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6. 45 A.M.


Agent Adams sat down in his office, paperwork littered the table; he is going over some reports on his table while his laptop is idling away. He goes over to the investigation board and observes the connection between the criminals thoughtfully.

He jerks up from his reverie when he hears the sound of a light tap on the semi-transparent door.

“Who’s there?” he asked

“It’s me, Agent Linda.”

“Oh, come in.”

She pushed the transparent glass door open and came in, a filed report in her hands.

“I brought the list you requested from the Italian airport authorities,” she said, handing it over to him.

“Okay, I’ll quickly go over it. I’ll call you when I’m done,” he said, scanning through the document. He looks up and notices she is still standing in front of him holding another file.

“Is there a problem?” he asked.

“Yea boss, there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you.”

“Something about what?”

“It’s about this case,” she said. Adams became interested and dropped the document.

“What about it?”

“We have a mole within the agency who might have been leaking information.”

“A mole within the CTAN? Are you sure about this?”

“I’m not one hundred percent sure yet but I do have a suspect”

“And who is that?” he asked.

She dropped her file on the desk and opens it.

“Him? You can’t be serious,” he said, pointing at the zoomed picture of Agent Elroy making a phone call at a phone booth.

“Believe me, it’s him. I’ve got evidence.”

“So Agent Elroy is the mole? Let me see the evidence,” he demanded.

She flipped the picture to reveal another. It is a snapshot of Elroy with another man under a shade; they seem to be exchanging something. Another snapshot shows Elroy receiving a briefcase from the man and shaking hands with him.

“Who is that guy over there? I think I know him from somewhere,” Adams said.

“I ran a facial recognition on him on the database. He’s simply known as Marvin but his real name is Marcellinus Diobi; works with the Malibu Islamist sect as the accountant.”

“Of course, we stumbled upon him during the investigation. What sort of business would Elroy be doing with that terrorist?”

“The same question I asked myself.”

“Hmmm… he have been acting strange of recent,”

“Yeah, his secret bank account in Zürich has been receiving payments in hundreds of thousands of dollars,” she shows him a bank statement, “Boss something has to be done before something really bad happens.”

“I’m well aware that Elroy has money problems and he’s always running into debt from gambling at the casino; but this? Working with the Malibu?”

Adams stood up and walked to the wall-sized LCD monitor. He called up the security cameras and soon spotted Elroy heading to the closet; he was bent on his phone.

His suspicion kept on rising and with it, adrenaline. He took a pistol and stuck it in the gun holster on his belt. He grabbed the files, tucked them under his armpit and stormed out of the office in a rage.


Elroy turns on the tap of the wash hand basin and washes his hands as the basin fills up with water. Adams storms into the toilet and taps him on the back. As soon Elroy turns, he lands him a blow on the jaw.

“Fuck! Adams?” He touches his nose and sees blood.

“This is for snitching on my agency.”

Adams lands him another and blood sputters from his mouth. Adams grabs him by the neck and dips his head in the washbasin filled with water.

Elroy keeps fighting for air and fighting back but Adams who is stronger and more muscular overpowers him.

“You must tell me what all this is about! When you’re ready to talk, let me know!” he said and pulled out his head from the basin and at the same time brought out his gun. He pointed it at him and he equally held up the pictures.

“When you’re ready to talk, let me know!”

“Ouch! You have to take it easy man! Okay I’ll talk. I can explain.”

“U better talk before I put a bullet in you!”

“Look man I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you about it. I just wanted to do it my own way and give you the results. I have been to the streets and I got some Intel about the Malibu mafia” he paused, sneezing and spitting out blood.

“Don’t fuck with me Elroy.”

“I’m not fucking with you man I swear. I got connected to this guy, Marvin. He is the closest I could get to the Malibu and he is also the closest to the Malibu boss, so I’ve been trying to win him over. I…I went undercover as a big-time cocaine dealer and they needed lots of it. I swear to God I never knew they were planning anything big anytime soon.”

“What about the millions in your Zürich account?”

“It’s a loan and a part payment they were sending to me. I was working with it I swear.”

Adams lowered the gun. “You know this could land you in jail. You know this could land you in jail. You got lucky this time.”

“I’m sorry, boss. I admit I was being a little selfish but you’ve got to understand me. I mean I’ve got this bad record here and I needed it cleared up plus my gambling debt. It’s a lot but I can’t take it to the level of leaking info. I am not a snitch. I’ve never even met the boss! You’ve got to trust me, Adams. We could use what I’ve got to track them down.”

“You should be careful, El.”

“Yes boss I’ll be. I just need a chance to prove myself.”

“You got it,”

He holsters his gun and turns to leave. He turns around and uses two of his fingers to point at his eyes and points them at Elroy.

“I’ll be watching you.”

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