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8. 50 A.M


“This is preposterous! You’re sure this guy is the prime suspect?” Agent Adams asked Elroy.

They are in his tastefully furnished office which spotted the latest hi-tech gadgets and impressive interior decor.

He stands hands akimbo, staring at the wall-sized touch screen monitor and then at the open file on his desk. At the center of the screen is the driver’s license of the Malibu boss, his particulars are on the left side while his biometric data is on the right of the screen.

“Yeah, this is the intel right here,” he picks up the file from the glass table and glances through it.

“If this intel is correct then that means the President knows something he is not telling me,”

“Why do you say so?” Elroy inquired.

“This guy right here is the president’s brother. He has mentioned him a few times to me. Once an army general, then they had a misunderstanding about his conversion to Islamism and he disappeared. No one knew his whereabouts for years now.”

“Well word on the street it that he is the man behind the notorious mafia cum religious sect known as ‘the Malibu.’ He is pretty good at making disappearances, just like a ghost. He’s untraceable and has eyes everywhere.”

“Of course, he climbed our ‘A’ list after they bombed the ECOWAS headquarters.”

Adam’s cell rings.

“Hello,” he covers the mouthpiece and whispers to Elroy “It’s the President,”

“How far have you gone with the investigation?” the President asked.

“We’re making progress Mr. President. Detective Strathmore brought in a dossier; I will forward it to you ASAP.”

“What does it say?”

“It’s Intel that proves that she is been held by The Malibu.”

“The Malibu? How close are we to getting these guys?”

“Be rest assured Mr. President. I’m on it.”

“I’m counting on you,” he ends the call

“What was that all about?” Elory asked, screwing his face.

“He’s worried about his daughter.”

“But we’ve got agents covering her.”

“Of course, I’ll reach them to confirm if there’s a problem,” he said, turning to his laptop.

He created a secure call connection and forwards the call to the agents.

“ASP21 & ASP202, I need a situation report. Over.” The line was silent. He repeated himself, yet there was no response.

“Damn it. ASP21 & ASP202 get to me as soon as possible if you’re active,” he faced Elroy.

“Is there a problem?” he asked.

“We have a big problem, the agents guarding the President’s daughter are not responding.”

“Could today get any worse?” Elroy heaved a sigh.

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