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1.Ho detto, fermati! - I said, stop!

2.Ch’è? - Who is there?

3.Grazie a Dio – Thank God.

4.Lo faro essatamente, Signoré - I’ll do just that.

5.Benvenuta in Italia - Welcome to Italy.

6.Você não viverá dizer, my cara - You won’t live to tell, my dear (Brazilian).

7.Basta cosi per il memento! - The lesser you know, the better.

8.Si, grazia a Dio – Yes, by the grace of God.

9.Dio vi benedica – God bless you.

10. Eccoci qui, Signoré - We are here, sir.

11. Academia Pontificia dei Lincei - Pontifical Academy of the Lynxes.

12. Grazie a Dio - Thanks be to God.

13. Santità, ricordatevi, che il buon Dio perdona - Remember, the good Lord forgives, Your Holiness.

14. Certo, lo so! – Certainly

15. He does.Come mai? - How could you?

16. Tu traditore della Santa Madre Chiesa! - You traitor of the Holy Mother church.

17. Grazie, Signore mio - Thank you, my Lord!

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