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12 . 30 A.M.


The airport is buzzing with activity as Amara and Derek walk hand in hand and laughing while heading to the arrival lounge.

“I’m sorry. This is as far as I can see you off,” Derek said stopping midway to the lounge.

“C’mon buy me a drink before you leave,” she said tugging him.

He checks his smart watch, “I would have loved to but I have to be on my way. I’m behind schedule and the private jet is already waiting for me.

“Promise me you’ll be back soon,” Amara said looking into the eyes of her fiancé, Derek as she put her hands round his neck.

“I cross my heart,” he said in his rich baritone, “I just have to give this lecture at MIT and supervise their exhibition, and then I’ll be on the next flight back home”

“I’ll probably still be in the Vatican City by then. Can you please come by; maybe after the Triduum we can do some sightseeing?” she implored.

“Triduum? What’s that?”

“It’s the celebration I’m here to cover. Triduum means three days of the Catholics’ Easter celebration. It’s a big deal here. C’mon remember we always talked about having a vacation in Italy,”

“I’ll see about that but no promises okay?”

“Okay,” she nods absent-mindedly.

Derek Oscar, her fiancé, is the Chief Supervising Officer of G.S. Tech. Corp., Abu Dhabi, Dubai. She had accompanied him from Nigeria, her home country in Africa to the Vatican City. He had been invited to give a lecture to the Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Department of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, his alma mater and to also supervise their technology exhibition.

“You look worried, Amarachi. I feel like there’s something you’re not telling me,” he holds her cheeks.

“No, it’s nothing. I’m just a bit stressed”

“Aww c’mon. If there’s a problem, just let me know, okay?”

“Alright boo?”

The two lovebirds were oblivious of the sights and sound of the airport.

They were about to have a kiss when Derek is shoved by a lady gin a rush to board a plane; she cursed in Italian and hurried on. They both looked at each other awkwardly and chuckled.

“I’ll be on my way now. Love you,” he pecks her on both cheeks.

“Love you too,” she said smiling, “Don’t forget, I bought two tickets for the AY’s comedy show; don’t make me regret it,” she said after him as he headed for the private plane hangar, clutching the handle of his briefcase.

“I won’t!” He hollers back. He waves at her as he mounts the steps of the plane and she blows him a kiss.

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