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3. 45 A.M.


Amara is sleeping and her phone keeps ringing but she covers her ear with her pillow trying to get some sleep but it keeps ringing. She mutters a curse and clumsily reached for it at the headboard of the bed. It’s a WhatsApp call from Dave.

“I should have disconnected the Wi-Fi before I slept off,” she sighs and answers the call, “Hello, Dave. It’s still too damn early here,” she said in a drowsy voice.

“Sorry about that but this is really important. We’ve got a tip down here in Nigeria,” Dave said from the other end.

“What’s it about?”

“Something about an impending terrorist attack in Rome, though we’re still pushing our sources, I’ll fill you in on the details later. Meanwhile, I called you for something more serious,”

“What is that? I hope it’s not as bad as it sounds?” She sits up looking tensed up and wide awake

“I’m afraid so. We received five different videos showing about five to six passenger planes which took off from some of the major international airports in Italy some hours ago.”

“And what about the planes?”

“They all exploded in mid-flight and the Malibu sect is claiming responsibility for it.”

“Shit. What are you guys planning to do with it, sending it to the headquarters in U.S. or sweeping it under the carpet?”

“We’re a bit confused down here. It would really cause a stir globally more than 9/11 did.”

“Gosh! This would hit the Vatican City real hard. I should have rejected this assignment when I had the chance.”

“Calm down Amarachi. I need you to keep your head on the job. The timing is just wrong, tomorrow is the Easter celebration. Those religious fanatics must be behind all this.”

“No doubt, you guys could make a fortune publishing it,” Amara said.

“Yea sure, we would get all the biddings from other international and local newspapers but that depends on whether we are the only guys with the info, anyways. As soon as I got it from an unknown source, I sent it to Mr. Peterson.”

“He probably must have sent it to headquarters,”

“It’s tricky you know because if we aren’t the only guys with this video, then chances are that once it is made public, there would be a lockdown on airports; flight diversions would be sporadic and to get on a plane would be difficult.”

“And the crew won’t be able to make it to Rome,” she heaves a sigh.

“Exactly, we’re suggesting that you go over to the Vatican City immediately and report for the assignment to avoid any complications. I’ll let Mr. Nwabudu know, he will decide how we can go about bringing in the crew later.”

“Alright, I’ll be there by morning,”

She reaches for the remote control of the TV set and turns it on. A gasp escaped from he lips.

“What was that? Are you alright?”

“I don’t think we’re the only ones with the video,” she said. She watched in horror as the graphic videos of the last moments of the passengers as the planes blew up is showing on the television.

“Oh my God!”

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