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1. 07 P.M.


“A deal’s a deal, my friend,” the General said, ending the call. He sat on his electric wheelchair; in front of one of the numerous plasma TV’s that lined the wall, a Cuban cigar in his hand.

He felt an overwhelming sense of power wash over him as he monitored all the missions, deals and finances of the Malibu. He doesn’t touch; he just watches and controls.

For many years, till his rise in the underworld, he had tried as much as possible to distance himself from direct involvement with any of his numerous clients’ requests. Normally he just did what he was paid to do and that was all. Tonight’s event is his mission since his foray into Islamism and would etch his name in the sands of time. The world would know him for who he truly was. Revenge has a metallic sweetness and he could taste it on the tip of his tongue.

Someone knocks on the office door. The door opens and Marvin steps into the massive control room.

“Boss, the reports you asked for,” he said, dropping a black flash drive on the glass table.

“Do you have the girl?” he asked, fixing his gaze on him.

“Our men have a visual on her but we don’t have her yet,” Marvin stutters.

“You told me the agents guarding her have been disabled. How hard can it be to nab one little girl?”

“She is getting assistance from a secret agent we didn’t know of beforehand.”

“If you fuck this up. I’ll have one of your eyes on a plate and I will make you eat it with a fork,” he threatened with closed teeth.

I’m sorry about that, boss. My men are working on it, sir. Our man on the inside just reported that the delegates are coming from Rome.”

“Delegates you say?” he asked, frowning.

“Yes, boss. They are sending in someone else,” he said unfolding a report sheet with a mug shot of the Pope’s double, “an Italian man, Josef Porteliuz, 65. He’s currently serving life in Italy.”

A wry smile crossed his face.

“Even the angels eat beans. I should have thought as much. I need a positive response on that girl; she’s important in our bargain.”

“Yes, sir. We’ll try our best, boss.”

“Yes, boss. We’re tracking her with the necklace your brother gave to her; we’ll get her in no time.”

The General swerved the electric wheel chair round, a sign that the meeting had ended and Marvin exits the office.

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