Not Your Average Geek(ON HOLD)

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Russell had been busy the whole day running from one class to the next. His sole focus was to concentrate on his classes, graduate university and apply for the internship to Knight Enterprise Corp.

He studied that company for two years now and was fascinated by their business. The once state wide company had now gone nation wide. And he of course wanted to be there to see it go world wide famous.

He is sitting on the very top of the theater like classroom. Jotting down the last notes of the day for his quantum Physics class.

He looks at the clock and realizes it's 15 past the usual class time. He knows he's going to have little time for eating today if he's going to make it on time to meet up with Joseph; if he's going to train tonight, he will have to leave in the next five minutes.

Joseph is a great man, and very helpful, but he doesn't take a liking to missing training sessions. he likes promptness, and good attendance. If he doesn't go for training, it means he won't fight next weekend. And if he doesn't fight, he probably won't meet his quota for next month's college payment. The last thing he wants is to bother his uncle to help him out with the money for next months payment.

He feels bad for his uncle. He's had to raise a boy on his own, working countless hours to support and feed him for over ten years now. He gave Russell his full attention and dedication, never went out to look for someone to settle down with, since he was so busy working to maintain Russell in a safe and clean environment.

He quickly grabs his phone out of his back pocket, standing with his backpack and notebook in hand. He holds his pencil in his mouth, between his teeth and turns his phone on, starting his camera and snapping quick pictures of the massive board behind the professor.

He quickly places the phone back in his pocket and unzips his backpack placing his notebook and pencil back inside.

He runs out of the classroom and makes his way out to his bike. starting it u, he places his helmet on and speeds off to the gym.

he makes it inside just in time to start training. the girl in the reception waving at him as he runs inside and to the locker room to change into his workout clothes.

"Ok Russ, remember! the guy you are fighting with next week is really good. He's fought internationally, so the fact that the boss is letting you fight this guy means that you are getting better, and he really likes your fighting skills. But, don't get to confident! you need to stay on guard all the time. Now, concentrate, ok?' Joseph puts on the gloves and holds his hands up.

Russell stands with his knees bent, and hands guarding his face. He takes one jab after the other and moves in a clockwise circle. Joseph keeps him there for a good 40 minutes and lets him rest his arms for a good five minutes.

He comes forward and throws a bottle of water towards Russell, then gets him to stand and continue with his workout; making him do jumping jacks, burpees, lifting weights, and more cardio workout which Russell hates, but knows it's for the best.

last, Russell awaits for his favorite part as most of the guys have already gathered around the rink. Joe comes and places the gloves in Russell's hands and gives him his mouth guard to protect his teeth.

The guy that stands before him has been an experienced boxer and cage fighter for over ten years and has been asking Russell to brawl with him for the past three months during the summer. Finally, his time has come to enter the rink in a friendly match.

The two bump their gloves and begin pacing counter clockwise. One jab after the next, both men are successful to avoid contact with the others fist. twenty minutes pass, and a few good punches along with kicks, upper cuts, and headlocks after, Joe calls the game off. Both men stand and bump gloves once again. smiling at each other and heaving to catch their breath.

Russell takes his left glove off and then the right and shakes his opponents hand for one last time as they both make their way towards the lockers.

"You're pretty good kid! If you ever decide this is what you want to do for an actual profession, I know you'd go real far. Hey you may even become famous some day." He chuckles an places his shirt on as he glances towards Russell.

Russell smiles and finishes buckling his belt, grabbing his jacket and backpack off the locker and closing the door shut. "Yeah, maybe so. But, I have other plans in mind for the future. Maybe this can be my hidden side job as it's been these past few years though. I definitely enjoy being up om the rink." He reaches out to the top of his locker and grabs his helmet.

Bringing the helmet forward, towards his new bud they both exit the gym. The night has fallen as they finally make their way out. The streets are much more silent now, and most businesses around are now closing down as well.

He is just about to walk to his bike when he hears a low meow. He narrows an eyebrow and stops for a second. He listens diligently, but nothing. Deciding to continue on his way, he turns and raises his foot over his bike and sits on the seat. Just as he is ready to place his helmet on, he hears it again. A low, barely noticeable "Meow."

He stops, and narrows his eyebrow again, tilting his head to the side. "meow, meow, meow." A low, meow of a kitten is heard in the direction of the alley, between the gym, and the beauty salon. He places the helmet on top of the seat after he gets off the bike again and walks softly toward the alley.

Right in the entrance to the alley, he finds a box, sealed with red duct tape and covered with an old blanket. he quickly bends down, taking the blanket off the box and ripping open the tape.

The kitten begins to meow louder, realizing someone has finally come to his aid. Inside, Russell finds a tiny black kitten, with white paws and a white spot that runs from his tiny nose, all along through his belly and to half of his tail. To perfect him, he has one tiny white spot inside both of his ears. Russell carefully holds him, and the kitten grips hard on his jacket, unwilling to be placed down and back inside the box.

"Hey little guy! You are a guy right?" Russell turns him over and checks him, and turns him in all directions making sure he is unharmed. "Yup, you are definitely a guy."

The kitten continues to grasp hard on Russell's jacket while he turns him in all directions, making sure he has no scrapes or signs of danger or mistreatment. "Well, looks like you were well taken care of. But, why'd they leave you here?" He looks around, and then grabs the box, hoping there'd be a note, but nothing.

He sighs and gets up, holding the kitten between his hands, allowing the kitten to rest comfortably between his palms. "Well, I'm gonna have to take you down to the shelter. I'd love to take you home with me, but the our building administrator would definitely not allow that. Sorry, buddy." He places the kitten inside his jacket and lets him cling onto his shirt.

Tucking his body inside Russell's jacket, and lifting his tiny head out from the zipper. Russell drives in the direction to the nearest pet shelter hoping to find it still open. Unfortunately, by the time he gets there, the parking lot is empty, and everything inside is dark, but a few dim lights left on by the security guards who are not in sight.

He sighs, and looks down at his jacket, the kitten now resting inside his jacket, near his waist. Slowly, he walks back to his bike and restarts his bike and drives to the university. "Well, I guess you'll have to go home with me for tonight. Tomorrow, I'll skip a class and bring you to the shelter. Hopefully you'll find a good home. For now, lets go home buddy."


Brandon and Kim sit in the small living room of Sam and Russell's dorm. They are completely engulfed in a friendly game of grand theft auto. Sam nods her head, rolling her eyes while she finishes making dinner for the two hungry gamers and herself, hoping to leave extras for when Russell makes it back to the dorm.

A rattle of keys is heard in the hallway, and the door opens slowly. Russell closes the door behind him and clears his throat. "Um, evening everyone. Didn't expect to see my dorm full of people today." He chuckles nervously and begins to make his way slowly, hunching over hoping not to suffocate the little body he has inside his jacket.

Samantha smiles and squints her eyes suspiciously. "Why are you walking like that Russell? Hurt yourself on the way up here or something?" She tilts her head to the side and narrows an eyebrow.

"Aw, no, no not at all, I just. . . I should go and get a nice bath. I'm a bit tired and I still got a few assignments I need to finish up. So. . . " He brings his hand gesturing behind him towards the bathroom as he turns his body towards Samantha walking backwards towards the hallway.

Brandon pauses the game and leans his hand on his thigh, turning his body towards Russell, "Hey Bud. How was your day? Sam is making Spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. You wanna take a seat and play a few before boring yourself with homework assignments?' Brandon smiles at Russell, but before Russell can answer he starts to panic. He feels the stir of a certain little one, and though he tries to contain himself to the feel of his little sharp claws crawling on his shirt, he can't help but bite down on his lip and widen his eyes.

Samantha makes her way to the other side of the Island and comes close to Russell, and sees there is something oddly wrong with the way Russell is behaving. She stares at him and tilts her head. "Yeah Russ, It's a bit late. You're usually here by now, and I'm sure you haven't eaten anything. Aren't you hungry?" He looks at her, while still biting his lip. His eyes trickle with tear as he feels the sharpness of the kittens claws. "I, uh. N- no, not really. I just want to go and, um. . you know? lay down . . . to rest a bit. . and-" before he can finish, the kitten makes his way up, pocking his head out of Russell's jacket and meowing, happily.

Samantha's eyes widen and her mouth forms in a huge smile. Brandon and Kim look at each other astonished, and confused, while Russell's eyes widen and he bites hard on his bottom lip while the kitten turns and licks him on his chin.

"Oh. My. God! Russell? You got a kitty! She is so cute!" She walks quickly towards Russell and grabs the little kitten off of Russell's jacket. The little kitten quickly looks at her, as she holds the kitten up and looks at her, resting her paw on Samantha's cheek.

"Um, it's a boy kitten, not. . . not a girl." He says calmly while closing his eyes, and pinching the curve of his nose. "Oh, well, sorry little buddy. It's nice to meet you little guy." She holds him softly, carrying him like she would with a new born baby.

Both Brandon and Kim nod in annoyance. "Russ, you do know that there are no animals allowed in school campus right? If Carol finds out that you brought a cat, she's going to be very upset." Brandon smirks and nods his head. Kim stands and walks towards Samantha taking the kitten in her arms and hugging him. She smiles and kisses him on his head while the kitten meows looking at Samantha.

"Aw, Sam? I think he thinks you are his momma. Here, you can have him back." She gives the kitten back to her and Sam smiles. "Aw, come here little Figaro. I got you." Russell smiles and looks at Samantha.

"Figaro?" He looks at her, smiling.

"Yeah, he looks like Figaro from 'Pinocchio'." She smiles and squints her nose kissing the kitten on his nose. Russell raises an eyebrow and shrugs his shoulders nodding his head.

"Wait, you have watched the Disney movie, 'Pinocchio' right?" She tilts her head to the side and smiles.

Russell shrugs his left shoulder and nods his head disagreeing with her. "No, can't say I have. Sorry." Samantha widens her eyes in shock and her mouth gawks open. Brandon chuckles and stands to his feet bringing his hand over Russell's shoulder.

"Yeah, Russell is not a big fan of any movies for that matter. He does enjoy a good thriller or horrific movie from time to time though." He points to Samantha, and she rolls her eyes making both chuckle.

"Yeah, typical guy. Of course you'd like horror and suspenseful movies, where men are killing one another. Right Figaro?" She lifts the kitten and rubs his nose against her nose making the kitten meow, bringing his paw to her cheek resting it softly.

"Anyway, I'm not keeping him. I drove down to the shelter to leave him, but they were already closed. So I'm sending my professor an email that I will not be attending class tomorrow so I can drive him out there." He runs the back of his finger across the kittens fur on his back and the kitten purrs with the feel of his hand.

"What? You can't do that!" Samantha glares at Russell and covers the kitten with both of her hands, moving her body away from Russell to one side. Russell looks at her confused and parts his lips slightly. "Why not? He can get adopted and go to a nice home."

"You can't just come home and bring a girl a kitten just to take it away the next day Russell! I won't let you take him away. Figaro is staying here, with me. Right Figaro, you like it here with me don't you? I'll take care you little guy." She smiles holding him against her cheek.

Despite the fact they are not allowed pets on the campus, nonetheless in this particular building thanks to Carol! Russell sighs and closes his eyes, pinching the curve of his nose and holds his hand out for the kitten. Taking it in his hands, he looks at Samantha who looks disappointed.

"Fine. You can keep it!" He tells her, making her squeal and clap her hands. "IF! you can keep him from making too much noise and keep Carol from finding out we have him living here with us. Got it?" She nods and takes Figaro back in her arms away from Russell. "Got it." She replies giggling and kissing Figaro on his nose. "Got it! Thanks Russel!" She leans forward and stands on her tiptoes kissing him on his cheek.

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