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Awkward Reacquaintance

"So, you?" Samantha blushes as she tries to ease the tension in the air. Though she sees Russell as an attractive young man, she can't help feel awkward in front of him as she stands in the middle of the room rocking back and forth slowly with her hands in front of her.

He turns after placing her books on the coffee table and turns to face her.

"Umm, yes! Me." He says as he pushes his glasses back on his face and rubs his hands together softly.

They smile in awkward silence yet both seem to be unable to undo their locked stare.

The room is cold and makes Samantha shiver as she feels her body temperature decrease.

Russell chuckles and comes close rubbing her arms with his hands. "Sorry, the heater isn't working. I gotta take a look at it. Why don't you take a seat while I make a cup of coffee. You do like cooffee right?" He walks towards the kitchen and grips the coffee pot, pouring water inside and placing a coffee filter full of grounded beans inside the machine.

"I do actually. But let me help," she walks towards the fridge grabbing the creamer and a can of whipped cream.

Both bumping into each other as she closes the refrigerator door and turns quickly, he grips her waist as she bumps into him and stumbles back.

They both stare eminently at each other as his gaze penetrates her making her blush.

"Sorry, I guess I should really look where I'm going right? I keep bumping into you." She chuckles lightly and can't help stare at his lips as his mouth forms into a side smirk.

"It's ok. I should of been watching my foot steps as well." He slowly brings his hands down and clearing his throat and turning towards the mugs.

She pours a heap of the whipped cream and creamed mixing them into a nice froth. The machine beeps alerting them the coffee is ready and he slowly pours the coffee inside the mugs while she slowly stirs the coffee with the cream froth.

She hands him his mug and sips it slowly. "Wow! This is actually pretty good." He smiles and she chuckles as he comes up and she sees the cream mustache on his face.

"What?" He says as he licks the side of his mouth.

She points at him gesturing his cream mustache "You have a little-"

"I what?"

"Here let me." She gets up gripping a napkin and cleaning him slowly.

His mouth forms into a smile over her caring gesture making her blush uncontrollably.

"Don't do that!" She smiles and turns sitting back on her seat.

He tilts his head to the side and chuckles. "Do what exactly?"

"That! Your killer smile. Don't smile at me like that. You make me nervous."

"What? I just. . . I smiled because I appreciated you cleaning my mouth. Thank you. It would have been embarrassing for me to leave and walk around campus with a coffee creame mustache. So. . . Thank you." He nods and closes his eyes.

She smiles rocking back and forth slightly. "Fine! Your welcome. But just so you know, I'm immune to your charm. I see right through you." She squints her eyes and smiles at him.

"Oh!" He laughs and nods his head.

"You see right through me huh? What is it about me that is so transparent? Or am I so predictable to a charming girl I just met a few hours ago?" He smiles pointing towards her and placing his hand on his hip.

She smiles back and stands walking about in a circle and turns to face him again.

"I see the way girls look at you. This whole, nerd look you got going on? I don't buy it. Yeah you may be smart. . . But I can tell you're a player, just like any other guy out there." She points her finger towards him moving it in a circular motion in front of him.

"I-, ok no. I'm sorry but you got me all wrong! I'm nothing like any of these losers in this school." He chuckles, bringing his hand forward pinching his nose.

She nods crossing her hands in front of her chest. "Mmhm! Ok. Look, the way I see it, we're roommates for a whole year before graduation. So, let's do a pact that we'll keep things civilized and peaceful. No wild parties without the other one's permission."

"Ok." He nods looking at the floor.

"No loud music at night"


"We'll take fair share of the bathroom, but make sure you leave the bathroom clean when you leave."

"Ok!" He squints his eyes and smiles nodding his head.

"No mess in the kitchen, if you use the kitchen you gotta leave it clean. No me-"

"Wow! Samantha. Wait. . ." He runs his fingers through his hair and turns slowly away from her and turns back slowly running his hands over his face.

"Look, we both gotta work together on this ok? We both work to keep the place clean, and work together to not piss off the other one. But-" he brings his finger up in front of her.

"If we feel uncomfortable with anything, we gotta talk it out. Communicate, and above all, I hope we can be friends." He brings his hand up to shake her hand. She looks at his hand for a moment and sighs as she slowly brings her hand t shake his.

"Ok, friends." She smiles lightly and grips his hand and shakes it.

Two knocks sound on the door and Samantha makes her way to open the door. Her eyes widen in surprise and her mouth gawked open to see the person before her. A tall dirty blonde hair boy with light green eyes and a killer smile stands in front of her.

"Hey beautiful!" He smiles at Samantha and leans on the side of the door. Russell stands by the island and grabs both cups of coffee, taking them to the sink and washing them clean

"Craig? What are you doing here?" She narrows her eyebrows unable to comprehend why her exboyfriebd is in front of her door in her new school and in front of her dorm.

"Hey sweetheart! Hope you don't mind I'm here. If I knew you were transferring to this school too I would have gotten in contact with you since a few weeks ago!" Craig smiled as he leaned in closer and tried to wrap his arm around her waist.

"Craig stop! What are you doing here? And who told you where I was stayin?" She was furious and annoyed at bgg his sudden presence.

"Relax sweetheart! Your mom called me and told me to look after you. I told her back in May I was planning to move out here and attend school while I did my intern with my father's firm."

"Ok! Well good for you. But I don't need you to look after me. I can take care of myself. Bye Craig!" She gripped the door handle and moved the door to shut it but Craig managed to push it open.

That's when Russell got angry, if there's one thing he hated, was to see a man act like an asshole in front of a women.

He moved infront of Samantha and clenched his jaw looking straight into Craig's eyes.

"Did you not here Samantha? She said she can take care of herself, and if she does need help, she's got friends to take care of her. Now I suggest if you don't want me to throw you out, you leave! Now!!" He came close to Craig's face and fisted his hands. His knuckles turning white.

Craig was all talk, he loved dominating women but had never been in any confrontation with a guy.

He smiled and stepped back while nodding his head. "Very well! Your body guard here can look after yo for now Sam, but sooner or later you're gonna look for me and beg me to take you back!"

"I don't think so Craig. Bye now." Sam utters out through clenched teeth as she softly holds Russell's back.

Craig chuckles and turns on his heel. Sooner or later Sam! Sooner or later you'll want to take me back sweetheart." He yells over his shoulder as he continues to walk away.

Sam can't help but feel frustrated, yet the way Russell stood up for her makes her feel protected.

"Thank you for standing up for me Russell. But you didn't have to." She whispers as she let's go of his back and walks towards the kitchen island.

He closes the door and walks towards her sitting on the stool. "Sam, you said it yourself; we're friends, and friends look out for each other. Plus that guy got off easy, I should of punched him in the face for talking to you like he owned you." He narrowed his eyebrows and leaned his head down.

She smiled and nodded her head. "That wasn't necessary. I think he ot the point. But either way, thank you."

They both stood there in a comfortable silence. Though deep inside, she knew things were going to be a rocky road ahead, now with Craig back in the picture.

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