Hell's Mafia Rescue

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Chapter 2


My name is Jax Hell, I'm 27 and I'm the boss of the Hell's Mafia, I dont take shit from anyone! I never give chances because the first time I go soft, it could mean death. There's always someone who wants to be the boss! I just called to see where Axl was he said he'd be here in ten minutes. I could hear worry in his voice mixed with hate, Axl is like a brother to me. I'd take a bullet for that dude. I hear the door opening and Axl walks in.

Boss! What's up Axl? Can i get James to look up someone for me, it's not job related.

Why don't you tell me what's going on? I say.

I finally found Kenzi, remember me telling you about my childhood friend? Yeah you would never shut up about her haha. Yeah well I followed her home because she seemed off, I saw her brother yelling in her face and pulling her in the house. I just got a bad vibe! She's like my little sister, I just want to check out her brother.

Yeah Go ahead and get James to look into him, she'll be okay man! So i'm guessing she goes to your college? I ask him

Yeah she does also I think I spotted Traps guy. He's playing the part of a college jock. Alright keep me updated Axl, I reply.

Axl's P.O.V

The boss just gave me the go ahead to get james our tech guy to look into Kenzi's brother for me, I'm on my way up to him now.

Hey James you busy right now? No what do you need? The names Jason Fairchild, I need all the information on him. Get all the dirt you can find.

Alright Give me half an hour!

I go to get a drink from our bar while i'm waiting thirty minutes later my phone rings.

Phone conversation

What did you find out James?

It's not good brother, Jason is the leader of a gang called Demons and it's the worst type of gang out there! This gang is known to beat, rape and torture women!

Anything else I need to know?

Yeah apparently he took his sister in when their parents were killed but he keeps her close, she was let go from three different jobs. Due to her brother's gang hanging around, and making her customer's uncomfortable!

Alright i appreciate your help James.

Call Ends

I go to my room and try to get some sleep

Jason Fairchild's P.O.V

My name is Jason I'm 28 and I'm the leader of a gang called Demons. I took my sister in when she was 15, she's a pain in my ass and i'm sick of taken care of her ass! Kenzi got home late and tried to lie to me, so I gave her a beating she will learn one way or another! I control her and she better learn her place before I bring some of my boys to teach her a lesson.

I call Eric My second in command.

Phone converstion

Ring. Ring.


I need you to follow Kenzi to and from school tomorrow, make sure you stay close I want to know who she talks to and where shes goes all day! Do you understand?

Got it! Later Boss.

Call Ends

Kenzi's P.O.V

Ugg umm it's the next morning and I'm sore as hell, I can barely move my ribs are killing me. With every movement I have a hard time breathing. I use all my strength to get up and get dressed. I open my bedroom door and go downstairs before Jason comes out and get's pissed off for not being up.

Kenzi Where the hell are you ?( Shouting)

In the Kitchen! I reply without yelling. It hurts to talk ,even worse when I walk.

What the fuck is wrong with you Kenzi? My ribs are killing me I think they may be broken. Stop being a damn pussy! Fine Jason I have to get to school.

Stop acting like you can't walk, no one from that college better call me asking why your walking fucked up! Do you understand?

Yes Jason I got it bye. I walk out of the house. Driving to school I can't help but let some tears escape, I'm so sick of being a worthless punching bag! I need to get out but I'm afraid I won't make it out alive!

I finally get to school earlier then normal so I can get to class without people seeing me walking in. Once i'm seated I have twenty minutes till everyone starts showing up so I spend my time studying. Everyone is finally filling the classroom up. I try to keep my face down to avoid looks.

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