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4. 45 A.M.


The President is lying on the hospital bed in the VIP ward laden with gifts and balloons all over the place. His head and left shoulder is in bandages.

He looks happy and conversing with Becky who is sitting by the headboard cuddling him.

Amara, Adams and Elroy are in the ward as well.

The head surgeon checks his temperature and examines his wounds noting his observations down on a notepad.

“Doc how long will it take before I get my husband back? It’s been a long time you know,” Becky said and they all laugh.

“Well, if it’s any consolation. The wounds are not so deep, so he can be discharged in three to five days. We just have to keep dressing his wounds and changing the bandages till it fully heals,” the surgeon said

“Adams. What about my daughter?” President Kenneth asked.

“I just got off the phone with my fiancé; he said they are in the building. They would be here any moment,” Amara said.

The ward’s door opens and Derek and Imogen enter.

“Oh, here they are.”

Amara runs to her fiancé and hugs him tightly. Imogen runs to her parents and hugs them.

’Dad, Mom! I’ve missed you,”

“Yes my baby! We made it,” Becky said patting her.

Imogen kisses both of them on the cheeks.

“Dad, what happened? You never told me you had an accident.”

“It’s a long story but I’m getting better,” President Kenneth said.

“Come give mummy a big hug,” she embraces her mother. Becky sobs quietly.

“I love you so much, my baby,” she kisses her forehead.

“Stop crying mom, it’s all over now,” she wipes her mom’s tears.

“I’m so proud of you. You’re the bravest kid.”

“Don’t flatter me, dad. All thanks to my new friend here, Derek. He’s got all the credit,” Imogen said pointing at Derek.

“I’ve heard so much about this Derek, come over son,”

He raises his head to get a better look at the young man. Derek is beaming as he walks closer to the bed-ridden President and grabs his out stretched hand.

“Thank you so much, for saving my daughter’s life. You did your country a good service. God bless you son. You would all be rewarded adequately.”

“Amen. God bless you too,” Derek said.

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