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2 . 00 A.M.


The Camerlengo came out to the balcony just in time to meet the Chief of the Swiss Guard end the call and hand over the phone to the Holy Father who was so deep in thoughts he didn’t notice. Pique drops the phone on the center table.

“How did it go, Pique? Did you finally convince him?” he asked, leaning on the railings as the Chief Swiss Guard had already taken up his seat. He made to stand up but the cleric motioned him to remain seated.

Signoré Monte pique was once a soldier in the US Navy and at one time worked with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as an assistant chief detective of his department which carries out fieldwork for the CIA. He resigned seven years ago and returned to Italy his home country where his services were quickly required by the Vatican without hesitation. Clearly, the athletic-statured Italian knew his worth.

Throughout his years of experience, he had resolved all the breaches that the Vatican experienced constantly; from attempted theft of artifacts from the Vatican archives and museum, to reckless attempts to assassinate the Pope, attempts to sneak into the papal palace and the Pope’s lounge, to deviant reporters, to obsessed cults trying to steal sacred objects from high altar of the St. Peter’s Basilica and many other larcenies that people tend to commit on an almost daily basis.

Over the years, he had encouraged the Pope to initiate the use of high–tech security devices and surveillance equipment. So far, the security of the Vatican had drastically improved and many challenges had been taken care of. His calculative initiative and professional personality had been an added advantage to his numerous achievements.

“He didn’t convince me; it was my own will,” the Pope said, thumbing through the leaves of the L’Osservatore Romano newsletter that had been lying on the table.

“The President pledged his allegiance and support, my Lord. I would send them the audio clip right away.”

“Just make sure it doesn’t get in the wrong hands.”

“Lo faro essatamente, Signoré,” Pique said.

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