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9 . 23 A.M.


“Alright, what’s the first daughter’s name again?” Amarachi asked, she’s on the phone with Adams.

“Imogen Akinjide,” Adams said.

“Got it. I’ll see what I can do,” she said and ends the call.

“Who was that?” Bademosi asked rather suspiciously.

“Adams. The CTAN thinks it’s political. The man behind the Malibu is bent on putrefying the political structure of the country. It either has to be a religious or political war,” her phone rings again.

“Excuse me please; I have to take this,” she goes out to the balcony to take the call.

“Can we really trust her? She barely just came in and she’d just about bought us all,” Bademosi said.

“Do not speak as such Carmelengo. I can see through her and my spirit tells me she will deliver us from this dilemma,” the Holy Father said. Just then, Amara walked in.

“Sorry, that was my sister.”

“Back to our discussion. What does this have to do with the Pope negotiating with them?” Cardinal Franzio spoke up, a worried look still on his face.

The Pope stood up and paced about and finally stopped in front of one of the massive windows in the room looking out to the city.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine,” he said, still facing outside.

“Is there no other way we can prevent the Holy Father from going there in person?” Pique asked.

Amara shook her head. “The message was clear but…”

Her iPad buzzed. She rummaged in her purse and pulled it out. It’s a Skype video call request from Adams. She picked it on the second beep.

Adams face appeared, someone was standing behind him, probably Elroy.

“Hey Amara, have you contacted your fiancé?”

“So soon? You just called few minutes ago. I was just about to call him though.”

“Please do that as soon as possible. This is a very critical situation.” Adams implored.

“Our agents over there are not responding, and it could be that they were kidnapped, tied up somewhere or worse still murdered. The President’s daughter is practically unsecure and might be in danger,” Elroy said, his face appearing in front of the screen.

“I’ll call him right away to know if he’s in MIT. Have you made any progress?”

“Yeah, we’ve come up with another solution.” Adams said.

“To what?”

“You said they wouldn’t let the Pope come to Nigeria in person right?”

“Yeah of course, is there another alternative?”

“Yeah, so we were thinking about making a mask of the Pope’s face using plastic replication technology,” Elroy said.

“I don’t follow. Can you please elaborate?” the Cardinal queried. The pope turns around to face them.

“I’m not supposed to talk about this, but we’ve used this process in many covert missions. It’s a process whereby we create a rubber face mask that looks exactly like the Pope which could be easily worn by someone else.”

“No. I can’t accept impersonation and I don’t support this idea,” the Pope protests.

“There is no other option, Your Holiness. Let them do their job; after all we invited them to help us out of this situation,” Cardinal Franzio said.

“E tu Cardinale Franzio? You support this?’ He storms into his chambers.

“That’s it. As long as this doesn’t go bad, you can go on with it,” Pique said and his opinion was met with positive responses from others.

Cardinal Franzio heaves a sigh, “He is in one of his moods. These events are really telling on him,”

“I assure you there won’t be a problem. The subject would be made available and ready. My experts are currently unto the job,” Adams said.

“We’ve got an update here,” Elroy said from behind Adams, “the next hit is The Academy of


“The Pontificia Academia de Scientiarum? This can’t be happening. The church has spent billions on the Academy,” Lorenzo expostulated.

The Chief Swiss guard swung into action, he pushes a button on his walkie-talkie.

“Evacuate all personnel to evacuate the Academy of Sciences and its premises. Send in the bomb squad and the hardware experts to dismantle the main frame and get the hard disks now! I’m on my way right now! Excuse me Signore e Signori, I’ll be taking my leave now,” he bows and exits the room.

“It’s up to you now, Amara. If your guy is trustworthy, please do call him and tell him to help us ensure that the President’s kid is safe until our men arrive in the United States. Meanwhile, the pope’s double will be ready in about an hour and waiting with the Swiss Guards at the Marco polo International Airport, Venice. I’m counting on you,” Adams said.

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