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9. 32 P.M


President Kenneth opens and closes his eyes; he finally opens it to see two nurses pushing him on a stretcher.

“Where am I?” He asked.

“You are in the CTAN hospital. An attempt was made on your life Mr. President. You were shot twice by a sniper. Please try to keep your eyes open,” one of the nurses replied.

The president growl in pain as the nurse applies pressure on the bullet wound, the second nurse places an oxygen mask on his nose. They wheel the stretcher to the operation theater.

“Put him on the operation table. You connect the supply hose to another oxygen cylinder,” the Head Surgeon instructs one of the nurses. Another nurse is sterilizing the operation paraphernalia and she wheels it on a cart to the operation table which has a big white lamp overhead.

The surgeon goes to work and injects him with a dose of propofol before pulling out the first bullet which grazed an artery, just below his cranium, while the second bullet is buried deep in his left shoulder.

“See the angle of this bullet wound, it was meant for his heart. Put that in your report,” he instructs a nurse holding a notepad and pen after he had successfully pulled out the bullets and places it in a tray, “put the two bullets in a Ziploc bag and take them to the investigation department of the CTAN for investigation and tracking.”

One of the nurses does as he says. The head surgeon and his team strived relentlessly to stop the flow of blood from the artery; he had gone into a coma as he had already lost a lot of blood in the process of removing the bullet.

“He is hit badly, I hope he survives this,” the surgeon mutters in desperation, ’the President can’t die this way, not in my hands.”

“Any problem, doc?” the nurse taking notes asked.

“Not at all. Get me the blood bag with the Z+ tag.”

He goes back to work, the large overhead lamp focusing its light intently on the near lifeless body of the President on the surgical table.

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