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10. 21 P.M.

Derek and Imogen are in an-electric Tesla Roadster sports car on their way to the Nigerian embassy.

’This is why I don’t fancy electric cars,” Imogen scoffed, “can this thing even go any faster?”

“I take it you don’t know this baby is faster than any street legal production car in the world. Fasten your seatbelt and hold your belly,” Derek smirks.

She fastens her belt and Derek taps the screen on the dashboard and selects Sports speed. The car surges forward and picks up speed to 60mph in 2 seconds.

“Damn, you want the cops give us a speed ticket?” she shrieked as her phone fell from her hand at the sudden speed.

“I told you. Has Amara picked up?” he increases the intensity of the air conditioner.

“No, this is the fifteenth time I’m trying her number,” she said picking up her phone from the floor of the sports car.

“I just pray nothing bad happens to her! What about your arm? Does it still hurt?” He slows down as they approach a police checkpoint.

“Not so much, but it’s still a bit painful,”

She pulls up her sleeves to have a look at it.

“Just hang on, we’ll get to the Embassy in a few minutes, and you would definitely receive the best treatment. Hope you’ve got your I.D.?” Derek said reassuringly.

“Yeah,” she produces it from her trouser pockets. The policeman stops them. Derek stops and winds down the windscreen.

“Good day officer,” they chorused. Imogen tried her best to conceal her bleeding shoulder.

“Good day, going somewhere in a hurry?” the heavy-set officer asked looking inside the car.

“Pftt. In a hurry? I was doing the speed limit sir. I was just taking this car for a test drive with my uhm..,”

“Niece,” Imogen said and smiled broadly with her teeth open.

“Yes she is my niece, and I am her uncle, we are niece and uncle,” he chuckles nervously.

“Hmm, I see what’s going on here,”

“No officer, we were just trying to…”

“See how fast the Tesla Roadster can go? Go for it son, I always wanted one of them Tesla’s, it’s the best electric car out there,” the officer said.

Derek looked at Imogen and mouthed, ‘I told you’

“It’s a sweet ride; you don’t wanna crash it,”

“Definitely not, officer. We don’t plan on crashing it anytime soon,”

“Very well then, you guys go on ahead, drive safe,” he waves them off.

“I can finally breathe,” Derek heaves a sigh of relief.

“You suck at lying you know,” Imogen teased and he shrugged, “Derek!”


“I think we are being followed.”

“Jesus! These guys must be really pissed off with your daddy?” he spots two black Range Rover SUV’s from the side mirror coming at them at full speed. He eases down on the pedal and they catches up with him, both cars flanks him on both sides. One of the cars winds down the windscreen and one of the goons brings out a machine gun.

“Get down!” Derek shouted.

They fire shots at them but Derek applies the hand brake drifts round, he pushes the one way button as he drives on the wrong side of the road avoiding cars as he speeds back to the checkpoint.

“I think we’ve lost them,” Imogen said.

“Dumb asses, they must’ve thought I was going back to the police checkpoint,”

He swerves the car and to a right to an adjoining road, and then he resets the GPS to show the fastest route to the embassy.

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