Memoir of the New World

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What is change? What is Fate? Who are you, and can you strive to become something greater? Over 500 years have passed since the day when the age of the New World began. Before then, the world was what one would consider “normal”. However, one day it was mysteriously split into two supercontinents: Alteria, the land of those who harness power through the manipulation and alteration of the world’s sciences, and Ahstrala, the land of those who have the ability to harness the power of their souls. This story revolves around Rai Lilac, the heir to a formerly distinguished family of nobles in Ahstrala. Through the journey of finding his greater purpose, seeing more of the world, and overcoming himself, he seeks a path to becoming the protagonist in his own life. And yet, this is not just his story alone. Follow him as he connects and combats with the confidants he meets along the way. Will these memoirs of the New World come together to bring about ruin or prosperity?

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“... The world I’ve come to know is full of passiveness. It’s a poisonous parasite that infects us with war and famine and atrocity as the righteous lose all conviction and the twisted feel nothing but passion.

Even as the world crumbles around them I see the wretched denizens of this place I could never call home walking about senselessly, aimlessly looking at the damned devices in their hands to ignore, no, to delay their cognition of what’s going on around them.

If these dried eyes of mine could stay open.

If this cold, coagulated blood of mine could run warmer, faster through my veins.

If this powerless, dying, malnourished body of mine could bring itself to life once again.

I would change the world myself.

No matter how long it takes.



An eternity.

But I can’t keep them open…”

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