'll be late.
Phone conversation
Ring. Ring.
Hey boss I just wanted to call and let you know i'm going to be late. Alright anything I need to know about? He Ask's. Nah I don't think so at least not yet, but it's nothing to do with business. K man see you in a little bit. ( Boss man hangs up)
Call Ends.
Kenzi finally parks and I stop and watch her get out and head to her porch when I see her brother. This fucker is yelling in her face and pulling her inside!
Kenzi Fairchild's P.O.V
I get home park and head inside my house when I spot Jason and man he looks furious! Sorry I'm late the professor wanted to talk to me after class, I say. YOU THINK I'M STUPID? (YELLING) No I'm telling the truth I promise! He yanks my arm and pulls me inside the house, I wish someone could save me but nobody knows. I have no friends because he scares everyone off. When he shuts the front door that's when I feel a fist in my side. Then another punch right to my ribs, knocking the breathe out of me and I fall to the ground. Jason please Stop!! I beg. Every time i ask he just continues to kick my ribs so I just sat there crying!
Finally the beating stops and I slowly get up and head off to my room to study and finally go to bed, in extreme pain might I add!

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