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3. 01 A.M.


Agent Adams is sitting beside the President on the dining table, a laptop is in front of them and cups of coffee.

Agent Adams plays the voice recording on the laptop while the President stands up pacing up and down, his cup of coffee in his hand.

He doused a cup of coffee and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.

Agent Adams is a well-built man who had seen the better part of life since his sojourn in the Nigerian military service. He had started out from the Nigerian army and then moved to the state security service [SSS], a one-time beneficiary of the government’s sniper training programme held in Texas, U.S.A. That programme changed his life totally at the time. Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] made a liaison with the Federal government, asking that he should be employed in the service just for 5 years. There was a slight tussle and he had to make a choice. He decided to serve the CIA for only 3 years.

While working as a sub-superior field agent, he rose through the ranks and led his team on successful CIA field missions before his assignment was terminated. When he came back to his home country, he served for some time again in the SSS before the manager of the CTAN was killed in a field mission involving the Malibu mafia group which went bad. He was the first choice of the security department of the Federal Government and he accepted the offer without hesitation.

With loads of experience from the United States, he barely gave his men a chance to fail in any mission leaving the agents with no option than to succeed.

‘Failure’ was the only English word he wished never existed. He employed every tactic within available, invested heavily in hi-tech security surveillance and biometric equipment and sent his IT agents overseas for training.

“I was thinking it’s another group trying to copy the Malibu sect but this has all the designs of the mafia. We’ve been tracking them at the CTAN ever since they killed our former boss and kidnapped your wife,” Adams said.

“Have you made any progress on finding out where she is?”

Adam shakes his head slowly, “I’m sorry Mr. President, all our efforts have proved futile but we are still working on it round the clock. As long as she is still alive; rest assured we will locate her and possibly their hideout.”

“Why haven’t they asked for a ransom? What exactly do they want from me?”

“My experience working with the CIA has taught me that in such situations like this, they have a much bigger agenda to achieve which supersedes the kidnap of your wife. And when the right time comes they know you can’t say no to any of their requests.”

“I see. I want you to employ all the means within your reach to ensure that nothing happens to the Pope and the threat be quelled utterly before the media gets wind of this. Let me know if you need anything,” the President said.

’I understand, Mr. President. I’ll be taking my leave now. The earlier and faster, the better,” he said standing up and shaking hands with the president.

“I’m counting on you, Adams.”

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