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4. 50 P.M

“Three minutes to land. All other units should position on E14. I repeat, position on E14!” the pilot of the helicopter spoke into the mic of his headphone.

A tracker had been placed on Amara to enable the CTAN track her location wherever she was with the hope that it could lead them to the terrorist’s enclave. The tracker is untraceable because of its discreetness; it was a newly developed technology. The tracker was embedded in her skin, just like a tattoo. This would enable it to evade any bug scanner.

The Airbus EC175 helicopter landed on a clearing in a remote part of the city surrounded by thick forest. Amara jumped down, clutching her digital video camera and journal. The disguised Pope also alights.

“Help will come soon Ma’am. You’re assured of that, go get those sick motherfuckers,” Kim shouted above the whirl of the blades.

That is if we’re not dead by then, Amara thought.

“And you old man, don’t forget to use the pronoun WE always.” She instructs the Pope’s double.

“Is it a kind of signature or something?” Amara asked.

“It’s called the royal WE or the majestic plural, pluralis maiestatis in Latin which signifies that all his actions are done not only in his personal capacity but within his official capacity as a leader,” she explained above the noise.

Amara shook her head in affirmation.

‘That must have been the reason why the Pope kept on addressing himself in the plural,’ she thought to herself and was glad she didn’t embarrass herself by correcting him.

Amara takes in her surroundings. The copter took off and the fact that she was alone in nowhere with an old man that could barely do anything to defend himself, let alone defend her if the need arose made her shudder and wonder why she decided to do this in the first place. The old man was fully clad in a black soutane with a crux pectoralis hanging on his neck and resting on his chest.

He was putting on a pair of red papal shoes known as the calceamenta, a mozzetta, and chirotecce gloves. He had a golden ring on his finger and the skull cap also known as the zucchetto was neatly placed on his head.

They were in a forest reserve covered with thick shrubs and trees.

Moments later, she hears the sound of a truck and soon enough a truck with a machine gun on top pulls up close to the clearing.

Two young men in military fatigues jumps out of the truck; they point their guns at them as they approach them. Amara & the pope’s double raise their hands.

They run a metal bug detector all over their body.

“They’re clean,” one of them spoke into his mic when they are through, they handle Amara and the Pope’s double with little hospitality as they blindfolds and shoves them into the back of the truck and drives off.

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